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Globally, the vast majority of people, an estimated 4.6 billion, now have access to the internet. And in the U.S., according to the FCC, about 93% population has access to broadband. Independent sources claim the FCC statistics are not accurate, and the segment of population without access to high-speed Internet is actually double that. Nonetheless, for businesses across the U.S. and elsewhere, the internet is an indispensable utility. And equally so for homes, where the internet is used for a range of purposes like work, school, mundane everyday tasks, and leisure.

The need for internet access of course translates into having a high-speed internet connection, and it is only prudent to look for the most cutting-edge service type that ensures a reliable, fast and relatively more secure connection. A Fiber-to-the-Home connection is the best you can find in the U.S. market. By far, it is the most trusty and fast internet service type out there relative to the rest of the clan.

Now if you are a resident of Lansing, MI, and are looking to subscribe to a fiber internet service, you’ll be happy to know Lansing depicts a strong Fiber footprint at 69%!

Internet Access in Lansing, Michigan

The city of Lansing ranks 12th in Michigan for its connectivity, placing it above Haslett, East Lansing, Dimondale, and Holt, but below Okemos. Out of the 20+ Internet service providers in Lansing, around 12 offer residential services. Lansing residents have the option of choosing from Fiber, Cable, DSL for wired internet access. And approximately 99% population in Lansing is served by multiple wired service providers.

With a coverage rate of more than 95%, Xfinity, AT&T and EarthLink are the major wired internet service providers in the city. AT&T and EarthLink deliver both Fiber and high-speed DSL, but Fiber is limited to select parts of the city. Xfinity on the other hand has a Fiber-powered hybrid Cable network.

In this context, MetroNet Fiber is the natural choice for residents under its network coverage - fortunately 73.7% of the Lansing population is able to access MetroNet Fiber at their address - and enjoy the 100% Fiber advantage which contributes to ranking it as one of the top-most options. ACD, an ISP local to Michigan, also delivers a Fiber-to-the-Home connection in Lansing, and competes closely where available.

Viasat and HughesNet, as a rule, provide overlapping coverage, being the 2 top satellite internet providers in the United States. But as long as a worthy high-speed wireline option is available to you - satellite internet or for that matter other forms of wireless internet in Lansing such as Fixed Wireless or 5G Home Internet - don’t really make much sense.

MetroNet Internet in Lansing, MI - Plans & Pricing

Blow away the cobwebs and get your skates on because fiber internet will be ubiquitous in the United States in the near future - courtesy of ISPs like MetroNet.

MetroNet is one of the few ISPs that provide high-speed fiber connectivity at an affordable price. There is no data cap - which is a tremendous boon for power users and streamers. The company offers service plans with speeds ranging from 100 to 1,000 Mbps, allowing customers to choose the connection that's right for their unique needs.

Take a look at MetroNet Fiber plans and prices in Lansing, Michigan.

MetroNet Internet Plans Max. Download/Upload Speed Data Allowance Promo Price
Standard Internet 100 /100 Mbps Unlimited $39.95/mo.
12-month Price Guarantee
Premium Internet 500/500 Mbps Unlimited $49.95/mo.
12-month Price Guarantee
Ultimate Internet + WholeHome WiFi 1 Gbps/1 Gbps Unlimited $69.95/mo.
24-month Price Guarantee on Internet & 12-month Price Guarantee on WholeHome WiFi

You can subscribe to any of these plans based on your internet needs. No matter what size your family is, or how much bandwidth you use, there is a plan for you. From working from home and video conferencing to attending online lectures and streaming HD videos – the Internet will never slow you down!

When it comes to MetroNet Internet promotional offers, the price is locked in for a set period of time. A 12-month price guarantee is included in the starter and mid-tier plans. And the Gig service comes with a 24-month Price Lock, making it all the more enticing an offer!

MetroNet Fiber in Lansing, MI - Service Features & Perks

100% Fiber Internet

As we said earlier, MetroNet provides you with a Fiber-to-the-Home connection so you get to experience the 100% advantage of cutting-edge technology. The incredible bandwidth unique to a pure Fiber connection, allows much more data to flow through the lines, your connection is not shared, and you receive 24/7 fast speeds with no slowdowns even during peak hours.

