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Traveling is all fun and games until you’re stuck with a lousy internet connection in a hotel room. Whether you’re traveling for a work meeting or going on a mini getaway with your family, you need a fast and reliable internet connection to stay connected. You want a connection you can rely on to access social media, work emails, messages, and browse the web whenever you want, so booking Hotels with best WiFi is necessary.

Trust us, you’re not the only one who search for Hotels near you with good WiFi. This is something most travelers do when planning trips. After all, nobody can go on without an internet access for more than one day. There are plenty of hotels around the world that deliver the fastest reliable connection you can get from a public network, so settling for a less than satisfactory connection is not an option.

That is why, you should always go for the hotel that offers a fast and reliable WiFi connection that allows you to stay connected with your family and friends no matter where you are in the world.

In this article, we will be sharing the hotels with best WiFi in the U.S. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you will know which hotel is an ideal place for you to stay while travelling!

Does Location Matter When Searching for Hotels with the Best Wi-Fi?

Although staying in hotels with good WiFi, you should also consider the location of the hotel. Location plays a vital role for WiFi signals. Traveling means moving around and that does not guarantee stable access to great Wi-Fi connections. Not all places will offer the best Wi-Fi and this varies depending on the hotel location and destinations you go to.

Now if we talk about a remote area, we know it’s not as technologically advanced as other parts of the world and has fewer resources to build and support the needed Wi-Fi infrastructure. Busy cities and densely populated locations have more resources and support to build the required infrastructure.  The location of the hotel matters a great deal in establishing connectivity.

Here are the top U.S. states that provide the fastest WiFi:

Rank State Average Download Speed (Mbps)





New Jersey









New Hampshire



South Carolina





Larger states tend to have better and stronger WiFi. However, there are smaller motels in less affluent areas, within these states, that may offer cheaper WiFi rates, or simply not charge you a dime for it. For instance, hotels in major cities San Diego and Dallas will inevitably have better WiFi, because of their infrastructure.

Whereas, smaller and more remote towns in California and Texas, will provide the bare minimal WiFi a customer needs, to stay connected.

Recommended Wi-Fi Speeds – The Cheat Sheet You Need

Internet speeds refer to the amount of data that can be transferred per second (megabits of data per second Mbps) over your internet connection. Data is sent back and forth, which means you download and upload data, so your internet connection will have specific download and upload speeds.

Now you must be wondering what speeds a hotel with the best Wi-Fi offers. As set out by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), download speeds of 25 Mbps or above are considered fast since there will be no issues when downloading or streaming online.

While, an upload speed of 10 Mbps or higher is considered fast internet too, because it’ enough speed to handle basic online activities like using social media. The one thing you need to have when travelling with kids, is for a way to keep them entertained.

Although hotels have cable TV shows in their TVs, these shows follow a pre-determined schedule. If you want to keep both yourself and your kids’ entertainment, Hulu + Live TV is a great investment. You can follow up on your live TV channels, and your kids can enjoy streaming. It’s a win-win situation.

Tired of slow hotels WiFi? Turn your phone into a hotspot now.

Top 10 Hotels with the Best Wi-Fi

We have established the need for reliable Hotels WiFi, especially since it’s a significant part of your travelling experience. And, the only thing worse than having no Wi-Fi access is having access to a slow choppy one. The frequent connectivity issues, the endless lagging and buffering and never-ending loading time is more than enough to put anyone in a bad mood.

The value of a fast internet connection is undeniable and hotels all around the world offer it for free alongside basic amenities and utilities. But which hotels in the U.S. deliver on their promise?

Let’s check them out below:

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Marriott, like most popular hotels, offers WiFi to its guests in public spaces like lobby, swimming pool area, etc. However, only Marriot members have access to their complimentary WiFi. Whereas, non-members have to pay $14.95 per day for an internet access.

Customers at Marriott Hotels and Resorts can expect an average of 45.9 Mbps internet speed, making it more than sufficient for multi-device connectivity, social media browsing, HD streaming on multiple devices, large-files transfer, and video conferencing.

You can always ask their staff if you need help connecting to their WiFi, or if you need to purchase the WiFi for daily use. Although there are many Marriott Hotels & Resorts in the U.S., the particular one in Marco Island, Florida, is well-praised all over the internet.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons offers one of the fastest hotels WiFi, with speeds up to 20 Mbps across their hotels to guests for an unlimited number of devices. In addition, this is a complimentary premium WiFi for all its guests, unlike Marriot. While the speed is slower than what Marriott offers, it’s good enough for smooth web browsing, video chat, HD streaming, and emails.

