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Moving to a new home can be exciting, not to mention, a big change in your life. Among the things that you undoubtedly need at your new residence are all the utilities – including electricity, water, gas, and of course, broadband internet. This is why even before you move, you should have an idea of the top internet providers in your new area.

In this article, we talk about all the vital things you ought to check off your list when making the move. Let us jump right in!

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Transfer Internet Services to Your Home

Before you make the big move to your new place, there are a few things you should do. Here is a list of some of the important things you should consider before you make the final transition.

Moving Cox Internet to Your New Home

Cox is one of the biggest internet providers in the U.S. and makes moving easier than anticipated for its customers. The method is simple, professional, and intricate – down to the smallest of details. All you have to do is search if Cox serves in the area where you are moving to and place a request to move services two weeks before the scheduled date. Once you move to the new place, install the services yourself or call a technician to take care of it for you. And just like that, everything is done!

Here is a quick guide on how to submit a request to register for the move of your Cox internet services.

  1. Login to your Cox account with all the correct credentials
  2. On your account dashboard under the address, select the option to Move My Service
  3. Enter your new address details to Check Cox Availability in the area
  4. If Cox is available at your new address, you would be able to review moving options for your service
  5. If your new home is out of Cox’s footprint you would be asked to explore other internet options in your new area

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Moving Windstream Internet to Your New Home

Windstream is very accommodating if a customer wants to move service to another address. Of course, the area of the move should be in coverage of Kinetic by Windstream for it to work.

Plus, moving services with Windstream allows customers to not only enjoy promotional pricing discounts whenever applicable, at their new residence. Not to mention, there is no activation fee or anything of the sort, which presents the perfect opportunity for customers to upgrade their current plans – and add more value to their residential internet services with greater speeds and a whole lot more.

Transfer not just your internet but also voice and entertainment options with Kinetic to your new home and keep connected no matter where you are! New customers or those planning to switch get to enjoy exclusive discounts with Kinetic by Windstream. For more information, call 855-349-9312 now.

Moving HughesNet Internet to Your New Home

HughesNet is super helpful when it comes to relocating to a new place. All you have to do is call customer service at 855-349-9309, move your equipment and get back online with your existing plan and a new contract. There are no charges for the standard relocation installation services with HughesNet which is quite a big advantage. Plus, HughesNet is available almost everywhere within the U.S., and its pricing is pretty consistent throughout so you can count on getting the quality you crave at the prices you are comfortable with.

Some of the things that you need to know about moving with HughesNet include:

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Other Internet Considerations While Making the Big Move

You already have a clear understanding of what to do after you make the move – with any of your favorite providers. Even so, there are a bunch of things that you should take care of in the move. Some of the things that you ought to do include:

  1. Returning any leased equipment to your provider: If you had leased or rented any equipment from your provider, returning it to the company is advised. This ensures that the provider does not place any extra charges on your final bill.
  2. Pay outstanding charges & ETF (if applicable): Do remember to clear any bills that you have with your old provider to avoid having collection agencies on your back. Clear any bills you might have with your current provider. Depending on your contract type, you may or may not be liable to pay an early termination fee, so do check on that before you call it quits on the service.


When you move to a new house, the fresh perspective allows you to take a step back and really take everything in. It also encourages you to hit the reset button on your life and get rid of the things you do not want anymore – and upgrade those that you do. Moving with an internet provider that you like is super easy as long as it is in the coverage area, but if you want something new to go with your house, consider changing your internet provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What internet providers are available in my area?

There are many popular internet providers in the U.S., such as Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, AT&T, Windstream, etc. To learn of the best internet providers in your area, reach out to our customer care representative at 855-349-9328 now!

Can I transfer internet service to my new home when I move?

Transferring your internet service to your new home is quite convenient. You can do it if your provider supports it and if the area you are moving to is covered by your existing provider. Simply call its helpline and support staff will help you arrange a move if possible.

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