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We’ve all been victims to slow internet connections and it’s not fun at all. Your favorite shows buffer endlessly, you can’t browse the web peacefully, and you lose a winning game because there’s too much lag. Living with a slow internet connection is nothing less than a torturously slow death. If you’ve been stuck with slow internet service for a long time, it’s time to either look for a different internet service provider and sign up for the perfect cheap internet plan or look for ways to amp up your internet speed.

We recommend doing the latter before switching to another provider. Exhaust all tricks in the book before thinking of investing in another service. To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with the best tried and tested tips that will instantly speed up your internet connection. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

1.     Test Multiple Routers and Modems

Before you settle onto a particular router or modem, you must reach out to your internet service provider and get their approval on it. They’ll inform you about the compatibility of the router and modem with their internet service before you invest in one. If you’re facing frequent connection drops, it’s best to check the compatibility and quality of the router with your internet service. Especially if you’ve purchased your own router or modem. See our guide for buying the fastest wireless router

Your modem performance may also be affected by damage, wear, dust, age, etc., so it’s always best to change modems every 3 to 4 years before it affects your internet speed.

2.     Let Your Router Have a Break

Like other devices, your router and modem also deserve a break from functioning all day. One of the simplest ways to refresh your internet connection boost internet speed is by resetting your router every week. For better results or serious issues, resetting it every day will do. The same goes for your modem. Turn it off and back on again to stimulate a better internet connection to your internet service provider.

This little trick is called power cycling and does wonders for your internet speed in a very short time.

3.     Connect to a VPN

Many people rely on a VPN service to encrypt their IP address and add a layer of security to their system, but what they don’t realize is that VPN slows down the internet speed. It’s one of the reasons your internet connection acts up when you’re connected to any VPN. For this reason, opting for a VPN with solid infrastructure, and greater bandwidth is important. Choose a service that supports faster connections.

4.     Move Your Router and Modem

The placement of your router in your house has a direct impact on the signals and speed of your internet service. Place your router somewhere in the middle of your house so Wi-Fi signals may reach every corner of the house equally. Also, ensure the placement and position of the router is not hindered by obstacles such as concrete walls and electrical appliances nearby.

5.     Configure Your Wi-Fi Network

Think of your Wi-Fi network as your home. You won’t let any stranger inside the house and let them invade your privacy right? Likewise, you need to make sure strangers and outsiders don’t have access to your Wi-Fi network. Unidentified devices connected to your network will slow down the connection, reduce bandwidth, and increase your vulnerability to malicious cyberattacks.

Set up a strong username and password as soon as you set up your new router. Your router will come with a default username and password that is super generic and easy for hackers to guess. Change the username and password to something complex and hard to guess to avoid mishaps. And if you already have a strong password, keep changing it every few months to ensure network protection.

6.     Purchase an Ethernet Cable

While wireless connections are convenient and easy, they’re a bit slower than wired cable connections. For this reason, slow internet can be defeated once and for all when you purchase an Ethernet cable. Connect the Ethernet cable to the modem and your desktop computer or laptop, and let the magic unfold. The speed will improve drastically and the overall network performance is noticeably smoother on your device! The only drawback is that it’ll work for only one of your devices. However, you may connect your most important device to the Ethernet cable and the rest of the devices with a wireless router.

7.     Install Plugins

Whichever webpage you visit on the internet, you will certainly come across at least 2 to 3 ads, GIFs, videos, and pictures. While you may not mind spending a few seconds viewing the ad, your internet connection definitely will. It slows down and works relatively slower.

Install an ad blocker to get rid of those pesky ads. Adblock Plus is a trusted ad-blocking plugin that can free up some space for your connection.  

Cache, on the other hand, is a collection of bits of information stored on your browser that slows down your internet connection dramatically. Clearing out the cache once in a while should become a habit to enjoy an improved network performance. Install a cache cleaner plugin so stored data doesn’t affect your internet speed.

If you’ve tried all these tips and tricks, and nothing seems to speed up your internet connection, maybe it’s time you started looking for other internet service providers near you. To help you make a smart decision, we’ve listed down the most trusted and widely accessible ISPs in the US. 

Recommended Internet Service Providers in 2021


AT&T Internet has been in the connectivity game for the longest time, making it the first choice for most Americans when it comes to picking a residential service provider. AT&T powers over 21 states with IPBB, fiber internet, mobile broadband, and fixed wireless connections. If you’re looking for fast upload speeds and options for rural internet, AT&T has the perfect plan for you.

AT&T plan prices start from $35 a month and deliver speeds as high up as 1000 Mbps with a generous data allowance of 1TB and unlimited data with its fiber internet plans.


Spectrum offers internet services across 40 states. The biggest cable internet service provider in the US is the top choice for internet services in its rural areas. And the best part of subscribing to Spectrum internet plans is that you don’t have to worry about data caps anymore. Spectrum uses the hybrid-fiber coaxial network to deliver ultra-fast internet speeds. If you run a speedtest for Spectrum, you will be left amazed by how reliable the speeds are! 

Not only can you enjoy more than one Spectrum service by bundling Internet, TV, and phone together, but the prices of all plans are super reasonable, starting only from $49.99/mo. If stable internet and wide coverage are what you’re looking for, sign up with Spectrum internet and enjoy unlimited streaming, browsing, and gaming!


Cox Internet is currently offering services in 19 states, powering more than 6 million people with high-speed internet as well as other residential services. Cox deals with fiber internet and cable internet. The service comes with several plans and bundles for customers to choose from. Cox offers 5 different plans that start from $29.99/mo., delivering speeds from 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Not to forget the generous data allowance of 1.25TB.

So whether you’re living in a small household with a limited number of devices or a bigger household with a greater demand for internet usage, you can find the perfect Cox plan to fulfill all your internet needs.


Xfinity by Comcast offers high-speed internet service in 40 states across the US. If you enjoy fast downloads, seamless internet browsing and are open to super affordable bundling options, then Xfinity plans are the perfect pick for you. Even the most basic Xfinity plan is faster than any DSL service plan in your area.

Xfinity offers multiple speed tiers, most of them are cable-powered, while one is a fiber optic internet plan. An Xfinity plan offering 100 Mbps download speed is enough for high-definition streaming and intensive browsing. Plus, you get to enjoy a 1.2TB data allowance per month with these cable plans.

The fastest Xfinity internet plan is the Gig Pro plan, which uses fiber optic technology to carry lighting fast speed of 2000Mbps. The only downside is the extremely limited availability of the said plan.

All in All…

AT&T, Spectrum, Cox, and Xfinity top the list of the most trusted internet service providers in the US. If you’ve exhausted all options and tried every little trick in the book to boost your internet speed but to no avail, switching to these providers may be the best way to go about it.

Slow internet speeds are painful but dealing with them is easier with these tips! Practice and preach these tips or switch to a top internet service provider plan. Call 1-855-349-9328 to subscribe.


1- How to make internet connection stable and faster?

A stable internet connection is a result of accurate router placement, a compatible router and modem with your internet plan, and a strong password-protected network. This ensures a faster and stable internet connection even at peak usage hours.

2- How do I fix an unstable Internet connection?

To fix an unstable internet, change the network password and use a stronger one, connect an Ethernet cable, use a faster VPN, and reset your router.

3- How to increase Wi-Fi internet speed?

Wi-Fi internet speed depends on several factors like the position of the router, the security of the network, the plugins installed, the internet plan subscription, and much more.

4- Do WiFi boosters increase Internet speed?

Yes. Wi-Fi boosters are usually installed to eliminate dead zones in the house but they can also significantly improve the network performance. Check out the best Wi-Fi extenders for faster internet speed.