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As the consumption of entertainment shifts to more portable and wireless solutions, cord-cutting is quickly becoming the new norm. Cable TV services, which had been the mainstream for decades now, just do not make the cut anymore – at least not on their own. The fast-paced new generation requires entertainment that is just as fast, portable, and boasts a large library. This is exactly why video-on-demand (VOD) platforms such as Netflix are becoming more and more popular by the day.

In this article, we discuss all that there is to know about this famed on-demand video service. Read on to learn more about Netflix plans, catalog, comparisons, etc.

Why Choose Netflix?

The rise in streaming TV has also seen a rise in the number of streaming, VOD, and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. This means that the competition is quite strong at this point. However, Netflix still offers a few features and perks that set it apart from the competition. Some of these include:


How Much is Netflix a Month?

One of the things that makes Netflix so popular for users is the versatility of plans and pricing it offers. Depending on what your need is and what you can afford, you can choose a Netflix plan. There is something for everyone, with an ad-supported economical version, and premium, high-end plans for those who want to enjoy the finer things in life.

Here is a look at the Netflix prices and plans that you can choose from. Having an idea of your needs would help you pick the best one for your home.

Netflix Plan



Basic with Ads

Watch on 1 supported device
Limited titles available
Enjoy it all in HD

Plan available in select areas only


Watch & download on 1 supported device
Ad-free and full access to the Netflix library
Enjoy it all in HD



Watch & download on 2 supported devices at once
Ad-free and full access to the Netflix library
Enjoy it all in Full HD



Watch on 4 supported devices at once
Ad-free and full access to the Netflix library
Enjoy it all in Ultra HD (4K) WITH Netflix Spatial Audio
Download content on 6 supported devices at once


 Prices as of publish date and subject to change

Netflix Against Popular Competitors

As renowned as Netflix is among users within the U.S. and worldwide, it does have some competitors. Along with offering much of the same content that Netflix offers (other than original titles), most of these competitors are sometimes more economical and offer a free trial. However, they may not be able to get you the versatility that comes with Netflix, not to mention, the wide selection of quality content to keep you sated.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular competitors of Netflix and how it compares in terms of pricing.

Prime Video

Free trial available


$7.99/mo. - $10.99/mo.


$4.99/mo. - $9.99/mo.
Free trial available


$9.99/mo. - $15.99/mo.
Free trial available


$7.99/mo. - $14.99/mo.
Free trial available

Apple TV+

Free trial available

Prices as of publish date and subject to change.

Can't Commit? Enjoy Netflix DVD Rentals!

If you are not the type to enjoy a full-time Netflix subscription because of your busy schedule, Netflix has something even better for you. Since Netflix initially began as a DVD rental service back in 1998, the service continues to date. It allows users to have more fun, and explore options, and be flexible with the arrangement without having to run to video stores every now and then.

Rather than managing a subscription each month and letting it go to waste, you can get Netflix DVDs directly from the service. With plans starting at $9.99 per month, Netflix DVD rentals come with free shipping, no due dates or late fees, and you can get unlimited DVDs every month. Enjoy top-of-line titles in HD picture quality and watch in your own time. It just does not get better than that!

What Can I Watch on Netflix?

Not only can you watch Netflix originals on this streaming service but also many blockbuster movies and popular TV shows previously released. Classic movies that were decades old are also being refurbished to bring to Netflix in better video quality and animation than ever before. Plus, you get a taste of the world on your Netflix screen, right from the comfort of your home.

Here is a little sneak peek of some of the most popular TV shows and movies you can enjoy on Netflix.

Popular Movies on Netflix

Popular TV Shows on Netflix

Minions: The Rise of Gru


Yes Day

Breaking Bad

The Pursuit of Happyness


Tall Girl

Money Heist

Hotel Transylvania

Stranger Things

The Noel Diary


Forrest Gump


To All the Boys I Have Loved Before



Emily in Paris

Anonymously Yours

The Queen’s Gambit


Netflix: Pros & Cons

Like everything else in life, Netflix too comes with a set of pros and cons. We love some of the things it has to offer, but some of the others, we are not so sure about. For instance, we love that the picture quality of Netflix is HD, multiple streams can be used, and we can download it to watch offline. However, some other realities such as the pricing, geo-locking, and slower updates we do not enjoy as much.

Let us take a quick look at what we like (and dislike) about streaming with Netflix:




Free of advertisements

Geo-locking limits available content

Multiple simultaneous streams

Premium plans can be quite expensive

Offline playback and downloads

Infrequent updates

Extensive library

Content may get removed without notice

User-friendly interface and recommendations

Limited titles on ad-supported version

Compatible with multiple devices

Ongoing plans on other networks may not be available


Final Word: Is Netflix Worth The Hype?

Although the world of on-demand continues to grow and expand, Netflix remains one of the top favorite streaming platforms of most people across the U.S. The extremely large and curated selection of movies and TV shows including new, old, originals is just something too good to resist. Couple that with the low-priced starter plans offered by the service, the simple interface of the application, and the excellent recommendations engine and you have yourself Netflix – the master of all streaming services!

There may not be a free trial anymore, but the service is worth an investment if you are looking for something fun and new with just a touch of modern magic.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Netflix have ads?

Netflix offers an ad-supported version that is priced at only $6.99 per month. However, for the basic or standard plans, which are typically priced higher, there are no ads and you can enjoy the content without any interruptions.

Does Netflix allow password sharing?

Up until last year, Netflix did allow password sharing to multiple users. However, as of Feb 2023, Netflix password sharing crackdown has begun through which the service is now charging a fee for extra member subaccounts. Although only in a few countries at the moment, this step by Netflix has greatly offended some customers.

What internet speed do you need for Netflix?


To stream seamlessly on Netflix in HD quality, you should have a speed of at least 25 Mbps. Check your internet speed if it is adequate for streaming. To upgrade your plan or to learn more, call 855-349-9328.