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If you are looking for an internet deal, odds are you have come across Charter Spectrum™.

Spectrum is the brand name under which Charter Communications has marketed its consumer and commercial cable broadband, TV and phone services since 2014. Following their merger with Charter, services provided by Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Bright House Networks also came under the umbrella of Spectrum in 2015-2016. This was a huge boost to Charter Spectrum™ coverage across the U.S. Today, Spectrum ranks #2 as the largest residential cable provider in the U.S. with services available to over 100 million people across 40 states.  

Spectrum bundled packages bring great value for your money. There are also some additional perks that are not easy to get hold of with competitors in the market. Like no contracts, contract buyout offer of up to $500, 30-day money-back guarantee, and unlimited data. Plus, Spectrum likes to keep things simple and straightforward. Both in terms of service features and pricing. All put together—widespread availability, appealing service features, and affordable prices—Spectrum is a popular choice nationwide.

But the big question that crosses your mind as a potential subscriber is what happens to the cost after your 12 month promo period comes to an end? And, also if there are any other upfront or monthly costs that you must take into account during your first year of subscription.

To answer these questions, let’s take a comprehensive look at various costs attached with a subscription to Spectrum internet, TV and/or phone services—both before and after the end of the promo period.

Cost of Spectrum Packages during Promo Period

Spectrum packages come in 3 tiers—SELECT, SILVER and GOLD. Each is based on one of the three Spectrum TV tiers available. These are 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 bundles. Meaning you get internet, TV and phone all in the same wrap. Or a combo of any two services, if you don’t need the third. Bundled offers from Spectrum get you services at discounted rates—which adds to the value of your subscription.

To help you form a better perspective of what costs you are likely to incur in terms of bundled Spectrum offers, here is an overview of pricing during the promo period.

Spectrum Double Play Packages Price/mo. (for 12 months when bundled) Spectrum Triple Play Packages Price/mo. (for 12 months when bundled)

Spectrum Double Play Select

Spectrum Double Play Silver

Spectrum Double Play Gold




Spectrum Triple Play Select

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Spectrum Triple Play Gold




And, here is what stand-alone Spectrum Internet & Spectrum TV subscription charges would look like in the first 12 months:

Standalone TV Packages Price/mo. (for 12 months) Spectrum Internet-Only Packages Price/mo. (for 12 months)

Spectrum TV Select (125 channels)

Spectrum TV Silver (175 channels)

Spectrum TV Gold (200 channels)




Spectrum Internet (60-200 Mbps)

Spectrum Internet Ultra (200-400 Mbps)

Spectrum Internet Gig (Up to 940 Mbps)




Hidden Costs with Your Spectrum Package Subscription

Well, Spectrum sure gives you peace of mind with the Price Lock for 12 months with its promo offers. And, you can let yourself enjoy Spectrum Services without worrying about a hike for one full year. But, there are some upfront and monthly costs you’d incur on top of the service fee. Here is a listing of additional charges you may have to pay during the 12 month promo period—for both bundles and standalone packages.

Spectrum TV Estimated Charges

Pro-Installation Fee (one-time charge)


Broadcast TV Service charge


Reconnection Fee


Remote & Receiver (For each outlet)


Secure Connection (for each receiver)


DVR Service (For 1 DVR receiver)


DVR Service Package (For max. 4 DVR rec)




Spectrum TV Sports Pack




Cinemax®, STARZ® & TMC


Late Payment Fee



Spectrum Internet Estimated Charges

Standard Installation (one-time charge)


Spectrum Ultra Installation (one-time charge)


Spectrum Gig Installation (one-time charge)


Self Installation Kit (one-time charge)


Wi-Fi Activation Fee (one-time charge)


Wi-Fi Router Rental Fee


Reconnection Fee


Spectrum Internet Equipment


Late Payment Fee


Data Overage


You can take a look at the categories listed in the table above and see what is applicable to your subscription. Add it all up and get a fairly accurate estimate of what you may have to pay Spectrum in terms of the grand total, either on a monthly basis or as a one-time fee. These figures are critical for you to remember. Because any unexpected charges you may see on your bill during the first 12 months would be rooted here.

Spectrum Package Cost after 12 Months

After you remain subscribed to Spectrum Services for the first 12 months, the price you were paying initially may change depending upon your service type and its rack rate at the time. But, Spectrum does not have a contract. So, even after the end of the first 12 months, there is scope for you to negotiate better rates in case you decide to continue with the service.

As far as any monthly fees from the categories shared in the table earlier, there is no hike at the end of your promotion period. Technically speaking these fees are subject to change anytime. What sees a hike for sure after 12 months is your monthly service fee.

For instance, standalone TV packages tend to go up by approximately $30 regardless of which TV plan are you subscribed to. In case of Spectrum internet-only plans, you can see a hike of $20-$25 depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Similarly, Spectrum bundle deals suffer from a hike in rates, depending on which services are included.

The Most Popular Spectrum Packages

It must be a rather daunting discovery for you to find out about the hidden Spectrum costs that may show on your bill during and after the promo period. The hike in price you are bound to experience after the first 12 months must not be a pleasant surprise either. But, let us tell you the ISP industry has certain norms. And, how Spectrum categorizes additional one-time and recurring monthly charges is not out of line relative to prevailing industry standards.

What breaks it even for the consumer is the quality of Spectrum services. That is the chief reason why Spectrum packages are so popular in all markets that carry the provider’s footprint. You may find yourself paying dearly after the promotion period ends, but what you get in return makes it worth the money you spend.

Spectrum leads with 100 Mbps starting speeds in most service locations—one of the highest starting speeds in the market. You get the internet modem included, and so is a complete internet security suite. On top of it all, you get unlimited data for which most providers charge you anywhere from $20-$30 per month. So, if it is speed and bandwidth that you are looking for, and your budget can manage, Spectrum Internet plans are worth it even after 12 months!

Similarly, when it comes to Spectrum TV service, one that gives you the most HD content among competitors, your investment is not without return. The diversity of Spectrum Channel Lineup, access to FREE Primetime on-demand, 80 network apps, and the Spectrum TV app—all of that together makes for a very attractive package.

And if you continue with your subscription to a Spectrum Bundle, it will not cease to bring you value even after the promo period. There will be a price hike, but having experienced 12 months of Spectrum bundled services at promo rate, you would know better which way you should go.  

Bottom Line

We hope this article answers your question regarding Spectrum costs before and after the promotional period. The best part is Spectrum does not bind you with any kind of contract, so you are free to switch providers. But, as we said earlier not having a contract also allows you room to negotiate a better rate after the 12 month period. 

For any further questions feel free to contact Spectrum Customer Service. Spanish users can visit  Servicio-al-Cliente to get support.