You can easily stay in touch with your loved ones back home and work remotely for as long as you’re there. If you are travelling to Las Vegas, Nevada anytime soon, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is one of the best getaway hotels with great WiFi.

Best Western

Best Western offers a high-speed internet connection of 32.4 Mbps for all their guests, with or without a Best Western membership. Just like Four Seasons, all best Westerns guests enjoy complimentary free WiFi. You will have no problems with HD streaming videos across multiple devices, video chatting, sending emails, browsing social media, etc.

Best Western is well spread across the U.S., but Best Western in Nashville, Illinois is popularly recommended all over the internet.


InterContinental is a famous hotel chain that not only offers grand hospitality to its guests but also promises fast Wi-Fi access for all its guests. Delivering speeds up to 30.7 Mbps, the hotel’s network makes sure all their guests can enjoy their stay while staying connected to family, friends, and work.

The unlimited device connectivity offered by the network makes the hotel a personal favorite for business professionals and companies who’d like to conduct corporate events and large meetings. It’s the go-to hotel for work travelers, especially its New York chain, with great restraint choices.

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Sheraton is not as big or famous as Marriot or Four Seasons, but is decent, clean and meets most guests budget. Moreover, it also offers a  high-speed Wi-Fi at no cost in its conference halls, lobbies and outdoor areas. This allows all guests to browse, stream, chat, and video call whenever they are in the hotel. It offers internet speeds up to 22.3 Mbps for.

Among the many Sheraton hotel chains, the particular chain in Universal City, California, not only offers a reliable free internet, but a great view as well!


The Ritz Carlton is one of the most famous hotels worldwide, and especially in the U.S. It offers an internet speed of up to 76.2 Mbps which works best for guests traveling for work or pleasure. The highly efficient speed allows guests to stream videos and movies in 4K HD on multiple devices, download and share large files, play online games, and do video calls and conferences.

If you have a Ritz Carlton’s loyalty membership, you can enjoy its complimentary free WiFi. However, if you are not a member, you have to pay between $13 to $17 per day to access its internet.

Although that is considered to be expensive, the Ritz Carlton is a luxury hotel, especially if you were to visit its Dallas, Texas chain.

Holiday Inn/ Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express deliver a maximum network speed of 42.1 Mbps and offers unlimited device connectivity. The high-speed connection works great for guests who want to browse for hours, stream their favorite shows in 4k HD, hold large group calls and video conferences, download and share large files or play games online.

In addition, its WiFi is free of cost. If you are looking for Hotels with best WiFi, check out the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Nearest Universal, Orlando, Florida.

Hilton Hotels

The guests of Hilton Hotels have to make do with a minimum speed of 16.2 Mbps, which works fine for basic online activities like emails, browsing, SD streaming. Hilton offers free WiFi access in certain areas of the hotel, and free Wi-Fi access all over for Hilton Honors members.

If you are not a member and want 24/7 connectivity when in Hilton, you have to pay up to $14.99 per day. Despite its costly internet, the Holton Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia is for a lifetime of luxury experience.

How to Stay Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi

Finding the best internet options while traveling in the U.S. is no longer an impossible task. You’ll find that the top hotels offer a quality online service with the help of AT&T, Spectrum, Rise Broadband, etc.

However, using a public network for any online activity has its own set of pros and cons. Security is a huge concern for guests or people using a public hotel network. No one likes to become a target of cyber-attacks or identity theft when they’re traveling.

Here’s what you can do to stay safe on a public network:

To Wrap it Up

When you’re traveling, you want to make sure you are at least connected to a reliable internet, especially in a hotel. Hotels Wi-Fi should be fast, reliable and secure enough to let you make video calls, browse safely, and stream your favorite shows when you’re in.

We hope this list will help you make the right decision when you’re picking hotels with best WiFi. Have fun travelling!


Which hotel has strong WiFi?
Marriot and the Ritz-Carlton, both have strong hotel WiFi, with speeds up to 45.9 Mbps and 76.2 Mbps.

Is paying for hotel WiFi worth it?
It is only worth it if you don’t have any other source of internet connectivity, otherwise, you can always use your mobile data.

Which hotels still charge for WiFi?
There are many hotels that charge for WiFi, such as Marriot, the Ritz-Carlton, and Hilton Hotels.

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