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ADT has been the market leader in the home security industry for the past 140+ years, making it the most experienced company. The company offers a variety of monitoring plans and home security packages to make sure each customer has the most suitable setup for their home. Providing 24/7 professional monitoring, ADT enables customers to rest easy knowing their homes are protected around the clock.

Designed for your specific security needs, ADT equipment provides superior security and is easy to use. You can also rest easy knowing you have the support of 17,000+ professionals nationwide helping you protect what is most important!

From intrusion detection and outdoor and home security cameras to fire, home, and life safety equipment, and smart home devices, ADT offers a wide range of products that will not only ensure the safety of you and your home but will also offer you the perks of smart-living.

In this article, we’ll talk about ADT home security packages and the equipment you get by subscribing to one. We’ll also mention the add-on equipment offered by ADT to help you customize your package to the T and the pricing. Read on to find out how ADT provides top-notch home security services to its customers!

ADT Equipment That You Get with Home Security Packages

ADT offers three home security packages. Each includes a range of high-end ADT equipment and 24/7 professional monitoring. Mentioned below are the ADT packages as well as a listing of the monitoring equipment included in them.

Secure Home Package

Smart Home Package

Video & Smart Home Package

Touchscreen Panel

3 Door & Window Sensors

1 Pet-friendly motion Sensor

Touchscreen Panel

3 Door & Window Sensors

1 Pet-friendly motion Sensor

1 Smart Door Lock

Touchscreen Panel

3 Door & Window Sensors

1 Pet-friendly motion Sensor

1 Smart Door Lock

1 FREE Outdoor HD Camera

1 FREE Google Nest Doorbell

Pay $599 in full today or $9.98 /month at $0 down and 0% APR for 60 months
24/7 Pro Monitoring Fee $45.99/mo.

Pay $849 in full today or $14.15/month at $0 down and 0% APR for 60 months

24/7 Pro Monitoring Fee $49.99/mo.

Pay $849 in full today or $14.15/month at $0 down and 0% APR for 60 months

24/7 Pro Monitoring Fee $59.99/mo.

Plans mentioned above can be customized according to the size and layout of your home, as well as your preferences. You can add more home security and smart home equipment to each plan to enhance the safety and automation of your house.

In the next section, we’ll list down all the equipment that can be further added to your ADT home security plan, plus ADT equipment cost

High-End ADT Equipment & Costs

ADT offers an amazing array of products that work together seamlessly to create a smart, secure, and simple home. Monitoring equipment from ADT is intended to provide you with a sense of security, convenience, and peace of mind. You might have started a fire accidentally when you forgot to turn off the oven, or you might be experiencing an allergic reaction to bee stings, that necessitates an emergency response. Expert engineers have designed ADT equipment that reacts precisely when there is a threat to your safety or health. 

ADT Security Cameras

A professionally installed ADT home security camera will increase the safety of your house significantly, especially so with 24/7 pro monitoring. This smart gadget allows you to avoid potential threats. Installation of cameras can be customized to cover any area of your property as you require.

  • Google Nest Doorbell – $3.82/month

You can view what's going on at the front door remotely from anywhere with the Google Nest Doorbell. It can be installed professionally as part of your ADT smart security system. The Nest Doorbell can distinguish between people, packages, vehicles, and animals, and informs you when something is happening, so you don't have to guess what's going on. The tall aspect ratio makes it easy to see people up close and in full, as well as packages down below, HDR helps with bright light and high-contrast, while night vision delivers a clear image even in low light or darkness. And if in any given case something is missed, a 30-day event video archive lets you review everything that happened.

  • Outdoor Pro HD camera (1080p) – $4.83/month

By putting ADT Pro HD outdoor cameras in strategic spots, you'll be able to monitor your home's surroundings comprehensively. View the video feed in 1080p HD, regardless of how dim the light is outside. With the help of video analytics, you will receive smart alerts only when real threats are detected. 

