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Having a reliable internet connection in today's time is no less than a basic necessity. The world thrives on connectivity. And, a high-speed internet connection helps you do what you need and love to do online. But, as with other necessary commodities in life, this one too comes at a cost. This is understandable, yet nobody appreciates landing a huge internet bill at the end of every month, and no one enjoys feeling they are not getting the value for their money. That is why it is essential to ensure you are subscribed to the right internet service provider and the right plan for you—one that gives you the chance to enjoy reliable high-speed internet at reasonable rates.

As for the U.S. ISP industry, it comprises a great number of service providers, some localized and others nationwide. And among the 2500 in the market, AT&T stands atop in terms of reliability and affordable quality. AT&T DSL internet is available to nearly 123 million in 21 states—making it the second-largest in the US. While AT&T Fiber can be accessed by about 36 million and with 1.2 million Fiber Route miles, the provider stands as the largest in fiber broadband provision.

Because, AT&T is one of the oldest and the most reputed names in the U.S. telecom industry and is able to provide a variety of connection types based on varied network technologies, a great number of Americans prefer to sign up for AT&T Internet. If you happen to be looking to switch to AT&T, or considering an upgrade to your existing AT&T internet plan, you've come to the right place! Read through this concise and informative guide to understand how much is AT&T internet-only, and see which plans may suit your needs and pocket the best.

AT&T Internet Service Features

AT&T puts forth quite a variety of internet connection types—traditional DSL, high-speed DSL or IPBB, fiber optic, fixed wireless, mobile broadband, and now 5G. Perhaps no other ISP ventures with as many networking technologies as does AT&T. As a result, you are able to get the fastest possible speed at the most competitive rate across AT&T service locations—urban, suburban, and rural. You can enjoy reliability, speed, security, and customer satisfaction with a single AT&T internet subscription.

Reliable Speed & Plenty of Data

The AT&T network offers consistent speed, one you can rely on. And, with non-DSL plans the reliability factor stands at an impressive 99%—fiber from AT&T gets you consistent speeds even at the peak time. You can work from home, browse, stream HD, and play games with confidence. High-speed AT&T internet plans allow you to connect more than one device at a time. And if you are connected via AT&T Fiber, you can even connect your Smart home devices to your in-home Wi-Fi network.

AT&T Fiber brings you unlimited data every month. So whether you are subscribed to the AT&T Gig service, the 300 or 100 Mbps plan, your data allowance is not capped. AT&T Internet plans which are delivered via the IPBB network, give you 1TB of data every month. Traditional DSL plans come with 150GB, and fixed wireless 250GB data stipend. While Mobile broadband plans are offered with unlimited as well as capped data allowance.

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

With AT&T internet plans above 12 Mbps, you get a combo of modem and wireless router—a Wi-Fi gateway device, which is high end and smart! The advanced mesh technology gives all your internet-enabled devices a strong and fast connection—if you need to cover a larger area, you can use Smart Home Wi-Fi Extenders, which are sold separately. Depending on how large the space is, the gateway device on its own or combined with Extenders is able to kill any dead zones.

AT&T charges a fixed monthly rental of $10 for the equipment you receive with your internet connection.

Smart Home Manager

AT&T Smart Home Manager is a free tool that allows you to control your in-home Wi-Fi network. AT&T simplifies network configuration via this tool—which can be used on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. The best part is with the Smart Home Manager, you can access your in-home network even remotely.

The app lets you monitor network activity, access, and edit your network information, set up a guest network, implement parental controls, reboot your gateway device, track data usage, and more.

AT&T Internet Security

AT&T Internet plans (above 5Mbps) come with a FREE internet security suite powered by MacAfee. AT&T ensures maximum security and safety from phishing attacks, malware threats, internet frauds, malicious hackers, and viruses, etc. In case you are subscribed to AT&T Basic Internet, you can add on the internet security suite for $5 per month.

Nationwide Wi-Fi Hotspots

Staying connected in this digital age is a must. AT&T has 30,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in 21 service states. At no additional charge, you can connect via high-speed internet when on the go. And, navigate your way to your desired location.

Customer Satisfaction

AT&T customer care takes every subscription seriously. For four years in a row, AT&T has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable. So when you subscribe to AT&T you are aware the provider will stand behind its products and services—one of the most significant factors to look at when you choose an internet service provider for your home.

How Much is AT&T Internet-Only?

Choosing AT&T as your internet service provider has its own set of perks, but pricing plays a huge role in your final decision. So, before you settle on a plan, you must know your options from AT&T. And, you also must have a good idea of what would suffice your needs and fit your budget. This way you are likely to remain focused on getting the most out of the available AT&T internet offers.

How Much is AT&T Fiber Optic Internet?

AT&T Fiber is available in select cities across the 21 service states, however, the provider is expanding its fiber-optic infrastructure and the service is likely to be more widely available in the near future.

