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Internet speed is one of the most significant factors when picking an internet service provider. It does not only determine the rate at which you can accomplish online tasks, but the amount of activity that your network is capable to handle at one time. With the exception of people residing alone with internet usage restricted to light-weight activities such as emailing, scrolling social media and browsing the web, everyone requires a high-speed internet connection. If you are looking for an internet service provider with multiple speed tiers and no-contract plans, then Windstream delivers a fast internet service across multiple states.

Headquartered in Arkansas, Windstream Communications provides high-speed internet, phone, and digital TV services to residential customers. Windstream also has a product lineup for small, medium, and large businesses, and government concerns.

When it comes to the types of internet connections, Windstream has quite a few under its belt—DSL, fiber, copper, fixed wireless and cable. However, the most common in residential neighborhoods are DSL and fiber connections. Copper and fixed wireless services are routinely furnished for commercial usage—Windstream Copper is currently available in over 7500 business ZIP codes while Windstream Fixed Wireless is accessible to over 700.

Types of Windstream Internet Connections

Speaking of residential Windstream services, DSL internet is available to approximately 14 million people in 50 states. Kentucky, Texas, and Georgia exhibit the most impressive Windstream footprint. While, the Windstream network in rural areas now stretches from Texas to the Canadian border. No surprise then, the provider ranks #6 among DSL service providers nationwide.

Windstream Communications is also the 6th largest fiber broadband provider in the United States with more than 3.5 million people able to access its fiber internet services. Residential fiber optic internet from Windstream comes in two varieties—FTTN and FTTP—either you get a fiber connection from the central distribution point (Node) in the neighborhood or the fiber optic lines run straight into your home. 

Limited it may be, but Windstream also provides cable broadband services to approximately 360,000 people using the DOCSIS networking protocols. And, in terms of coverage ranks #30 among cable broadband providers in America.

Windstream Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Network

As we said earlier, Windstream DSL network is the most encompassing for residential purposes. Widely available DSL internet from Windstream makes use of twisted copper lines that were originally laid out to carry voice signal. And, now DSL hardware allows them to be used for digital data transfer too—quite without disrupting the voice signal. So, unlike traditional dial-up connections, with DSL you get to use both the internet and phone line simultaneously.

Compared to newer technologies like coaxial and fiber, DSL is considered slow for the taste of many users nowadays. However, in rural regions it is still a good alternative both in terms of performance and price. Because otherwise, the residents of these areas have to bank upon cellular or satellite connections—which at the end of the day become quite a pricey choice. Plus, the lifestyle in rural parts of the country does not necessitate speeds as high as demanded by urban and suburban America. Here it is worth noting, that a DSL connection may be slower but has one positive that helps compensate for that—it is a dedicated line so your bandwidth does not get compromised by others in the vicinity.

Windstream Kinetic Internet

In recent times, Windstream has invested in technological upgrades aimed at increasing the outreach of the fiber backbone in its network. This has made it possible for the provider to deliver high-speed DSL connections over a hybrid Fiber-DSL network. Making use of twisted copper lines in the “last mile”, Windstream gets you speeds several times higher than before—in neighborhoods which are now served by Windstream Kinetic.  

Windstream Kinetic offers the complete suite with high-speed internet, IPTV and VoIP services at affordable prices. With the fast and secure Windstream Kinetic connection, the whole family can connect to learn and work, enjoy all-round TV entertainment, and stay in touch with family and friends—quite without breaking the bank. The best part is you get unlimited data every month. So, if you have been facing problems with your existing cable broadband provider, Windstream Kinetic may prove a very good substitute.  

Windstream Kinetic Gig service is an exception in terms of connection type—in that it is routinely delivered via a FTTP connection, with fiber lines running into your house—giving you all the bandwidth in the world to connect your entire family and Smart home devices.

Speeds Offered by Windstream

Based on the capacity and capability of the Windstream network, you get access to certain speeds in each neighborhood. For the same reason, Windstream speeds and prices vary across different service locations. However, in most urban and suburban regions you can get access to Windstream Kinetic speeds starting from 200 Mbps. In some areas a 50 Mbps connection is also available. While select neighborhoods have access to pure fiber optic internet as fast as 1,000 Mbps.

Here are the speed tiers Windstream Internet offers:

Windstream Internet Plan

Download Speed Range

Price Per Month

Kinetic 200

126 -232 Mbps

$37 (for 12 months)
Regular Rate: $45

Kinetic 300-400

233 - 450 Mbps

$47 (for 12 months)
Regular Rate: $55

Kinetic 500

451 -799 Mbps

$57 (for 12 months)
Regular Rate: $65

Kinetic GIG

800 -1,000 Mbps

$67 (for 12 months)
Regular Rate: $75

These Windstream speeds are more than adequate for taking care of routine internet consumption in small to large size households with varying patterns of usage. Largely speaking, HD streaming is seamless without buffering loops as video comes fully optimized via Windstream Kinetic, gaming lag is infrequent, you can upload large files swiftly, as well as integrate your Smart home devices with your in-home Windstream Wi-Fi network. The GIG service brings you the ultimate Windstream speed, and lets you connect a great number of devices and do what you want online in the most optimal manner. 

More recently Windstream has announced availability of speeds up to 100 Mbps in certain service locations—both for residential and business purposes. These areas could not earlier access speeds as high as now offered by Windstream Premium Internet.

States That Get the Highest Speed

Windstream provides Kinetic Gig Internet—the fastest Windstream connection—to over 150 communities in 15 states. The provider aims to spread out the Gig service to more neighborhoods as expansion and improvement plans continue. For now the following states have access to Windstream Kinetic Gig.

Windstream Kinetic Gig Availability


Population Covered

Maximum Available Speed



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps

North Carolina


1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps

New Mexico


1,000 Mbps

New York


1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps

South Carolina


1,000 Mbps



1,000 Mbps



Windstream Communications has been more popular in remote and rural regions due to its widespread availability and reliable DSL service. But in recent times, densely populated urban centers and suburban communities have benefited greatly from the revamping of Windstream network and the introduction of the Windstream Kinetic service. Paired with no data caps and no contracts, Windstream offers speeds that are comparable to the highest available in the market, but Windstream internet plans come at competitive rates.

So, if you reside in an area where Windstream offers are available, we’d recommend you compare the value of Windstream service plans with your current provider. See how you can take advantage of switching to Windstream Kinetic. And, if you have any further questions about deals or availability, contact Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.


What does Windstream internet plan offer?

Windstream internet plans and packages provide unlimited data along with a wide variety of speeds. Speeds start as low as 50 Mbps in some areas and go as high as 1,000 Mbps in select neighborhoods. Internet as fast as 200, 300, 400, & 500 Mbps is widely available. Windstream internet comes with unlimited data, no contract, and also allows you a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Do Windstream plans come with a data limit?

No, you get to enjoy unlimited internet with Windstream. There are no data caps and no overage fees.

Can I bundle my Windstream Internet with phone and TV?

Windstream lets you add-on a digital home phone and Kinetic TV to the internet plan. A Windstream bundle gives you access to services at discounted rates. In areas where the Kinetic service is not available you can bundle internet with DIRECTV.