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How to Watch the MLB World Series 2023

The MLB World Series 2023 will air exclusively on FOX, FS1, and Fox Deportes (Spanish), starting near the end of October. You can watch the World Series on FOX with a cable service like Xfinity TV or a streaming service like Hulu + Live TV.

Will it be the Mets playing against the Astros or the Padres facing off the Yankees? Whether your favorite club makes it or not, we can all agree that this year's Fall Classic is going to be as exhilarating as ever.

We can't miss the World Series for the world, and we know you can't either. We compared numerous network TV and streaming services that will carry the Fall Classic. Here's a compilation of our findings.

World Series TV Channels

The 2023 MLB World Series will air live on FOX (English), FS1 (English), and Fox Deportes (Spanish) later in October in the US. These channels are available with cable TV and streaming services like Hulu + Live TV.

In Canada, the MLB Postseason and World Series will be televised on Sportsnet (English), RDS (French), TVA (French), and the MLB Network (English).

World Series 2023 Schedule

The following table shows the date and time of each World Series game in 2023. Each game will start a few minutes after 8:00 pm Eastern. Pre-game coverage will start at 7 pm Eastern for the first six games and 6:30 pm Eastern for the 7th game.





Game 1

Friday, Oct 27

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Game 2

Saturday, Oct 28

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Game 3

Monday, Oct 30

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Game 4

Tuesday, Oct 31

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Game 5

Wednesday, Nov 1

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Game 6

Friday, Nov 3

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Game 7

Saturday, Nov 4

8:00 pm

FOX, FS1, Fox Deportes

Where To Watch MLB Playoffs

The playoffs are scheduled to start off with the Wild Card series on Tuesday, October 3 followed by the Division Series, the League Series, and the World Series. Here's how these Postseason games will be spread across ESPN, TBS, and FOX networks:

Where To Watch The Wild Card Series

ESPN networks including ABS and ESPN Deportes (Spanish) will air all four Wild Card Series.

Where To Watch The Division Series

FOX, FS1, and Fox Desportes (Spanish) will broadcast the American League Division Series while TBS will broadcast the National League Division Series.

Where To Watch The Championship Series

FOX, FS1, and Fox Desportes (Spanish) will broadcast the American League Championship Series while TBS will broadcast the National League Championship Series.

Where To Watch The World Series

FOX, FS1, and Fox Desportes (Spanish) will exclusively broadcast the World Series in the US.

Best TV Plans To Watch the MLB World Series

Here we're going to list basic plans from TV providers that will carry the World Series. Some of these services may not be offered where you live. Use our cable TV deal finder to see available plans in your area.

#1: Xfinity Popular TV

If you want an inexpensive TV plan to watch the World Series, Xfinity may be your best bet. Xfinity Popular TV costs $50 a month when bundled with Xfinity Internet and brings 125+ channels including FOX. Xfinity Internet has amazing promotions right now, so switching may not be a bad idea.

#2: Spectrum TV Select Signature

Spectrum TV Select Signature has a 12-month promotional price of $64.99 a month for 12 months and offers 150+ channels including FOX. This plan doesn't require bundling or a term contract.

#3: Cox Contour TV Starter

Cox Contour TV Starter is yet another affordable TV plan that costs $56.00 a month and includes FOX in its 75-channel lineup. This TV plan doesn't require bundling or a term contract—so you can get this plan to watch the World Series and unsubscribe afterward.

#4: DIRECTV Entertainment

DIRECTV Entertainment is a starter TV plan that comes with 75+ channels and costs $64.99 a month with a 24-month price lock. In addition to cable TV channels, DIRECTV has local broadcast channels including FOX. DIRECTV doesn't require bundling, but it does require a 24-month term agreement if you get the service via satellite.

Best MLB World Series Streams

If you don't want cable TV, that's alright. You can still watch the Postseason games and the World Series with a streaming TV service that carries FOX. Note that you may need high-speed internet service to stream in HD without buffering. Here are our favorite Streaming TV services carrying the World Series 2023.

