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HughesNet is the nation’s largest high-speed satellite internet service provider, and a viable option for residents of remote and rural areas who may not have access to wirelines services. The company boasts a footprint in 53 states with services available to over 1 million customers. HughesNet internet service extends to Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Ecuador, and since 2018 HughesNet has also provided broadband access to aircrafts, with over 1,000 aircrafts carrying HughesNet tech onboard.

What is HughesNet Gen5?

Committed to delivering a reliable high-speed internet service, in 2017 HughesNet became the first satellite internet provider to meet the FCC requirement of “broadband”, i.e. 25/3 Mbps fast internet. The feat was made possible by the launch of world’s highest capacity broadband satellite EchoStar XIX,  with JupiterTM System technology, which now connects more homes and small businesses with high-speed internet from coast to coast.

The HughesNet Gen5 service takes advantage of the company’s decades long experience in satellite technology and providing SmartTechnologiesTM based services. As a result the HughesNet Internet service is delivered with revolutionary enhancements, and makes for an uninterrupted online experience while assisting consumers with smart usage of their monthly data allowance.

For instance, it shrinks web data by 30% so that you can do more online while using less of your data, accelerates your browsing experience by pre-fetching bits and pieces of a web page, and gives you tools like the Data Usage Meter and Data Tokens so you can monitor and manage your data consumption.

Read about how HughesNet Gen5 Internet works.

HughesNet Gen5 Speeds 

No matter which internet plan you choose for yourself, every HughesNet Gen5 plan offers download speeds up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds up to 3 Mbps. While the 25/3 Mbps internet speeds may not appeal to users who have access to cable and fiber broadband services, for communities in remote and rural areas access to high-speed HughesNet service is a godsend.  

The 25 Mbps download speed is good for standard online activities. You can surf the internet and social media, video chat, shop and bank online, stream video, music and podcasts, and above all work from home and get your kids to attend school online. You can also play strategy and “turn-based” online games, albeit “first-person shooter” games will be unplayable.    

HughesNet Gen5 Data

While the download and upload speeds are same for every plan, HughesNet Gen5 internet offers 4 data-based service tiers. You can opt for what your home requires, and what fits your budget. The variety includes 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB and 50 GB plans.

Limited data is one downside of the service, but HughesNet gives you reasons to help with that, and here are some:

Soft Data Cap & Data Tokens

First and foremost, the data cap is a soft one. Meaning when you exceed the allotted data, you won’t be charged an overage fee nor would the service be suspended, rather you’ll find the connection speed throttled down to 1-3 Mbps. The situation comes back to normal as soon as the next billing cycle begins. Like so the soft HughesNet data cap ensures you never go offline.

If you really need more data than allotted in any give month, you can purchase Data Tokens. HughesNet offers Data Tokens worth 3, 5, 10 and 25 GB at an additional cost. You can purchase these via your HughesNet account. Log into the web portal or the app and pick the one you think will get you by. As soon as you buy more data, speed restrictions will be removed.

HughesNet Bonus Zone Data

The Bonus Zone is HughesNet’s way of telling its customers they understand the more internet-savvy consumer may at times find it difficult to get by on the allotted data. That is why HughesNet gives out a generous 50 GB Bonus Zone Data, no matter which plan you are subscribed to.

The Bonus Zone extends from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., essentially the off-peak hours. And any online activity that takes place during this time period automatically consumes the 50 GB Bonus Zone data instead of using the data allowed by your service plan.   

Make sure you take full advantage of this service feature. Schedule heavy downloads such as large files, movies, video games, software updates etc. during the Bonus Zone. This way your service plan data can be saved for daytime online activities.  

HughesNet Video Data Saver

HughesNet Video Data Saver automatically adjusts video streaming for a great picture quality while saving data. The optimized stream delivers DVD picture quality i.e. up to 480p, so you use less data, and watch up to 3 times more.

You can turn off the feature if you wish to view a movie in HD. And, it can also be put to snooze for up to 4 hours. The process of switching to HD is easy. Log into your HughesNet account via the web or mobile app.  

HughesNet Gen5 in-Home Wi-Fi

The HughesNet Gen5 service comes with a satellite wireless modem, which is dual-band 802.11ac and delivers fast and secure wireless connectivity. Connect all wireless devices with the 2.4 GHz network. It has a longer range and transmits data well through walls and other solid objects, albeit it is also more susceptible to external interference. The 5 GHz network can transmit a higher amount of data, but the signal does not get as far. It is advisable to connect newer laptops, tablets, phones and streaming devices via the 5 GHz band, and stay in close proximity of the wireless modem for a more stable online experience.  

