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High-speed internet is a must these days. Living in a socially connected era, all of us rely on a reliable phone and internet service to keep us in the loop. Whether it’s to binge-watch your TV favorites on the weekend or to catch up with your friends online, working from home, or attending school online, finding the best internet service provider in your area is fast turning into a basic necessity rather than a luxury. For this reason, more than 100 million Americans rely on AT&T services to stay connected.

For over a decade, AT&T has been providing broadband internet, VoIP phone, and IPTV services across the country. AT&T not only puts out standalone internet, TV, VoIP, and cellular phone services but allows you to bundle services at discounted rates. And, each domain comes out on the top in terms of providing quality service with an affordable price tag.

With that said, it’s easy to find yourself at crossroads with a service. Maybe your needs are different now, and the service provider isn’t fulfilling them anymore. You are relocating to a region where the current provider does not deliver services. Or you just want to move on and try other options in the market. Anyway, as a customer, you’d want to avoid jumping hoops to cancel a service.

Reasons You May Want to Cancel AT&T Internet Service

The reason you cancel your AT&T internet matters a lot. It can help you understand what may happen afterward. And, also identify what you’d want or not want from your new internet service provider. Basically, knowing precisely why you are canceling the service will play a key role in shaping your future experience.

Are You Cutting Back on Technology?

Some people who cancel their internet subscriptions do so because they decide to dial back on technology consumption. They feel too consumed and pre-occupied with everything the internet offers. Having access to the internet at work suffices. And, it seems only prudent to save the extra buck that is spent on a service they don’t need. If this is why you choose to cancel your AT&T internet subscription, it may imply you’d prefer to be without a home internet service for good—and plan to get by with only cellular data on hand for those dire situations.

If you are one such subscriber, we’d suggest you look into AT&T Wireless before you move forward with the cancellation of your current service. AT&T offers value-packed wireless plans that cover your talk, text, and data needs. And, give you plenty of perks to take care of your essential needs.

Are You Inclined to Embrace New Trends?

If you have decided to cancel your TV service with AT&T and switch to a streaming platform instead, again we would recommend you to pause. And, take a look at streaming options like AT&T TV Now which lets you catch on your favorite Live TV and on-demand content with just an internet connection.

This will take care of your urge to embrace new trends, and make your TV watching regime more affordable, flexible, and convenient, as you want it. Plus, this way you can continue with your AT&T Internet and only replace your TV subscription with a different AT&T entertainment service.

Looking Forward to 5G Home Service?

5G technology is already redefining how people can connect to the internet. Wireline connections are no longer the hype. Imagine connecting your whole house to a fixed wireless 5G home service. No wires, no mess, and certainly no slow speed. The fixed wireless service would require only a gateway device for you to connect your wireless devices.

Well, if that is why you wish to cancel your AT&T internet service, let’s tell you AT&T is looking forward to the provision of fixed wireless 5G home service. With its existing fixed wireless infrastructure, we can hope AT&T would be at it, and consumers may be able to get their hands on the service sooner than later.

Are You Relocating?

Well, if you have to move your living quarters from your current address, and you think you must cancel AT&T internet and TV service, we’d advise you to speak to an AT&T professional at 1-855-925-2541 before you do so. Check if AT&T services are available in the area you are moving to. If you can find the same or another plan that fits your needs and budget, you are good to go. Just let AT&T Customer Service know that you are moving and provide the information they ask for to set up the service at your new address.

If however, AT&T services are not available in the region you are relocating to, follow the details provided next in this article to cancel your AT&T internet service.

How to Cancel AT&T Internet?

What is New in the AT&T Policy?

Until 2019 canceling the AT&T internet service used to be as easy as 1 2 3. You could call in for cancellation and the service would be discontinued thereafter, irrespective of what point in your billing cycle you canceled. However, since AT&T redefined their cancellation policy, the process has become a little different.

On July 15, 2019, the new AT&T cancellation policy went into effect. And, as AT&T intimated at the beginning of 2019, it no longer supports prorated refunds. Meaning, if you cancel the service before the end of your billing cycle, you will not receive a refund for the days you do not use the service. Let’s say you need to cancel the service one week into your billing cycle. You will still have to pay for the remaining 21 days in that billing cycle even though you won’t use the service.

So, unlike before, AT&T will not instantly cancel the service upon your request. Rather, you can actively use your service until the billing period is over and the service is canceled. The choice is yours. Now, this may seem like a good spin on the policy level from AT&T’s viewpoint, and if you are not too sure about canceling this will buy you some time to rethink. But, if you do want to cancel on the spot, the policy won’t do you any good. The new cancellation policy clearly states AT&T would not grant prorated refunds for these services:

Here it must be noted, changes to the policy are not applicable to an upgrade or downgrade in service features or accounts. Also, if existing U-Verse customers switch to DIRECTV, DSL subscribers move to AT&T Internet, or phone subscribers switch between available AT&T phone services, the change in policy would not be applicable. The same holds true for moving your current account to a new location.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel AT&T Internet?

The Early Termination Fee

Canceling your AT&T Internet within the first 14 days of service activation comes without a penalty in terms of an Early Termination Fee. But, if you cancel the service before the end of your promotional term commitment, you are liable to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

The good thing is, there is no annual commitment required by AT&T Internet plans. Meaning, if you continue the service past the promo period, you can cancel the service at any time without being charged an ETF.

When you do get charged the ETF, it is prorated. And, is charged only against the number of months left in your term commitment. Take a look at the following table which gives you an estimate of the ETF amount depending on how long you have kept the AT&T internet service for. Remember these numbers are based on a max of $180 in ETF and a term commitment of 12 months.

Months in Service Estimated Prorated ETF

The Equipment Non-Return Fee

When you cancel AT&T internet service, the AT&T equipment must be returned, unless instructed otherwise. AT&T equipment must be returned undamaged at any UPS Store or FedEx Office within 21 days of cancellation. If however, any of the devices is wall-mounted, do not remove or return.

A non-return fee of $150 will be charged to your account if you fail to return the equipment within the stated time frame. But, if you do return the equipment within 6 months of service cancellation, the amount charged to your account will be refunded.

Please note AT&T retail stores do not process the return of the equipment when you cancel the service.

How to Cancel AT&T Internet without a Termination Fee?

As we said earlier, if you want to cancel your AT&T internet service without having to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF), you must cancel the service within 14 days of activating it. Or else you will have to wait until the end of your term commitment before you cancel. Most promotional offers have a 12-month term, after which you pay month-to-month. So once the first 12 months are over, you can cancel anytime without having to pay an ETF.

How to Cancel AT&T Internet?

The Process of Cancellation

When you decide to cancel the AT&T internet service, the first step is to contact AT&T.

You can submit a cancel request online via your AT&T account or call them at 1-800-288-2020. The online cancellation request is applicable to residential high-speed DSL and Traditional home phone service only. If you choose to call, make sure all relevant information, such as your account information, is readily available.

Be prepared that AT&T is likely to offer you solutions.

Please note there is a monthly fee associated with the ‘vacation hold’ however suspension of service comes at no charge if you have been redeployed by the Military or hit by a natural disaster.

To Wrap It All Up

Now that you are aware of how to cancel AT&T internet service, and what charges you may or may not incur, we hope that if you do choose to discontinue, this guide comes in handy and makes the process smooth for you.

With that said, let us reiterate, changing providers or making the decision to cut the cord, or pull off your wired home internet connection, etc. may seem like the right thing to do given your preferences, but you must choose to tread with caution. And, give other AT&T services and solutions a chance before you actually proceed with the cancellation.

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