#1: Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV includes FOX, Fox Sports 1, ESPN, TBS, and select regional sports networks in its lineup of more than 90 channels, so get coverage of the entire Postseason. Plus, you get access to all the on-demand content on Hulu, which includes classic baseball movies to keep your cheer on between the games.

You can also record games and watch whenever you want as you get unlimited cloud DVR storage with Hulu + Live TV. It now also includes ESPN+ and Disney+ at no additional cost. There are no hidden fees, broadcast TV fees, or hidden charges and you can cancel anytime online.

#2: MLB.TV

MLB.TV is a streaming package from MLB that allows fans to watch all MLB content from across the country, including out-of-market games. However, you can't watch live World Series and other Postseason games on MLB.TV. The package currently costs $47.99 for the rest of the season.

#3: DIRECTV via Internet

DIRECTV also has a streaming product called DIRECTV Stream that's similar in price and coverage to the Satellite version but doesn't require a term contract or a satellite dish. The Entertainment plan with DIRECTV Stream also costs $64.99 a month for 75+ channels including FOX.

#4: YouTube TV

YouTube TV used to be a favorite among baseball fans until recently when it dropped the MLB Network. It still includes FOX, ESPN, and many regional sports networks. The price, however, is on the higher side at $72.99 per month. We prefer Hulu + Live TV over YouTube TV.

How to Watch MLB World Series for Free

The 2023 World Series will be televised live on FOX, which is available for free over-the-air. You can use a digital antenna to watch MLB on FOX for free. However, you must be in an area with strong DTV signals. Before you buy an antenna, check local signal strength on FCC's DTV Reception Maps.

If you live in a rural area where DTV signals are low, an inexpensive, contract-free TV plan like Xfinity Choice TV is the next best thing.

How to Stream MLB World Series for Free

Some cable TV providers allow you to stream national and local channels on any device from anywhere for free. For instance, if you have Spectrum TV Select, you can use the Spectrum TV app to stream FOX and watch the MLB World Series for free. You can't stream the World Series for free if you don't have a TV plan.


Most TV plans include FOX which will exclusively broadcast the World Series in 2023. If you don't want cable TV, a streaming TV service like Hulu + Live TV is the next best thing.


Is the World Series on ESPN+?

No, ESPN+ won't carry the World Series. ESPN+ does have regular-season MLB games, but FOX has exclusive rights to the Fall Classic. ESPN+ also won't carry any other Postseason games. You'll need a TV plan with ESPN, TBS, and FOX networks to watch all the playoffs including the World Series.

Will the World Series be on network TV?

Yes, the World Series will air on FOX, FS1, and Fox Deportes nationwide. You can get FOX channels with a cable TV plan or with an over-the-top streaming TV service.

How to watch World Series 2023 without cable?

Hulu + Live TV is the easiest way to watch the World Series 2023 without cable. It includes FOX, which will broadcast the Fall Classic exclusively. Hulu + Live TV also has ESPN, TBS, and FS1 where you can watch all the playoff games without cable.

Alternatively, you can get DIRECTV without cable and watch seasonal and Postseason games on included national and regional sports channels.

How to Watch MLB Highlights?

You can watch MLB Highlights videos on MLB's official YouTube Channel or the MLB Website. Fox Sports and ESPN websites also show MLB highlights.

How to watch Red Sox games?

MLB.TV subscription allows you to watch all out-of-market MLB games live and on-demand. If you live in the Red Sox TV market, you can watch all Red Sox seasonal games on your RSNs with a cable TV plan.

How to watch Rangers games?

You can watch out-of-market Rangers games live and on-demand with an MLB.TV subscription. If you live in the Texas Rangers market, you watch all seasonal Rangers games on local sports channels with a TV subscription.

How to watch MLB clubs?

You can watch your local MLB club's seasonal games on regional sports networks and postseason games on national sports channels. If you want to watch all MLB clubs, you'll need an MLB.TV subscription which lets you access all out-of-market games.