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In this technological world, swift and reliable internet is an essential need if you are to stay connected with the online world. Guaranteeing such connectivity demands a set of devices that are of excellent quality. A cable splitter is an indivisible element of such a connectivity system—it allows you to connect several devices while ensuring minimal deterioration in the quality of the connection. A good quality cable splitter, if installed correctly, can provide a steady connection as long as you are getting a strong signal.

What is a Cable Splitter?

A cable splitter is a gadget used to divide the cable signal between multiple devices. For instance, if you have only one wall outlet for your cable connection, and you are subscribed to both Spectrum Internet and cable TV, you can use the recommended splitter to distribute the signal between your gateway or modem and the cable TV box.

Based on your needs, you can select a 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 6-way, or 8-way cable splitter. But, for optimal output it is best that you don’t use a 3-way splitter when you need to hook up only two different devices—e.g. your Spectrum cable TV box and gateway device for the internet. Because, the signal gets distributed among as many output ports as there are on the splitter.

For this reason Spectrum advises the use of more than one splitter instead of a multi-splitter. And, also recommends you get the signal booster installed by a professional Spectrum technician. Signal boosters are also a must if the secondary coaxial cable running from the splitter to your device is longer than 50 feet—as they help sustain the signal strength over the longer run.

Because coaxial cable splitters take in a single cable line through the input port and channel it out via various output ports, it is critical the splitter is of high quality and able to minimize the weakening of the cable signal which naturally occurs when it gets split. Spectrum recommends you use a splitter rated at 3.5 dBmV.

How to Install a Cable Splitter?

Here is how you can set up a splitter to distribute the cable signal between your Spectrum Internet and Spectrum cable TV:

That was simple, right?

Are Cable Splitters Right for You?

No doubt cable splitters are competitively priced, and they present a way to connect more than one TV without an additional wall outlet or TV receiver. But, it is equally true, there are downsides to the arrangement.

Primarily, because set-top boxes do not allow you to tune into different channels at the same time—which quite beats the purpose of having two TVs hooked up to your cable connection via a splitter. Secondly, as we said earlier, no matter how good a splitter maybe, because of what it is built to do, i.e. distribute the signal, the cable signal does get weakened to some extent. And, if the splitter goes bad, it can result in sporadic loss of service, or rarely a total service failure.

This is why it is recommended if you must connect more than one TV in different rooms, you go for an additional wall outlet and cable TV box. Albeit, that is bound to add to your one-time upfront cost of installation, and the monthly rental for the additional TV receiver. On the other hand, if you are going to only split the cable signal between your Spectrum Internet modem/gateway and your cable TV set-top box, using a splitter of Spectrum recommended rating i.e. 3.5 dBmV is your best bet. This is the splitter Spectrum also includes in its self-install kit.

Coaxial Cable Splitters: The Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Reasonable price Limits independent channel watching
Easy installation A weakened signal

Bottom Line

If you do not want to give away additional money for extra cable wall outlets or set-top boxes in your home, a cable splitter is the best way around it—despite the downside. An affordable and efficient cable splitter and a little work over the weekend could help you save up to $100 on your annual cable TV bill.


Will a cable splitter slow down the internet?

A properly installed and well-rated cable splitter does not have a significant impact on your internet speed. However, if your incoming signal strength is weak, you may experience some issues.

Can you split a cable line for TV and internet?

A cable splitter lets you transmit the same signal to various devices. Coaxial cables can convey a good deal of bandwidth and have the potential to carry both internet and TV signals. So you can comfortably split the cable line for both purposes.

Can I use a splitter on my cable box?

Yes, you can connect a cable splitter between the output of your cable box and primary TV, then run multiple lines to other televisions.