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Your modem and Wi-Fi router are an important part of your network hardware that enables you to relish seamless internet connectivity in every nook and cranny of your house.

Being a Grande Internet customer, you naturally come to enjoy an edge in terms of download speeds that far exceed its rivals in the cable broadband arena. But, that is not all. Grande stands tall, even when it comes to the quality of equipment furnished for the subscribers. The Texan ISP provides modern internet equipment to ensure a smooth online experience, unlike other ISPs, which usually rent out outdated devices.

So get ready to see your internet woes bite the dust – read on, self-install your Grande internet connection, and start enjoying affordable high-speed internet – a service that comes vastly recommended by Texans.

Can I Opt For My Own Equipment?

With internet service from Grande Communications, you get the option to use your own equipment and set it up but some restrictions apply. You can only self-install your internet hardware if you are a current Grande subscriber, and had the internet connection originally installed by a Grande professional. Plus, you must not be utilizing a TV receiver by TiVo – if that is the case you cannot opt for self-installation of your new modem/router – this will have to be carried out by a Grande technician at an additional fee. Remain mindful that if you are subscribed to Grande’s fiber-to-the-home service, using a Grande device would be necessary. And if it is essential to keep a phone service, Grande requires customers to use Grande cable modem and telephone adapter i.e. eMTA, provisioned for an internet connection.

We all want to slash a few dollars from our monthly bill. And one way to do that is to get your own internet equipment. So, if you fulfill all the above conditions, and are confident about dealing with technical issues all by yourself, we’d suggest you bring your own equipment to the table.  

Grande Approved Internet Equipment

To ease your quest for self-sufficiency, Grande offers guidelines regarding what type of modem you should purchase, so it could smoothly work with your Grande network.

As recommended by Grande, for optimal output over its network, the modem you choose must run on DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1 and must have 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels – the selection of the modem greatly depends on the Grande internet speed tier you are subscribed to. If you plan on keeping a separate Wi-Fi router and do not choose a Gateway (modem cum Wi-Fi router), we’d recommend you pick one which is dual-band 802.11ac    

Installation Options with Grande

You have two options here: Self-installation or Pro-installation.

If you are not a very technical person, have little time on your hand, or have a complex whole-home DVR set up along with a multi-TV establishment, the professional installation would be a good choice. Plus, Grande usually performs the installation for free, just request Grande Customer Service for free-installation and you may just get it.

However, if you are quite tech-savvy, have an understanding of how modems and routers work and would love a little bit of challenge, go for self-installation. The detailed instructions below would guide you through the process.

How to Self-Install the Grande Internet Modem?

The self-installation kit usually contains an instruction guide, along with some tips for troubleshooting and managing your network connection. The equipment in the kit includes a modem, a power cord for the modem, a modem stand (if applicable), coaxial and Ethernet cables, splitters.

Step 1. Look for the optimal location to place your modem. It should have a central location, raised from the ground, and away from fluorescent lights, microwaves, or metal objects, which may block the signals.

(The next step could be conducted in different ways depending on whether you want to use a dedicated outlet or a shared one.)

Step 2A. For a Dedicated Outlet

Insert the coaxial cable to the dedicated wall outlet. Use the other end of the coax cable to insert into the rear-side of your modem, which must be labeled “cable”.

You can even use an open cable wire instead of the coax cable to connect with the modem.

Step 2B. For Shared Outlet

  • If your modem and TV are connected to the same outlet, detach the current cable from the outlet, connect it to the splitter port with the “OUT” label, and then insert the other end of the cable into the wall outlet – the Grande network connection.
  • Now you can share the cable outlet with both, the converter box for your TV and the modem for your internet – use the “IN” ports on the splitter to establish a connection with the modem and the converter box, using two coaxial cables.
  • Check if the converter box is functioning and your television is relaying a signal.

Step 2C. For Shared Open Cable

  • First, detach the cable from the RF IN (or Cable IN) connection from the back of your TV converter box.
  • Use the two-way splitter to connect the open cable wire, with the TV box and modem simultaneously.
  • Now get the two coaxial cables. Use one for your converter box and the other for the modem. Insert them into the splitter “OUT” ports.
  • Once that is done, connect one of the coaxial cables to the RF IN (or Cable IN) port on the converter box, and check if your television service is working.
  • Then connect the other coaxial cable from the splitter “OUT” to the back of your modem.

Step 3. Now insert the power cord into the rear of the modem, and plug it into an electric outlet. Switch on the power to the modem.

Step 4. Make sure your computer/laptop is off before you connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your machine. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the modem.

Step 5. Switch on the computer. Wait for a few minutes as the modem automatically searches and locates the Grande network.

Step 6. In your Grande self-installation kit, you will find instructions on how to proceed with setting up your account.

Step 7. Switch off the modem and your computer. Wait a few minutes, then switch on the two devices.

Step 8. Open up your internet browser to check if you are online and the sites are loading.

Now your Grande modem installation process is complete and you can relish superfast Grande internet speeds!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install Grande internet modem?

You have two options: Self-installation or Pro-installation. You can opt for self-installation if you’re tech savvy and have the time in your hands or ask for free installation by contacting Grande customer service.

Can I use my own equipment?

You can only self-install your internet hardware if you are a current Grande subscriber, and had the internet connection originally installed by a Grande professional and you must not be utilizing a TV receiver by TiVo.