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Changing internet providers is not an easy task for anyone. This means you will have to have people coming over multiple times during the day, which can be super tiring. While technicians will be doing all the work like removing barriers and installing equipment, you still have to be there to answer any questions they might have and to supervise how things are going. Finding time for that probably means taking time off from your workplace. In short, nobody is very eager to go through with this.

This is one of the reasons why people hesitate to switch providers. Even if the current provider is causing problems, some people would still overlook those problems to avoid the hassle of changing a provider. However, some problems are just too big to ignore or get past, hence the need for switching providers arises.

If you are currently in that position — trying to look for other options because your current provider is difficult — you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will be talking about switching from your current provider to Ziply. You will also learn why we have picked Ziply specifically after you finish reading this blog!


About Ziply Fiber

First and foremost, let’s talk a little bit about Ziply Fiber. Ziply Fiber is a relatively new internet provider that was founded in 2020. This provider is mainly available in the West and Northwest U.S. You will find its services in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. Ziply Fiber, much like the name suggests, offers pure fiber internet connections to the residents in these areas. This makes it a popular choice for many people.

In addition to these facts, Ziply internet plans come with a multitude of benefits like no contract, unlimited data, symmetrical speeds, Gig speeds, and more. You will get a chance to see all of this in detail in the next few sections. As for internet speeds, Ziply offers internet speeds starting from 50 Mbps and going up to 5000 Mbps! Such is the range of speeds you will find with Ziply.


Ziply Internet Plans

Having talked about Ziply internet, let’s take a look at the internet plans and what the benefits entail.

Ziply Internet Deals* Internet speed Data Allowance Pricing
Fiber 50/50 50/50 Mbps Unlimited $20/mo.
For the first 12 months. Price is excluding tax and other additional fees. Offer available only with autopay and paperless billing
Fiber 200/200 200/200 Mbps Unlimited $40/mo.
For the first 12 months. Price is excluding tax and other additional fees. Offer available only with autopay and paperless billing.
Fiber 1 GIG 1000/1000 Mbps Unlimited $60/mo.
For the first 12 months. Price is excluding tax and other additional fees. Offer available only with autopay and paperless billing.
2 GIG Fiber 2000/2000 Mbps Unlimited $80/mo.
For the first 12 months. Price is excluding tax and other additional fees. Offer available only with autopay and paperless billing.
5 GIG Fiber 5000/5000 Mbps Unlimited $120/mo.
Standard month-to-month pricing. Price is excluding tax and other additional fees. Offer available only with autopay and paperless billing.

*Information is accurate as of April 2023.

As you can see from the table above, there are a total of five internet plans that Ziply offers. The top three plans – Fiber 50/50, Fiber 200/200, and Fiber 1 GIG – are its regular plans, that you will most probably find anywhere. The last two plans – 2 GIG Fiber and 5 GIG Fiber – are part of its Multi-GIG plans that are still limited to certain areas. The terms and conditions for each plan differ just as much as availability varies from area to area. To know for sure whether your internet plan is available in your area, keep reading and you will find out!

Check Availability

Knowing about the internet plans and the benefits, the next thing you need to know is whether Ziply provides service in your area or not. You already know the states where Ziply internet service is available, but what about the cities? Take a look below:


• Anacortes • Monroe
• Arlington • Mount Vernon
• Birch Bay • Mukilteo
• Blaine • Oak Harbor
• Brewster • Oakesdale
• Burlington • Palouse
• Concrete • Pullman
• Darrington • Richland
• Everson • Rosalia
• Garfield • Sammamish
• Gold Bar • Sedro-Woolley
• Granite Falls • Skykomish
• Hamilton • Snohomish
• Kennewick • Stanwood
• Lake Stevens • Sultan
• Lyman • Sumas
• Lynden • Tekoa
• Malden • Tonasket
• Maple Falls • Woodland
• Marblemount  



• Bandon • Lakeside
• Brookings • Mill City
• Coos Bay • Myrtle Creek
• Coquille • Myrtle Point
• Cove • North Bend
• Dayton • Port Orford
• Detroit • Powers
• Elgin • Reedsport
• Enterprise • Silverton
• Gold Beach • Union
• Imbler • Vernonia
• Joseph • Wallowa
• La Grande • Yamhill
• Lafayette  



• Blanchard • Osburn
• Bonners Ferry • Pinehurst
• Coeur d’Alene • Post Falls
• Hayden • Potlatch
• Kellogg • Rathdrum
• McCall • Sandpoint
• Moscow • St. Maries
• Mullan • Wallace
• Orofino • Weippe



• Libby
• Troy

If you are located in any one of the cities in these four states, then you should go ahead and call Ziply customer service at 844-622-7230.


Select An Internet Plan

After determining whether Ziply services are available in your area, next, you need to decide which internet plan you want to sign up for. If you need the help of an expert for deciding which plan would be best for you, then you can contact customer support and seek their advice based on your activities. While there is no data overage fee with Ziply, you should get a plan that sits right with your activities and the number of devices.


Cancel Current Internet Service

It goes without saying that now is the perfect time to cancel your internet service. If you were thinking of canceling the service before you find another provider, then we advise you not to do that. An internet connection is just something you can’t really live without anymore. Thus, don’t cancel your previous provider’s subscription before having a proper plan.


Install Ziply Fiber

After cancelation, you can set a date for the Ziply internet installation. Simply schedule the best day for you and the time when you are available. Additionally, when it comes to equipment, you can use another router or modem that is compatible with Ziply internet plans, or you could buy a Ziply Fiber router.


In Review

Now you know all there is to know about switching from your current provider to Ziply Fiber. We’re sure that you have also found the reasons why − if it is available in your area − you should choose Ziply Fiber. As we pointed out before, Ziply comes with no data limits, no contracts, super-fast speeds, good service, great plans, etc. That’s probably as good as things get! So, what are you waiting for?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can I use my own router with Ziply Fiber?

Yes, you can use your own router with Ziply internet plans, although you will have to make sure that it is compatible with the internet plan. If you do not have a compatible router, you can rent one from Ziply to use. To learn more about this, simply call 844-622-7230.


2. How much does Ziply internet cost?

Ziply Fiber offers different plans and speed tiers. The prices for the plans start at $20 with certain terms and conditions that you will be informed of at the time of purchase. The internet speed Ziply offers starts at 50 Mbps. To learn more about Ziply internet deals, simply call 844-622-7230.


3. How long does Ziply take to install?

It only takes one visit to install the equipment and set up Ziply internet. If, however, you have never installed a fiber connection for your home internet, then it might take more than one visit. To learn more, simply call