  • Indoor Pro HD camera (1080p) – $2.50/month

By installing an ADT Pro HD indoor camera, you can watch over your kids, elderly parents, and pets. With a sleek design and an easy wireless setup, this camera illuminates the area at night with the help of its infrared LEDs. 

ADT Equipment: Fire, Home & Life Safety

It is essential for your home to have life safety tools. Fires and CO leaks must be addressed immediately when they start. You can do so by having ADT sensors installed that will alert the monitoring centers immediately. As a result, emergency personnel will arrive as soon as possible. Ensure the safety of your family and possessions with ADT fire and home security systems!

  • Smoke Detector – $1.67/month

Smoke detectors from ADT monitor temperatures 24/7, alerting you to rapid temperature increase. They are designed to detect hazard more effectively so as to prevent false alarms. For instance it’d minimize the chance of a false cooking alarm.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – $1.67/month

CO detectors from ADT can be placed on the wall or ceiling, and are also available in wireless models. Even low levels of CO can be detected by these smart gadgets, and you'll be notified if they have been tampered with.

  • Flood Detector – $1.67/month

When there is a leak, ADT flood detectors alert you immediately. These battery-powered flood sensors are easy to install and can be placed in the basement, the laundry room, or near the dishwasher, and wherever you see the potential for flooding.

ADT Smart Home Sensors

You can protect your interior with ADT motion sensors. The door and window sensors form the front-line protection. 

  • Motion Detectors – $1.67/month

The area covered by ADT motion detectors is approximately 35' x 40'. You can therefore protect a wide area with just a few sensors. You can adjust the level of sensitivity per your pet's size, to make sure that you receive alerts only when someone unexpectedly enters your home. Battery life on these sensors is long, and you can choose between wired and wireless models.

  • Door/window Sensor – $0.83/month

There is a wide range of ADT window and door sensors available for you to pick from depending on your needs. From wired and wireless sensors to slim line, recessed and more, you can select the one that works best for your home. When the system is armed, the sensors are intended to notify you if any door or window is opened. Besides that, the 24×7 monitoring ensures first responders are alerted promptly.

ADT Equipment for Smart Home Automation

You can customize your home security system with add-on ADT equipment for smart home automation. ADT can help you take control of every aspect of your life so you don't have to live the conventional way. Using smart devices and the ADT mobile app, you can control anything from thermostats, locks, and lights to your security system and even your garage door.

  • Smart Door Lock – $4.17/month

You can turn your smartphone into a smart key when you use ADT smart locks. You will receive notifications if the status of the smart lock changes. The device allows you to create custom codes. It is possible to obtain separate codes for different family members, as well as temporary codes for dog walkers, house helpers, or contractors. 

  • ADT Control App – FREE

The modern lifestyle is fast-paced and evolving constantly, which is why ADT believes in keeping up. With ADT mobile apps, you can take your security system with you anywhere.

Utilize the ADT Control app to manage your home security – it gives you full control over your home automation and smart security system. You will not have to worry about manually activating or disabling the system. Adjust the thermostat, turn on the lights, or open or close the garage door remotely. You can also speak to a person at the entrance of your house while shopping. Stream live footage from your cameras while at work, so you can watch over your kids, pets, and elderly parents. 

Final Word

ADT Home Security offers top-of-the-line monitoring equipment and services that will not only give you peace of mind by ensuring the safety of your home but provide you the perks of home automation, including remote control of the functions of devices and appliances.

You can subscribe to one of ADT’s home security packages by calling 1-844-343-1168 and speaking to an expert at ADT Customer Service who can set up a free consultation for you, and you can also receive a free quote. ADT professionals can assist you at customizing a security package for your home according to your unique needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions? 

Where can I download the ADT Control App?

Android users can download the ADT Control app from Google Play Store, while iPhone users can do so via Apple Store. 

Does ADT offer professional installation of its equipment?

ADT home security systems come with professional installation. ADT employs and trains its own technicians. Since every home is unique, ADT has technicians who know exactly how to install and set up your ADT system to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. Furthermore, they make sure you get the right products and help you adjust your order if something you ordered is actually not needed. They will also help you add something if necessary.