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It is essential to have a reliable, speedy connection that can meet your individual or family needs given the sudden boost in our dependence on the internet and bandwidth-intensive online activities.

We often sign up with an internet service provider only to discover that their "speed claims" have not been kept. Even the strongest connections can occasionally fail you for good reasons, but experiencing sluggish internet on a regular basis requires investigation. Ensure that you are receiving the speed you are paying for and that the speed you are subscribed to is sufficient for your needs if you occasionally experience a seamless connection but other times have to wait long for a simple web page to load.

Unfortunately, we are all familiar with the signs of a sluggish internet connection. When your downloads take an eternity, the show you really want watch keeps buffering, your friend's video call keeps freezing, and your browser won't open the website you need. Your online experience is directly affected by the speed of your connection. It's a good idea to test your connection to see what speeds you're receiving.

Every household within CenturyLink's service area has access to relatively consistent internet speeds. Depending on where you reside, DSL connection speeds can run up to 100 Mbps. You've come to the right place if you recently subscribed to a CenturyLink Internet plan and want to learn more about the speed you're getting or want to know how to test your CenturyLink Internet speed. Using the speed tester is the most reliable way to gauge your CenturyLink Internet connection.

What Does a Speed Test Tell?

The results of the internet speed test will be hard to understand if you are unfamiliar with some of the basic internet terminology. Here is a breakdown of the key terms to help you; we have done our best to explain this information in laymen's terms.

·       Latency

The term "latency" describes how long it takes a signal to make a trip to and from a remote server and is measured in milliseconds. Low latency refers to how responsive and quick your internet connection is, which is crucial for lag-free gaming and uninterrupted streaming. A higher ping or latency rate is disadvantageous. You can learn all there is to know about your Wi-Fi connection's latency from the internet speed test.

·       Download speed

The rate at which data travels from the internet to your device is known as the download speed. Some activities that require quick download speeds include streaming Netflix episodes or surfing the web. To give you a clear idea of how quickly the data you request from the internet reaches your device, download speed is dependent on the bandwidth of your internet subscriptions. Internet speed is measured in MBps. For example, if your internet connection bandwidth is 25 Mbps, your download speed will be 3.125 MBps.

·       Upload Speed

The opposite of download speed is upload speed. When transferring information to the internet, for instance when uploading a photo to Facebook or sending a video to a buddy, the Wi-Fi connection's upload speed is more important than when requesting information from it. The speed test estimates the speed in real-time and measures it in MBps too. The speed can occasionally vary depending on the time of day, traffic, and whether you're using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

It is not difficult to test your internet speed at home. An internet speed test tool is all you need for the job. You will find out about your network's download and upload speeds, plus ping time and latency too.

Check out the Ookla-powered CenturyLink speed test tool to discover how quickly your internet signals are transmitted to the servers. Click here to start your speed test and connect your device straight to the CenturyLink modem. You can tell if you are downloading and uploading data at a faster rate or not by using a reliable speed test. Once you know the results, you can make adjustments and see whether your connection can be improved for your CenturyLink internet plan.

We're sorry you have to face this but you're not the only one! Many people attempt checking out hacks, switching to a high-speed internet plan, or changing service providers in order to deal with a slow internet connection.

Fortunately, you've found the right place to get advice on boosting your Wi-Fi connection so you can stream, game, and browse nonstop! Read them below.

·       Consider changing router position

Is your router correctly placed in a position from where it can evenly propagate signals all through the rest of the house? Are there any concrete or electrical obstacles blocking it? Check that there are no nearby radio frequencies that could interfere with or distort the Wi-Fi signals' ability to move around freely.

·       Secure Your Wireless Network

By configuring the network's security settings, you can achieve complete network security and high-speed internet connections. You may be familiar with the WPA2 security protocol. It is a security mechanism that guarantees the network is password-protected. A lengthy and unique password stops strangers and hackers from breaking into the network. You don't want anyone to connect to your network anytime they wish to access the internet and use bandwidth that is allocated for your use.

·       Use an Ethernet Connection as a Backup.

Although wireless connections are practical and widely available, can they match the power of a conventional Ethernet connection? An Ethernet connection always provides the highest internet speeds for all of your devices, even during peak times, bad weather, and high online traffic, but wireless connections are simple to interrupt and lag.

If you're searching for faster speeds, reliable connectivity, and 100 % reliability, an Ethernet cable is a terrific investment. They're easier to use and super secure as well!

To Wrap It Up

Learn more about the speed you receive with your CenturyLink internet plans by running our reliable internet speed testing tool! To learn exactly which CenturyLink internet plans are available at your address and what deals are available there, call 1-855-349-9328 right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to run a CenturyLink internet speed test?

Test your CenturyLink internet speed with the Ookla-powered CenturyLink speed test tool to discover how quickly your internet signals are transmitted to the servers.

Is 25 Mbps fast internet speed?

A broadband connection has a download speed of 25 Mbps or more, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Therefore, a 25 Mbps connection is considered "fast."

How much internet speed is ideal for me?

The amount of internet speed you require mainly depends on two factors: the types of online activities you engage in and the number of users connected to the network. A 25 Mbps fast connection might be enough for you, for example, if you stream online and three people are using the connection at once. Call 1-855-349-9328 for more details.