The HughesNet satellite wireless modem also features the Guest Wi-Fi network option which helps keep your in-home Wi-Fi network secure.  

How Expensive is HughesNet Internet?

The more the data allowance you get with a HughesNet Internet service plan, the more you pay. The basic 10 GB plan costs you $59.99 per month and the top tier 50 GB plan has a price tag of $149.99/month. But, the 24-month service plan you sign locks in the price for the term of the contract which is a big plus.

Plus, more often than not the provider gives new customers a chance to save some extra dollars with a promotional HughesNet satellite internet deal. For instance current HughesNet offers get you a $20 discount for 6 months, after which you pay the standard price. Meaning if you call in at 1-855-349-9309 now, you may just get the 20 GB plan at the promo rate of $49.99 or the 30 GB data tier for $79.99 per month.

While you may not appreciate the high prices of satellite internet, the bottom line remains you don’t just pay for speed and data but for broadband access in areas where HughesNet is the only viable option. In all fairness, satellite internet infrastructures are expensive to deploy, and you must not compare the price of a satellite broadband service with the cost of a terrestrial connection such as DSL, Cable or Fiber. But, before you commit, do check out any other satellite internet options you may have available. That’d sure be a fair comparison.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Installation & Equipment

Hughes uses highly reliable technology to deliver satellite internet to its subscribers. The installation usually gets done within 5 days of your placing an order. The equipment which needs to be installed includes a satellite dish and a satellite wireless modem. The pro-installation includes setting up of 2 devices such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet of smartphone. More devices can be connected at an additional cost.

HughesNet gives you 2 choices. You can purchase the equipment and keep it for life by paying $449.98, which is a one-time upfront cost inclusive of installation. Or else you can lease the internet equipment at $14.99/month, and pay a one-time lease setup fee of $99. HughesNet also offers waivers and discounts on installation and equipment from time to time, so it is worth staying on the lookout for.

How to Choose the Right HughesNet Internet Plan?

There is no denying the fact HughesNet is a sure bet for people who have limited or no access to a high-speed wireline service. Even when you have a traditionally slow option of DSL available in the area, HughesNet Gen5 with its 25/3 Mbps speeds makes for a better choice. Albeit, data allowance is a huge consideration which must not be lost sight of.

While the allotted data with HughesNet plans is not too generous, the 50 GB Bonus Zone data is a real big advantage. You still may not have a lot of room to stream or download HD content, but this FREE “data-cushion” gives you good wiggle room. For users who do not rely on the internet for running their TV, and are happy with occasional streaming or gaming sessions, HughesNet data plans are a good fit.

Before you choose a HughesNet Gen5 plan, it is essential to figure out on average how much data do you need every month. This way it will be a whole lot easier for you to opt for the plan that offers enough data for what you need to do online.

  • 25/3 Mbps High-speed Internet for your rural home
  • 20 GB Monthly data with 50 GB FREE Bonus Zone Data
  • Good for a small family of 3-4 users with standard internet consumption
  • Work from home and attend online class, handle your finances online and do your shopping, connect with family and friends via video chat and social media
  • 25/3 Mbps High-speed Internet for your rural home
  • 30 GB Monthly data with 50 GB FREE Bonus Zone Data
  • Good for a mid-size family of 5-6 users with standard internet consumption
  • Work from home and attend online class, handle your finances online and do your shopping, connect with family and friends via video chat and social media

The Endnote

HughesNet satellite internet speeds may not be as fast as Cable and Fiber, data may not be ample for hard-core streaming or gaming, latency maybe higher relative to other internet service types, and the price may also lean to the higher end, but coast to coast availability is definitely the big plus which makes HughesNet Gen5 deals worth your money. After all, the provider certainly delivers a service that is able to run your everyday tasks with ease even when you choose to live outside the domain of urban life.

For more information on HughesNet Internet service, call HughesNet Customer Service at 1-855-349-9309.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HughesNet offer a TV service?

HughesNet offers a satellite internet and voice service. The provider does not offer a namesake TV service. If you need a TV service for your home, you can contact DIRECTV or DISH and ask about available special offers to pair with HughesNet Internet. Both are satellite based TV services, and available across the US, so you’ll not have a problem as far as availability is concerned.

 Can I stream Netflix on HughesNet?

Yes, each HughesNet plan comes with 25 Mbps download speed which is enough to stream content on Netflix. The real problem with regards to streaming Netflix via HughesNet internet is not the speed but data. If you are on a 20 GB data plan, you would not want to burn it all by streaming 30 hours of Netflix (DVD-quality) in the month. So, if you are an avid TV watcher, we recommend you look into signing up for a DIRECTV or DISH plan, while if you are not too big on streaming, you can purchase additional data tokens when needed.