AT&T Fiber brings you the fastest connection possible. And, features symmetrical speeds, unlimited data allowance, whole-home Wi-Fi, and an internet security suite. The service is 99% reliable, comes without an annual contract, and also offers a FREE 30-day trial for HBO MAX™. With the Gig service however you get HBO MAX™ all included. The AT&T Fiber connection has the ability to connect multiple devices seamlessly—so everyone in the family gets to connect.

Here take a look at AT&T promo pricing and how much is AT&T internet after 12 months.

Internet Plan Max. Download/Upload Speed What You Can Do with it Per Month Price
AT&T Fiber 100100/100 MbpsBrowse the web/social media, stream HD, play online, upload 10 photos in less than 9 seconds, connect 3-5 devices—with speeds 10 times faster than cable$35 for 12 months & $55 thereafter
AT&T Fiber 300300/300 Mbps Browse faster, stream in 4K, play multi-player online games, transfer large files, telecommute with ease, and connecting up to 10 devices—with speeds 15 times faster than cable $45 for 12 months & $65 thereafter
AT&T Fiber 1000940/880 MbpsBrowse at ultra-fast speeds, stream 4K UHD, play competitive online games, transfer large files, run your home-based startup, and connecting 10 devices at speeds 20 times faster than cable$60 for 12 months & $80 thereafter

*Plus taxes & equip. fee. $10/mo. equip. fee applies.

How Much is AT&T High-speed Internet?

The AT&T hybrid network covers large swaths of its service territories. By using a smart mix of DSL technologies in combination with an extended fiber optic infrastructure, AT&T is able to enhance the performance of its IPBB service. In rural regions where the “last mile” via copper lines is significantly stretched, you are likely to have slower speeds available. But, most urban and suburban communities are able to reap the full benefits of high-speed AT&T Internet.

AT&T Internet plans offer speeds between 768 Kbps and 100 Mbps. Not all speeds are available at any given service location. But, AT&T vows to offer you the fastest speed available at your address.

Here take a look at AT&T promo pricing and how much is AT&T internet after 12 months.

Internet Plan Max. Download/Upload Speed What You Can Do with it Per Month Price
AT&T Internet 768 Kbps-75 MbpsGreat for limited-moderate usage, connect 1-3 devices, surf the web & social media, email, play light online games, download small to medium-sized files, stream SD, work from home. $45 for 12 months & $55 thereafter
AT&T Internet100 MbpsGreat for standard household usage, connect 3-5 devices, browse the web & social media, email & share large files, enjoy 4K quality gameplay, stream HD, work from home.$35 for 12 months & $55 thereafter

*Plus taxes & equip. fee. $10/mo equip. fee applies. Incl 1TB data/mo. overage chrgs apply.

How Much is AT&T Wireless Internet?

AT&T offers a nationwide fixed wireless service as well as a mobile broadband service.

AT&T fixed wireless gives you speeds up to 25 Mbps fast, and AT&T pledge to a minimum of 10 Mbps via its fixed wireless network. Each plan comes with a 250GB data allowance per month. And, costs you $59.99/month. The one catch is that only those households and businesses are eligible for an AT&T fixed wireless subscription who cannot get the traditional DSL service from the provider.

As for mobile broadband, AT&T Wireless offers a great choice with its unlimited plans—Starter, Extra, and Elite. These plans get you unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as top-notch device and network security. With the Starter and Extra, you can enjoy SD streaming, while with the Elite plan you get to stream in HD. The higher-tier plans also bring you premium data and mobile hotspot data.

You can subscribe to the Unlimited Starter for $35 per line/mo., the Extra costs $40 per line/mo. and the Elite comes with a price tag of $50 per line/mo.

The Bottom Line

Before we go, let us add that you don’t have to keep musing over how much is AT&T internet by itself per month—if you want to make some real savings, AT&T has got the perfect solution for you to squeeze the most out of its offers. Give your home a complete service suite and save BIG. AT&T Internet bundles are a great way of getting the most return on your investment. So, if it is not the only internet that you use at home, check out DIRECTV and AT&T TV packages with internet. If you want you can also include the AT&T digital home phone service.

Now that you're aware of the AT&T internet plans and pricing, and also how you can make them more value-packed while saving a good buck, you can decide to sign up with AT&T knowing what your monthly bill will look like. In case you need more details or pro advice contact AT&T experts at 1-855-925-2541.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is AT&T Internet?

AT&T Internet can deliver up to 100 Mbps with 1 TB data allowance for $35 a month for a whole year. To know more about data caps on AT&T internet plans, contact AT&T experts at 1-855-925-2541.

How much is AT&T Fiber 300 for?

AT&T Fiber 300 is for $45 per month for a whole year. The regular price changes to $65 a month after the year ends. AT&T Fiber allows you to browse faster, stream in 4K, play multi-player online games, transfer large files, and telecommute with ease, and connecting up to 10 devices — with speeds 15 times faster than cable.

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