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With more Arkansans learning and working remotely in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19, the issue of broadband access has become extremely relevant. From rural regions where broadband access is scarce to households which simply cannot afford available options, a big chunk of the Arkansan rural population goes without internet access just when needed the most. It can be inadvertent on part of Arkansans, who are fortunate enough to live in areas with easy access to broadband, to disregard that access to high-speed internet is not created equal.

Rural Internet Access in Arkansas & the Digital Divide

Just like every other state, access to broadband internet at economical rates is not equally available to all Arkansas residents. The reason why Arkansas ranks 41st among the most connected states is closely related to the fact over 20% of the state’s populace remains without access to a 25 Mbps or faster wired broadband connection.

This digital divide between Arkansans who can access the latest internet technology and those who cannot is largely urban-rural. The internet that rural Arkansans can access is slower and pricier than it is for their urban counterparts. And to add fuel to the fire, rural residents usually earn less than the working class in urban Arkansas.

At stake is not merely whether someone in rural Arkansas can stream Netflix, play Fortnite or stay in touch with their loved ones. It is about whether rural Arkansans can survive being cut off from opportunities for economic development and distance learning due to lack of adequate broadband service.

Internet Providers in Rural Arkansas

If you are a resident of rural Arkansas, your internet service choices will vary depending on where you reside. While several providers with nationwide repute like Cox Communications, Xfinity from Comcast, Suddenlink Communications, AT&T, and CenturyLink have an overwhelming presence across Arkansas, most are limited to urban centers, or at most stretch out to the immediate suburbs.

When looking for a reliable internet provider in rural Arkansas, chances are you will come across internet options you previously had no idea about. Meanwhile, it is just as possible some internet service providers you hoped or thought would be available in your neighborhood, are not. The good news is satellite internet providers like HughesNet are available almost everywhere, and act as a backup plan for many rural residents. Likewise, AT&T is another popular internet provider delivering sufficient speeds and quality service in rural Arkansas with a fair level of availability as far as its fixed wireless service.

AT&T Internet

Through its participation in the FCC Connect America Fund, AT&T has been stretching its Fixed Wireless footprint to underserved rural counties in Arkansas. The provider has invested millions in wireless and wireline networks over the past decade, providing internet access to more than 31,000 locations across Arkansas, in mostly rural areas. AT&T has also joined hands with the FCC to extend broadband services to thousands of more homes and businesses in rural Arkansas in the future.

With AT&T Fixed Wireless, you typically get download speeds up to 25 Mbps. But delivered speeds are largely dependent on the geography of the area where you live, and so AT&T does not guarantee speeds higher than 10 Mbps to subscribers.

Broadly speaking, rural Arkansans fail to experience speeds even slightly close to what’s available to residents in the suburbs and urban centers. But considering the rural internet landscape in Arkansas, AT&T is the safest bet to fulfill your basic internet needs.

HughesNet Internet

HughesNet is one of the pioneers of satellite internet. And takes pride in making its reliable high-speed service available to every American who is able to catch a clear view of the southern sky.

If you live in the Ozarks and are unable to find a feasible wired option near you, HughesNet has got you covered. The provider’s Gen5 advanced satellite internet technology delivers high-speed internet even in the remote rural areas of Arkansas. HughesNet offers download and upload speeds enough for uploading a video from your recent trip to the wild caves near the Buffalo National River. Or downloading tickets to the Arkansas Razorbacks game.

Each HughesNet internet plan comes with capped data, but its a soft data limit, with no overage charge. Albeit, the speed does get throttled down to 1-3 Mbps until the next billing cycle kicks in. With that said, you get FREE 50 GB Bonus Zone data every month. And if you play smart, HughesNet plans can prove to be your ideal bet when no other available option is feasible.

Here is a sneak-peak into HughesNet internet plans available in rural Arkansas. For more details on offers in your area, call 1-855-349-9309 and get the best plan for your family today!

HughesNet Internet Plans

Promo Price
(for 6 months)

Max Upload Speed

Max Download Speed

10 GB


3 Mbps

25 Mbps

20 GB


3 Mbps

25 Mbps

30 GB


3 Mbps

25 Mbps

50 GB


3 Mbps

25 Mbps


There You Are!

Even with several ISPs offering services in the Natural State, there is little to no consumer choice for rural Arkansans. But with providers like HughesNet and AT&T working to extend high-speed internet services to rural communities, help to close the digital divide in rural Arkansas could be on the way.

With that said, the availability of ISPs usually varies from one region to another. So, it becomes essential to first find out which providers are offering services in your area. For this, all you need to do is call at 1-855-349-9328 and speak to a rural internet expert. Just having a discussion with the professionals in the field can make it a no-brainer to find everything about the best ISPs and their offers available at your address. And who knows, if you feel satisfied, you may end up placing your order on the same call.


Does Arkansas have high-speed Internet?

An estimated 75.2% of Arkansans have access to 100 Mbps or higher broadband speeds. Of those with a wireline service, 87.5% can access DSL, 69.9% have access to cable internet, and 27.8% have fiber internet available to them. Overall, 93.9% of Arkansans are connected via wireline services.

Which are the poorly connected cities in Arkansas?

Parts of Arkansas with the worst internet access are Blue Mountain, Tilly, Clarkedale, and Ponca. Call 1-855-349-9328 to find out about services in Arkansas.

Which are the most well-connected cities in Arkansas?

The best connected cities in Arkansas are Fort Smith, Little Rock, Maumelle, and Lowell. Call 1-855-349-9328 to find out about services in Arkansas.

What are the disadvantages of satellite internet in rural Arkansas?

For rural Arkansans, getting internet from the satellite can be expensive. Secondly, satellite internet is neither extraordinarily fast nor too good on latency. And lastly, most satellite providers impose data caps on internet plans, which can cause anxiety about an overage charge or throttled speeds. Call 1-855-349-9328 to find out about other rural internet options in Arkansas.

Which city in Arkansas has the slowest internet speed?

Well, Tilly in Pope County is notorious for the slowest average internet speed experienced i.e. 7.99 Mbps.