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CenturyLink is a high-speed DSL internet and phone service provider offering services to 12.2 million people in select cities across a 16-state coverage map. This makes CenturyLink the fourth-largest DSL provider in the country. Whether you are an existing CenturyLink customer or a new one, CenturyLink customer service is here to help.

From helping you select an internet plan to troubleshooting connection issues, the CenturyLink customer service team is dedicated to promptly providing you with the best professional assistance. But how can you connect with them? In this article, we look at all the ways you can reach CenturyLink customer service, so keep on reading!

Here are some ways you can contact the CenturyLink customer service:

CenturyLink Customer Service Phone Number

Whether you are a new customer looking to learn about CenturyLink internet plans or an existing subscriber who needs to modify or add services to their account, you can call CenturyLink customer service number 855-349-9310 for assistance. CenturyLink believes in offering the best after-sales service to all its customers. For this reason, it offers assistance in Spanish as well. For customer service in Spanish, call 844-527-5629.

CenturyLink Social Media Accounts

If your query is not urgent, you can reach out to CenturyLink on its Facebook and Twitter pages and wait for a response. On these platforms, you can get help from the community managers.

CenturyLink Live Chat

If you are not a call person, you can chat with a virtual agent available 24/7 on live chat.

Keep Your Details Handy!

Before you call any CenturyLink number, make sure you have all the relevant information handy so you are not struggling to find it when asked for by the customer service representative. You would need your CenturyLink account number and your billing address. Your account number is printed on the upper right hand corner of your internet bill.

The CenturyLink customer service representative may also ask for your social security number to confirm your identity. This is a part of the security protocol as the brand adheres to strict security standards. Furthermore, we recommend noting down any useful information the support representative provides, as it might be useful later on.

CenturyLink offers some quick assistance tools to identify and fix some of your concerns without needing to talk to an expert. These tools offer a quick fix so before you reach out to a CenturyLink professional do check them out:

Internet Speed Test

If you are experiencing slow speeds, conduct a quick internet speed test with this tool. We recommend connecting your PC or laptop directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable to get your fastest speed. If your internet connection speeds are lower than advertised, multiple factors could be causing it, including poor router position, outdated equipment, bandwidth limitations, and more.

However, if none of these factors is at play and you still are getting slow internet speeds you may contact the CenturyLink internet customer service.


You can troubleshoot any problems you are having with your CenturyLink internet and phone service with this tool. It allows you to test for outages, test your service, and schedule a repair appointment. You can use this tool by logging into your CenturyLink profile or by entering your phone number/email and the billing zip code.

Where’s My Technician?

If you have scheduled an appointment with a technician for service installation or repair, you can check the status of the appointment with the appointment tool. It also allows you to reschedule or cancel your appointment if need be. To use this tool, you will need to enter your CenturyLink account number and the valid ticket number.

Quick Bill Pay

If you are looking for a secure yet hassle-free method of paying your CenturyLink bill, use Quick Bill Pay. Just enter your CenturyLink account number and billing zip code and you will be redirected to a billing interface for a quick and easy payment.

Find Available Services

This tool will let you know which CenturyLink deals and services are available in your area. You can also call 855-349-9310 to learn about the best CenturyLink internet deals available in your neighborhood.

There You Are!

From selecting an internet plan to troubleshooting a connection problem and scheduling repair appointments the CenturyLink customer service is available 24/7 to assist you. You can connect with them through multiple channels including live chat, through call, online portal, or via their social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact CenturyLink Customer Service?

CenturyLink offers multiple ways of contacting its customer service. You can contact CenturyLink customer service through live chat, by calling its customer service phone number, or by reaching out to them through their social media accounts.

What is the best number for CenturyLink Customer Service?

If you have any tech-related questions, internet plan queries, or service concerns to raise, you can reach out to CenturyLink tech support at 855-349-9310.

How do I get a human at CenturyLink?

If you want to talk to a real person instead of chatting with a bot or navigating an online portal, you can call all CenturyLink Customer Service at 855-349-9310 to talk to a CenturyLink customer service representative.