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The internet has transmogrified our existence. It has revolutionized communication, making it our preferred medium for interacting with one another. Virtually everything we do today takes place on the internet. From buying a television to ordering a pizza. From sending a picture over instant messaging to sharing a moment with a friend. We do everything online! In the days before the Internet, to stay up to date with current news, you would have to go to your nearby newsstand early in the morning to pick up the paper that covered yesterday's events. Today, you can access your local newspaper and any other source of news from any location in real-time.

The internet has undergone a revolution itself. Initially, when it was created  — which is still relatively recent from the standpoint of history — the network was developed to send small data packets or short messages between two devices. It served as an information repository that could only be updated by experts. However, today we upload and download huge amounts of information with this electronic behemoth, and we have much control over the content we create, making us all publishers, commentators, and creators.

Given the over-reliance on the internet these days, it is obvious that users prefer subscribing to an internet service that can offer them fast downloads, buffer-free streaming sessions, and uninterrupted web surfing. MetroNet Internet, although new to the internet scene, has been making strides ever since it established itself as the first fiber-optic network in Greencastle, Indiana, back in 2005.

It has over the years expanded into more than 100 communities across several states, including Illinois, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Texas. MetroNet delivers all its services over a 100% fiber-optic network, made up of miles and miles of fiber-optic cables directly connecting customers homes and businesses.

MetroNet's mission is to provide cutting-edge products and outstanding customer service. With this dedication, the customers can not only enjoy better internet, television, and telephone options today, but they can also be assured of receiving impeccable customer service in the future. All types of inquiries are answered on multiple channels by the company's customer service representatives.

In today's article, we discuss how to reach out to MetroNet customer service when you have questions about the different services offered by the provider.

Customer Service for MetroNet Internet

Whether you want to find out if MetroNet is available in your area, schedule an installation appointment, or check the status of your order, one phone call to MetroNet Customer Service will answer all your internet-related queries. 

You can upgrade your internet package. Change the address where your MetroNet service is provided. Look for new bundled offers. MetroNet takes care of it all via this service.

You can reach MetroNet Internet customer service by calling 1-844-343-1143.

Customer Service for MetroNet TV

Find out if MetroNet Fiber TV is available in your area. Channel lineups and pricing vary by zip code when it comes to MetroNet TV services. Depending on your location, MetroNet will generate accurate quotes for you. You can get information on all features included in every MetroNet TV package. Find out which channels are available in your area. You can also get answers to questions regarding TV surcharges, TV add-ons, and TV equipment here.

If you are already a MetroNet TV customer and wish to upgrade, please contact MetroNet TV Customer Services, and ask about bundling MetroNet TV with phone and internet. In addition, you can check if there are any current promotional offers that you can take advantage of.

You can reach MetroNet TV customer service by calling 1-844-343-1143

Customer Service for MetroNet Phone

Do you want an inexpensive backup to your cell service at home that is reliable and cutting-edge?

MetroNet Fiber Phone is the future of landlines. This service is offered in triple-play and double-play bundles. In other words, MetroNet Phone may be your most reliable backup service if you already have MetroNet Internet at home. As an existing subscriber, you can use its impressive collection of digital features.

If you need assistance or want to find out about MetroNet Phone offers at your location, you can contact MetroNet Phone customer service. They can also assist with any service-related concerns.

You can reach MetroNet Phone customer service by calling 1-844-343-1143.

Customer Service for MetroNet Accessibility

Customer service plays an instrumental role in the ISP’s customer relationships. The company goes out of its way to assist visually and hearing-impaired consumers by providing visual and audio assistance. For its special customers, MetroNet offers a variety of accessible offerings.

There is an audible navigation device offered for visually impaired customers. This device makes the text on the screen audible. If a TV network provides an audio description, viewers can hear it. For those who qualify, Directory Assistance and Operator Assisted are free or available at reduced prices. They can also have MetroNet customer service representatives read to them their monthly bills.

MetroNet navigation devices include closed captioning services for the hearing impaired. Those with MetroNet TV and phone service can view caller ID on their TV for incoming calls. Users will receive accessible set-top boxes or HD/DVRs, as well as user guides. In addition, they can obtain TTY (text telephone) equipment, which can be used with MetroNet Fiber Phone services.

To obtain the above audio and visual assistance, call MetroNet customer service. You can reach MetroNet's special customer service by calling 1-877-407-3224.

Customer Service for MetroNet Business

Do you plan to or are currently using MetroNet Business? Its Fiber Internet can help your business thrive and prosper.

If your business is in a MetroNet service location, you can subscribe to Fiber Internet, Voice, TV, and WAN services. MetroNet services can be scaled to meet your business needs, budget, and speed requirements. With its 100% fiber network, MetroNet Business services run smoothly and help you stay on top of rapidly changing technology.

To provide seamless services to its clients, MetroNet provides 24/7 business customer support. In case of even a small snag or service interruption, the ISP will act promptly to resolve the issue. With MetroNet, your business will always remain connected!

You can reach MetroNet Business Customer Service anytime by calling 1-855-769-0936.

Other Channels to Get MetroNet Customer Support

Social Media

Although MetroNet service is offered in 13 states, its social media presence transcends geographic boundaries. You can learn more about MetroNet, MetroZones, and its services by following their social media accounts.

  • @@MetroNet Fiber tweets about MetroNet's latest news and offerings.
  • MetroNet Facebook keeps you informed about the company's news and plans. Find out where MetroNet is expanding its services. Take part in lively discussions and see the latest promotions.
  • MetroNet Official on Instagram can help you connect with your provider and find support.
  • MetroNet LinkedIn provides a place to keep up with the career options and activities conducted by MetroNet.
  • MetroNet YouTube contains a variety of useful tutorials. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about MetroNet products and services, MetroNet videos on YouTube are an excellent resource. Take advantage of the resources MetroNet provides to help you get the most out of its service.

Live Chat

You can now get in touch with MetroNet via Live Chat to ask questions and share concerns. At the bottom right-hand corner of the MetroNet website, you will see a little green bubble. By clicking on it, you can chat with the customer care representative of MetroNet. Live customer support is available to existing MetroNet customers through the MetroNet Customer Portal chat feature.

Final Word

Customer service plays an important role in a customer’s journey. Regardless of what kind of service a provider offers its customers, none of that matters if the customer service is not up to par.

MetroNet Customer Service is reliable and quick. MetroNet customers are in good hands because the ISP values its customers. Therefore, if you need help with any MetroNet-related issues, feel free to contact the efficient and knowledgeable customer support staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Upgrade My MetroNet Plan?

If you want to upgrade or change your internet plan, please call MetroNet customer service number at 1-844-343-1143. Your upgrade options will be explained to you by knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Are MetroNet Services Available In My Area?

As MetroNet expands, it is reaching many different communities. MetroNet already provides service across 13 states, and more new areas are being added soon. If you want to check what MetroNet offers in your area, call 1-844-343-1143.