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When you sign up for a CenturyLink internet plan, it includes up to 10 email accounts. While this is something that the customer service agent or the salesperson will already have explained to you, if you still wonder what this is about then we’re here to help you out. Basically, these email accounts are super easy to set up and they are used to access CenturyLink services, notifications, messages, and much more. So now, instead of just enjoying CenturyLink WiFi in the comfort of your home, you can manage your services all thanks to these email accounts.

Unfortunately, sometimes, things don’t really work the way you want them to. Just like how your internet connection can get rather weak at some moments or it stops working, similarly, there might be times when you run across a problem with your email accounts. What do you do when that happens? Of course, you call CenturyLink customer service and get them to solve the problem. However, there are ways you can solve this issue yourself, especially if it is a minor issue.

To see what you can do, keep reading below.

Check Internet Connection

Often the most obvious cause of CenturyLink email problems is overlooked; you should check your internet connection. Naturally, to be able to send and receive emails or manage your account, you need to be connected to the internet. And even if your internet is working, you need to check the internet speed and see how fast or slow it is. Sometimes, the internet speed is very low and that is the reason for your email acting up. But of course, that’s not always the case, so you should make sure.

You can check the internet speed via websites designed to measure the internet speed, or you can just open several web pages on different tabs. Make sure to check the cables and network devices to make sure the connection is done properly. If you find any issues with any of these, then you know the reason your email acting up.

Check the Email Server Settings

The next thing you want to check, if you still haven’t found the source of the problem, is the email’s server settings. The email server for CenturyLink communicates with your email programs in three different ways:

  • POP3 – POP3 is short for Post Office Protocol. With this method, all of your emails are stored just like a post office. POP3 is like a store-and-forward sort of service. Once the email has been downloaded by the client, POP3 deletes the email from its server.
  • SMTP – SMTP is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. With this option, your email is transported from one location to another between different servers before it finally reaches your system. It is used by servers to forward messages to the right destination.
  • IMAP – IMAP is short for Internet Message Access Protocol. This method is like an upgraded version of POP3. Unlike POP3 in which the email is deleted once it reaches the client, IMAP allows you to maintain your email. You can do this from anywhere and you wouldn’t even need to transfer anything.

Turn off Antivirus Software

If you have already checked the first two suggestions and didn’t find an issue, then it is time for the third step. This time, you will have to check for any antivirus software installed on your device. If you do happen to find such software, then disable it. You will only have to do this momentarily to check if this is the reason why your email account is acting up. Sometimes the antivirus software detects emails as threats and so, it might be the reason your emails aren’t coming through.

Thus, you should temporarily disable the antivirus software and check your email. As soon as you’re done, just enable the antivirus software and firewall. If you find an issue, you can communicate it to CenturyLink and it will then fix your issue as far as possible. Even if you don’t find any issues, you should still enable the firewall and antivirus software to avoid any more problems.

Empty Your Email Folder

Oftentimes, the culprit is not a very big cause, rather it is fairly simple like having a full inbox or email folder. Believe it or not, you can face many issues with your email due to this. The solution to this problem is as simple as a couple of clicks. It is just to empty your inbox and try to delete all those unnecessary emails that might have built up over time. Or even if you don’t empty the inbox completely, you should at least delete the ones that are of no importance or use to you.

If you want to know the mailbox size of a CenturyLink email, then it is:

  • 10 MB size for sending emails
  • 35 messages per hour limit of Webmail and SMTP
  • 700 MB email box storage limit
  • 50 contacts per message

In Closing

After having gone through the article, you must now know what the issue was, and even if you don’t, you can just call up CenturyLink customer service and get it sorted out right away. Usually, you will never have to face this issue as CenturyLink plans are quite efficient and rarely ever create a problem for any of their customers. So, don’t worry. If you do face any problem, you always have two ways to go about it, and eventually, you get to the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my CenturyLink email not working?

Your CenturyLink email might be malfunctioning due to multiple reasons. It could be that your inbox is too full, or that there is an issue with the internet connection. You can contact CenturyLink customer service at 855-349-9310.

Why do I need a CenturyLink email?

Usually, when you purchase one of the CenturyLink plans, you will be given 10 email accounts as well. You can use these to manage your account and access different services. To find out more about this, contact CenturyLink at 855-349-9310.