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Whether your TV displays a grainy picture or it fails to deliver the audio of the movie or TV show you are watching, chances are there is something wrong with the setup.

Even if you are subscribed to Windstream Kinetic Cable TV, you are likely to come across issues when you least expect them. However, what you need to keep in mind is it may or may not be because of the slackness of your TV service. There can be a lot of causes for your TV to not deliver picture or sound. Some factors contributing to the situation maybe external like extreme weather conditions that cause damage to the cable infrastructure or a wide area power outage. Others could be related to the service delivery aspects at the provider’s end. While most of the time the problem is related to hardware at your home.

That is why before you rush to contact Windstream tech support for help, you need to take the time to figure out what exactly the problem is. In case, there is a small malfunction, you can troubleshoot with simple tips, and fix it. If however you are unable to reach a resolution to the problem via basic troubleshooting, you should go ahead and seek help from Windstream tech support.

Here are is some troubleshooting advice that may help you resolve small-time problems with your cable TV service from Windstream Kinetic.

Windstream Kinetic Cable TV: How to fix poor picture quality or no picture issue

To determine the cause and eliminate it, here is a checklist for you to go through:

    How to fix audio issues with Windstream Kinetic Cable TV

    If you are getting the picture but no sound, or the audio and video are not in sync, run through the checklist below:

      How to fix cross & static streaks on Windstream Kinetic Cable TV

      If you see cross or static streaks across your TV screen, there is no need to worry.

        How to fix vertical or horizontal shrinking with Windstream Kinetic Cable TV

        A shrinking TV picture is likely to be caused by power "brownouts." Meaning if there is a drop in the voltage in an electrical power supply system, you may see a picture on TV that either shrinks from top to bottom or from side to side. And this is what is referred to as vertical or horizontal shrinking.  

        Check your TV manual for possible adjustments to rectify the issue. But if troubleshooting on your own does not help, reach out to Windstream tech support.

        Contact Windstream Kinetic

        If none of the above mentioned tips work, you should contact Windstream for technical support. Speak to a representative of Windstream Customer Service at the Windstream number i.e. 1-855-349-9312 anytime, and they’ll direct you as necessary.

        In case your cable TV service from Windstream Kinetic is totally down and out, plus other Windstream subscribers in the neighborhood are experiencing the issue, check for a wide area outage. But if it is just your home that is not getting the service, make sure you’ve paid your monthly dues for the Windstream package. Overdue payments can result in temporary loss of service.   


        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is Windstream Kinetic TV?

        Windstream Kinetic TV service is available to new and existing Windstream customers who are also subscribed to Windstream Kinetic Internet. The Kinetic TV service runs over Internet Protocol, and you must have at least 10 Mbps download speed to be able to stream live and on demand content. And, if there are more users and devices connected to your in-home Windstream network, you will require a higher speed plan.

        Does Windstream have Cable TV?

        Yes. Windstream utilizes a mix of networking technologies to deliver consumer services. The provider primarily uses its Fiber line network in conjunction with copper phone lines to deliver the internet. But in some service areas Windstream also relies on a coaxial cable infrastructure to deliver high-speed broadband and TV. To check availability of Windstream Kinetic offers in your area call Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.