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As a business owner, you rely on a stable and steady connection to seamlessly conduct your business operations. Therefore, any kind of connectivity disturbance could lead to workflow disruption. At times, you might feel like it’s okay to put up with minor connectivity issues, but let’s face it: life is too short to deal with slow internet.

Whether you have come across a better internet deal as things are not working out with your current provider or you are relocating to a place outside of your existing ISP’s region, sometimes you just need to cancel your subscription.

If you are a Windstream service subscriber and wondering how to cancel your service subscription, we have got you covered! This step-by-step guide will help you cancel your Windstream plan as instantly and painlessly as possible.

Understanding Windstream Service Cancellation Policy

Internet service — particularly if your existing plan has a long-term agreement — can be quite tricky to cancel. Several providers lock in their subscribers in a contract for a period of time, ranging from 6 to 36 months, and canceling a contract usually means that ISP could charge their customers an Early Termination Fee (ETF). This is why it is crucial to verify your contract and read the fine print to ensure you don’t see any surprises when you cancel your agreement.

When it comes to Windstream service terms and conditions, the provider requires a 30-day notice before the effective date of termination. The 30-day notice requirement applies to both parties under the agreement, not just the customer.  

If your Windstream subscription does not specify a term, then the service is being charged on a month-to-month basis. This means that you won’t be charged an ETF, only the outstanding services and equipment charges concerning your usage before termination. However, if you decide to cancel your Windstream service before the end of the current billing cycle, you will have to pay for the last full month of services without any proration or credit. For example, if you can cancel on the 15th of a month and your billing cycle is ending on the 30th of that month, you will be charged for the entire month, not just for the 15 days you used the service.

On the other hand, if you’ve agreed to a fixed term with Windstream but later choose to discontinue the service for reasons not caused by the provider, then you may be liable to pay them an amount in liquidated damages. The amount is fixed and usually pre-determined, and is a reasonable estimate of losses incurred by Windstream due to your early termination of services.

These are Windstream’s policies regarding service cancellation. More detailed Windstream terms and conditions are available on its official website. Now that you know what the provider’s cancellation policies are, you may move on to the next step.  

Reach Out to Windstream Customer Service

Most providers don’t allow you to cancel your service online. If you are unable to cancel your Windstream subscription online, it’s best to reach out to Windstream customer service. That’s usually the best option to negotiate a better price or learn about better deals if you were canceling because of sky-high monthly bills. If you are canceling your service just because you are moving outside of Windstream’s service area, then consider standing your ground and continuing with the cancellation of your Windstream service subscription.

Return Your Rented Equipment to the Provider

Apart from wooing you to opt for a new and better deal, the primary reason why you may encounter hindrances in canceling your Kinetic Internet service online is that the provider may want to ensure the rented equipment is returned to them.

Windstream subscribers are also expected to return rented equipment after the discontinuation of their service. Else, they will have to pay a hefty fee, or if the severity permits, the provider has the right to take legal action in order to recover their equipment.

Some providers offer a variety of ways to help you send back your equipment. You could either deliver it via the mail or another shipping service. In some cases, the ISP requires you to drop off the router, gateway, or other equipment at their physical store. Make sure that you pack the equipment properly and look up the mailing address. Once you send it back, you need to get confirmation from the provider that the equipment has been received. The provider will assess the equipment, and if finds it damaged more than the usual wear and tear, you may be penalized for it. Moreover, keep a record of your return just in case the provider doesn’t update their records

Don’t Forget to Check Your Final Bill

Now that you are done with returning your equipment, it’s time to check your final bill. Take the time to ensure that your final bill reflects the amount you expected and determined for any outstanding service and charges. In case you come across any kind of discrepancies, don’t hesitate to reach out to Windstream customer service. Ideally, by that time you should familiarize yourself with Windstream’s cancellation and equipment return policy. Chances are that with a professional customer service representative and your knowledge, the issue would swiftly be resolved.

Sign Up with a New Service Provider & Enjoy the New Service

With each passing day, our reliance on internet service is increasing more than ever. Whether you work remotely or are enrolled in online classes, you’ll need to have a new and reliable internet service ready. Before you make a switch to a new ISP, you should know that locking yourself in a long term may save you a few bucks but if you want to upgrade to a better ISP sooner rather than later, you may find it hard to cancel your subscription. Whatever the reason, you would be expected to pay a penalty for early termination of service.

Therefore, you should consider subscribing to an internet service that comes with no contracts, such as Spectrum or AT&T. Even with Xfinity or Cox, customers are often provided contract and no-contract options. A contract-free service will allow you to opt out of it easily at any time, that too without penalty.

If you’d like to learn about internet providers in your area offering contract-free plans, call 855-349-9328.

All in All…

While breaking ties with your ISP can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, by going through your contract, reaching out to your internet provider, returning the equipment promptly, clearing your dues, and scheduling a disconnection date, the entire process becomes smoother than ever. However, keep in mind that canceling your subscription requires a bit of patience and you will be charged depending on the terms of your service agreement.  

Once you complete all the aforementioned steps, you will be able to switch to a new internet provider. By signing up for a stable connection, you can surf, stream, game, and download to your heart’s content.