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There’s no place like Louisville. Home of the celebrated boxer Muhammad Ali and the delicious chicken that is KFC, life in this metropolis is anything but dull. You can watch majestic racehorses competing to win at the Kentucky Derby or catch the Louisville Cardinals in action on the field, it’s all up to you. The city is in an economic renaissance of sorts and presents excellent job growth, as well as opportunities for investment and business creation. Its cost-competitive business environment and affordable cost of living mean your family budget will have more room. 

But nowadays when you are to settle in a new city, it is imperative to check out its internet market, especially the availability of high-speed internet in neighborhoods where you maybe looking to make your new home.

Internet Access in Louisville, KY

The right Louisville internet plan for your home ensures you live a fuller life, without compromising on work, study, or fun. Lucky for you, the city has 13 providers serving its residents, with some big names from among the nationwide ISPs, as well as local or regional players with a share in the market. Louisville, therefore, gets to choose from a variety of internet service types. High-speed DSL, Cable, Fiber, Satellite, and Fixed Wireless. Albeit the extent of coverage varies with each service type, 100% of the city gets to choose from multiple wireline services, and in comparison to many other US metropolises, only about 0.5% of consumers are limited to one wired option or none. Also, Louisville boasts 62% fiber optic coverage, which is again at par if not better than other major US cities.

Knowing about speed and data offerings, as well as prices, can help you know exactly which internet service provider in Louisville maybe the best fit for your lifestyle. Our today’s article is focused on introducing you to the top choices for the internet in Louisville, Kentucky. And, if you have a clear picture of your household internet consumption, this information can help you during the decision-making process.

Top 5 Internet Providers in Louisville, Kentucky

Here is our pick of the best internet service providers in Louisville:


AT&T Internet

Spectrum Internet

Windstream Kinetic

EarthLink Internet

HughesNet Internet

The Best Service Feature

Cheap Fiber Internet

Best in Coverage  

Great Promotional Pricing

Best Customer Service

Good for Remote Locations

Connection type

High-Speed DSL &
Fiber Optic

Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial

High-Speed DSL &
Fiber Optic

High-speed DSL & Fiber Optic


Download speed range  

0.8 - 100 Mbps & 300 - 940 Mbps

200 - 940 Mbps

200 - 1,000 Mbps

12 - 75 Mbps & 50 - 1,000 Mbps

25 Mbps

Prices starting at

$45/mo. & $35/mo.

$49.99/mo. for 12 months with Auto Pay




Promotional Term

12 months

12 months

12 months

12 months

6 months

Data cap

1 TB for plans up to 75 Mbps, and Unlimited for higher speed tiers




10 GB to 50 GB

AT&T Internet in Louisville: Cheap Fiber Internet

AT&T offers residential internet via its IPBB and Fiber networks, with the latter being the talk of the town. AT&T Fiber internet in Louisville offers speeds starting at 300 Mbps for only $35 a month. Which is in fact one of the cheapest Fiber plans in the market, delivering the highest starting speed. Higher speed tiers are also economical to say the least. The 500 Mbps plan costs $45/mo. and Gig internet has an affordable price tag of $60/month.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get such price points for pure fiber optic internet from another provider! Add to that you don’t have to worry about a data cap or annual contract, and it sure doesn’t get better than that.

The only downside is in Louisville AT&T Fiber is not as widely available as its IPBB service. But, if you’re lucky enough to be housed in a neighborhood, like Silver Oaks or Landherr Estates in the Jeffersontown area, it is a no-brainer choice really.  

While AT&T networks cover over 95% of the city, we recommend you speak to an AT&T representative at 1-855-925-2541 to determine AT&T Internet Louisville availability in any specific neighborhood that you maybe looking to move into.

Spectrum Internet in Louisville: The Best in Coverage

Charter SpectrumTM offers 3 internet plans for Louisville, based on download speeds: 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps for $49.99/mo., $69.99/mo. and $109.99/mo. respectively.

No matter which part of the city you plan to settle in, the best thing about Spectrum Internet in Louisville is the provider’s hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network covers the city in its entirety. You’ll be able to get super fast download speeds comparable to Fiber just about anywhere. While Spectrum Internet Gig is markedly pricey relative to AT&T’s Gig service and is not a pure Fiber connection either, its widespread availability is a big plus.

All Spectrum Internet plans in Louisville include the internet modem and anti-virus software, and get you unlimited data, making it a great bargain. For more information on available offers, contact Spectrum Sales at 1-855-423-0918.

Windstream in Louisville: The Best Promotional Pricing

The Windstream Kinetic service in Louisville is limited to under 4% of the city’s residential quarters. But, if available at your address, you can rest assured about getting the best promo price out there. With that said, Windstream offers in Louisville can get really confusing as far as the pricing. So, we recommend you understand how it works and do the math to see if the average monthly cost cuts a decent deal for you.

    • Kinetic Internet 400 offers download speeds between 376 and 450 Mbps and costs $37 a month for the first 12 months after which the price increases to the standard rate of $55/month.
    • Kinetic Internet 500 delivers download speeds between 451 and 799 Mbps and costs $37/mo. for the first three months, $57/mo. for the next 9 months, after which you pay $75/month at the rack rate.
    • The Kinetic Gig Internet gets you to download speeds between 800 and 1000 Mbps, costs $37/mo. for the first three months, followed by $67 for the next 9 months, and then you pay at the standard of $85/month.


Promo Price

Average Monthly Cost over 1 Year

Average Monthly Cost over 2 Years

Kinetic Internet 400

$37/mo. for 12 months

After 12 months: $55/mo. 