No matter which package you pick according to your household needs, MetroNet Fiber supports multi-device connectivity. Watch HD movies, enjoy competitive gameplay in 4K. MetroNet Fiber Gig - the Ultimate Internet plan - is ideal for an ultra connected smart home where multiple users and devices need to always be connected.

No Data Caps

There are no data caps on any of MetroNet Internet plans. This just means you won't have to worry about running out of data, your connection slowing down, or an overage fee. Instead you can put ultra-fast MetroNet Fiber to good use with unlimited data.

In-home Wi-Fi

MetroNet Internet plans for Lansing include a wireless router so there is no additional expense when it comes to setting up in-home WiFi. But if your house is large, and requires more access points to eliminate any dead spots, MetroNet recommends you opt for its WholeHome WiFi. The system comes powered by eero, and delivers an amplified WiFi signal throughout your house, ensuring optimal performance.

The WholeHome WiFi setup from MetroNet is an add-on that costs you $9.95/mo., but the eero Mesh technology makes sure you can stay connected as you move around the house - so totally worth it.

Contract Buy-out Offer

MetroNet compensates customers for any early termination charge they may incur when they switch to its fiber internet. You can receive up to $150 in contract buyout.

MetroNet only needs a copy of the invoice showing how much you were charged by the outgoing provider. And a credit of up to $150 will be given to you. Make sure to provide MetroNet with all details within 60 days following service installation.

No Annual Contract

MetroNet does not make you sign an annual contract. Once you complete the term of the promotional offer, you pay on a month-to-month basis and there would be no penalty if you cancel the service at any point in time.

However, in case of a promotional offer that is valid for a specific period - 12 or 24 months - if you cancel the service early, you will be charged an amount as “liquidated damages”.

Bundle MetroNet Internet in Lansing, Michigan

MetroNet Fiber TV

Like the Internet, MetroNet TV service is also delivered over the advanced MetroNet Fiber network. With ample bandwidth available, you get to enjoy crystal-clear picture quality. There is no lag or buffering that could result in a pause or pixilation. The MetroNet channel lineup has 3 tiers, and covers a range of preferences. The TiVo setup, if offered in your area, gives you a better way to watch TV. Plus there is FREE HD and FREE music channels, an advanced WholeHome DVR, and more.

The best part is when you bundle MetroNet TV with Fiber Internet, you can enjoy more for less!

MetroNet Fiber Phone

A connection to the outside world is a necessity in today's world. No matter how brief. As a result, you must have a backup at your home. In case of bad weather, a dead cell phone, or a disruption in your cellular service, MetroNet Fiber Phone gives you a handy alternative.

This service is also delivered via the MetroNet Fiber network, and gets you crystal-clear voice quality alongside a range of essential and popular calling features. Plus there are FREE minutes to be enjoyed for long distance domestic and local calling.

The best part is you can include MetroNet Fiber Phone in your bundle for under $5/mo.!

Final Word

With the insights shared in this article we hope you’ll be able to better judge the value of a MetroNet subscription in Lansing, Michigan, and also compare better with what else maybe accessible at your address. Before you shop however, be sure to assess your internet consumption in terms of the number of users and connected devices, as well as the nature of online activities conducted in your home. After all at the end of the day how good an internet service is depends on whether or not it meets your needs. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the right one for yourself.

To find if MetroNet services are available at your Lansing address, contact MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143. If needed, you can ask for expert advice too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does MetroNet Charge For Installation?

MetroNet charges $25 for installation, but this may be waived with a promotional offer, a discount for credit check and autopay. To check if an offer with FREE installation is currently available at your address, call at 1-844-343-1143.

Is MetroNet Internet Fast?

MetroNet Internet is delivered over a Fiber-to-the-Home connection so you can enjoy the 100% Fiber advantage. Ultra fast speeds up to 1000 Mbps, for downloads and uploads, paired with plenty of bandwidth, make your dedicated MetroNet Fiber connection one of the best options where available. To check if an offer with FREE installation is currently available at your address, call at 1-844-343-1143.

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