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Windstream is one of the most popular internet service providers in the U.S. and offers high-speed internet, home phone, and more. You can enjoy quality services with Kinetic by Windstream at great prices, qualify for promotional discounts, and get perks on the side as well. Windstream equipment works seamlessly with the network to bring you the best possible speeds and internet experience.

In this article, we talk about how you can factory reset your Windstream router. So let us jump right in!

Why Reset a Windstream Router?

A factory reset for a Windstream router is more of a last resort kind of thing for customers. It is not always recommended but for some deep-seated issues, there might not be any other option than a factory reset. Some of the motivations to reset your Windstream router include:

How to Reset Your Windstream Router?

As already established, resetting your Windstream router can help you address network security concerns, regain access to your router settings, and more. While there are different brands of Windstream routers, most of them follow the same reset pattern. Here is a short guide on how you can reset your router at home to get the best Windstream internet speed back on.

  1. First, look for the reset button on the router. It is usually situated on the back in a tiny pinhole next to the power cord. A small red circle surrounding the reset pinhole may be present in some routers.
  2. Get a fine pointy object such as a toothpick or a pin, insert it into the hole, and press. Hold the button for 3 to 15 seconds and release. The router’s lights may flash during this time and that is normal.
  3. Once the lights have stopped flashing, connect a device to the router. Log in and check the activity to see if anything has improved.

Windstream Router Factory Reset - Important Tips to Remember

A factory reset can be a tedious thing to do, especially since you have to configure all settings over again. However, once you do decide to do it, here are some tips to ensure the process takes place smoothly.

In the End…

It is quite simple to reset your Windstream router, should your network demand it. However, if a reset fails to work, it may be possible that your network needs have increased more than you realize. In such cases, you can consider getting a Windstream internet upgrade. Simply call Windstream customer service at 855-349-9312.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often do I need to reset my Windstream router?

You do not need to reset your Windstream Wi-Fi router unless you are experiencing network concerns, security problems, or if you suspect unauthorized presence on your network. However, if your router often slows down or is experiencing such issues, you might benefit from doing this occasionally.

To consider Windstream internet upgrades or more, call 855-349-9312.

Will resetting my Windstream router erase all my network settings?

Yes, resetting your Windstream router will erase any configurations you had previously done – including network name, password, and other stuff. You would have to make all those customizations again.

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