Kinetic Internet 500

$37/mo. for 3 months

After 3 months: $57/mo.

After 12 months: $75/mo.




Kinetic Gig Internet

$37/mo. for 3 months

After 3 months: $67/mo.

After 12 months: $85/mo.




This should help you understand how Windstream does the pricing of its promotional offers. As you can see, prices are definitely very competitive, and you do get to save a significant amount of money during the promotional period before you start paying at the rack rate. Sure the increase in price thereafter can have a sizable impact on your budget, but looking at the average cost over 2 years, and considering the quality of Windstream Kinetic it’s a deal you must consider if available.

Windstream does not tie you down with annual contracts or data overage fees, which is pretty liberating, to say the least. But, before you make up your mind about Windstream in Louisville, do check for offer availability by contacting Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.  

EarthLink in Louisville: Best Customer Service

When shopping for internet service, you must look at how well the provider scores in customer satisfaction. Trust us, it’ll save you from a world of trouble in the long run.

Once you’ve done subscribing, most providers will only interact with you as far as sending the monthly bill. If another issue arises, more often than not you’ll be hard put to get a prompt response. Worse still, you maybe put on hold for hours. Nobody has the time for that. You may just as well troubleshoot the problem yourself, that’ll be faster. Or, get a friend to help out. But then again, you shouldn’t have to.

Luckily, with EarthLink you won’t have to put up with any of that. Known for quality customer service and dedication to resolving problems at the earliest, you’ll find ready help with EarthLink.

EarthLink Internet service offers both DSL and Fiber in Louisville and competes with AT&T in terms of coverage around the city. The thing with EarthLink service is since the provider piggybacks on other ISPs, and uses their established network infrastructure, it is widely available but at a higher price. Also, unlike other ISPs EarthLink does not do promo pricing. So you start paying the rack rate from the get-go, and there is no price hike. While this does make EarthLink more transparent in its approach, you may find it difficult to forgo savings during the promo period, if one such offer is also available at your address.

To get exact information about EarthLink offers in any given vicinity of Louisville, contact EarthLink Customer Service at 1-844-343-1171.

HughesNet in Louisville: Best for Remote Locations

While the bustling city of Louisville is well connected to the grid, you may just find yourself settling for a location where wired broadband service is not available. If that’s the case, you can always bank on satellite internet from HughesNet.

HughesNet Gen5 offers a 25/3 Mbps connection starting at the promo price of $39.99/month. All plans get you the same download and upload speeds and are data-based instead. So, if you just need 10 GB of data, it’ll cost you $39.99/month. For 20 GB its $49.99/mo., 30 GB costs $79.99/mo. and for 50 GB you’ll pay $129.99/month. These prices are applicable for the first six months after which you are likely to pay the standard rate. To be fair, it is quite expensive, but part of the price you pay is for being able to access broadband internet where no other service is available, so it cuts the deal.

How We Found the Best Internet in Louisville, Kentucky

Getting an internet plan is a tricky business. Just checking the price tag isn’t enough, you must take into account many other factors. Our list of providers does exactly that and just so you know you’re making the right choice, here are the criteria we’ve used to find the best:

Coverage Area:

Louisville is a big city and so while it has quite a few ISPs operating, not all provide coverage in every location. And, it’s possible your neighborhood is not connected to an ISP’s network which you may want to consider. We’ve therefore endeavored to include providers that carry a sizable footprint in the city with the exception of Windstream Kinetic, which gets our vote because it offers one of the best promotional prices, even if to the benefit of a rather small number of Louisville residents.

Type of Internet:

The type of internet you pick makes a huge impact on the performance of your connection. We’ve included a variety of wired connections, as well as a widely available non-wired option, so you can select the one best for your home.


Every home has its own internet needs so while a Gig internet plan is appealing, it may not be the one for you, especially given that it can become quite expensive. The providers we have shortlisted here, not only offer Gig internet but low and mid-tier plans as well. Like so, you get the option to go for a lower speed tier fit for your household usage and pay only for as much speed as you need.


If not the monthly bill, there are other places where you can save some cash. Promotional perks like free or discounted installation, contract buy-out offers, and equipment included in the price, can help cut costs to quite an extent. Some other features that add value to an internet service include unlimited data and no contracts. We’ve taken such service aspects into account to find you trustworthy internet service providers in Louisville. 

Customer Service:

Having professional help ensures a stress-free online experience. To get that though you must subscribe to a provider which carries a good repute in customer care. While this aspect of an internet service lacks industry-wide, we’ve made sure to select ISPs that perform well in comparison.

Final Words

With key information about internet access in Louisville, Kentucky, we hope you’ll be able to shape a comprehensive picture of what you are likely to be dealing with once you have moved to your new home in Louisville.

In case you need pro advice or more detail about things like the availability of fiber internet in Louisville, you can speak to professionals at 1-855-349-9328.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the cheapest internet plan in Louisville?

AT&T Fiber plans start as low as $35/ mo. in Louisville, which is as cheap as it gets. But, given Fiber has limited coverage, it is recommended you speak to an AT&T sales representative at 1-855-925-2541 to determine availability at your address.

What internet speed should I get?

It all depends on your lifestyle and internet usage. For 2-3 people, a basic internet plan which gives up to 25 Mbps download speeds will suffice. For mid to large size households, with multiple users and devices engaged in bandwidth extensive activities, you may want to opt for speeds between 300 and 940 Mbps. Learn more about what maybe a good speed for you.

How do I save money on my monthly internet bill?

To ensure your monthly bill is not as high, invest in your own modem and router. Or, if you think you don’t need the added speed or data, go ahead and downgrade your internet plan.