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The City of San Antonio, the second largest in Southern US, and the second most populous in Texas, presents a colorful blend of Texan and Mexican cultures and many famous outdoor centerpieces such as the River Walk and the San Antonio Botanical Garden. But that is not all. San Antonio is the focus of the large metropolitan area and a strong economy, and according to Forbes it also boasts a cost of living that is 10% lower than the national average.

Another aspect of contemporary San Antonio is its well connected status. Not many U.S. cities can show off as many as 26 residential service providers inclusive of industry giants like Spectrum, AT&T, Windstream, EarthLink and Xfinity from Comcast, as well as Texas-exclusive Grande Communications.

Our today’s article intends to focus on the fast and cheap broadband service delivered by Grande Communications in San Antonio.

Grande Communications: It Is Exclusive to Texas!

Texas-based Grande Communications has been providing cable broadband services along with TV and phone for residential and business purposes since 1999-2000. The company has always endeavored to ensure offerings are designed such that subscribers can earn meaningful savings. Grande has invested in building a state-of-the-art high capacity fiber optic network which utilizes the latest technologies and forms the backbone of its broadband service. As a result Grande is able to offer more value to customers via its Internet, TV and phone services, at the best rates possible.

The 12th largest cable provider in the U.S., Grande services are accessible to over 1 million people in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Midland/Odessa, San Marcos, San Antonio, Greater Temple and Waco. More recently Grande has also started to deliver Gig Internet via Fiber-to-the-home connections in select service locations.

Grande Internet in San Antonio: Service Features & Benefits

Whether you are a native or you have just moved here, Grande Communications in San Antonio offers a reliable broadband service at very affordable rates. The Texan ISP is proud of its roots, which help it understand consumer preferences better than competitors. With concentrated focus on ensuring an excellent customer experience, this is what the award-winning Grande Internet service gets you:

  • Download speeds ranging from 50-940 Mbps make a perfect fit from all homes. From small to large households, with modest to heavy internet consumption, everyone is taken care of.
  • Connect multiple devices. Work from home, attend class online, bank or shop, stream video or play online games. Grande Internet speeds give you the confidence you need!
  • No data caps means you need not worry about an overage fee or running out of data.
  • Standard Home Wi-Fi comes included while you can add on Enhanced Whole-Home Wi-Fi powered by eero.
  • Access the dedicated MyGrande account via the web or the MyGrande App. Find Grande bill pay options, update account information, manage service appointments, and even watch TV on-the-go.
  • Get a Grande email address with the convenience to access it via Grande webmail
  • Grande does not make it mandatory for you to sign an annual contract.
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free investment.
  • You get 24/7 Texas-based tech support & service calls take place within 24 hours.

Also, Grande Communications pledges to complete service installation in a 2-hour window, and accommodates you 7 days a week!

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  • Download speeds from 50-940 Mbps
  • Surf & stream, get the speed for all your entertainment, & your connected home
  • No data caps and no mandatory contracts!

Starting from
for 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ ebill & AutoPay

Grande Communications Internet: Secure Whole-Home Wi-Fi

At times you must have experienced weak signal coverage around the house. This usually happens due to poor quality internet equipment. The Grande Communications Internet service however takes this into account. And, current Grande promotions include Enhanced whole-home Wi-Fi powered by eero for the first month of your subscription. If you enjoy the experience, you can add it onto your internet plan for $9.95/mo. thereafter.

The eero TrueMesh tech adapts to your usage and optimizes the connection. No matter what size and layout your apartment or house is, Grande whole-home Wi-Fi works because it is a scalable system and you can customize it by adding as many eero access points as you need. Multiple access points strategically placed around your house, improve the range, stability and speed of your Wi-Fi network.

What is more eero updates its security protocols automatically, protecting your network from cyber threats. When you opt to add on eero Secure Plus, you get access to Wi-Fi security features and tools in one mobile app. Comprehensive security comes with a price tag of $9.99/month. 

Cover all your devices with Threat Scan, Family-Safe Browsing, Ad Blocking. You can browse with VPN protection, access the Password Manager to create, store and share passwords, stay free from malware and viruses. All in all eero Secure Plus is a value-packed offer.

Bundle Cable TV with Grande Internet

Grande Internet and TV packages are packed with immense value as you get excellent internet speeds topped up with versatile Grande TV Channel lineup. For Texans in San Antonio or new movers in the area, Grande Cable TV and internet plans can be a one-stop solution for all their connectivity and entertainment needs.

Just like the Internet, Grande Cable TV gives you tier-based offerings to choose from. Basic, Preferred and Premier.

The best way to make the most of your subscription to Grande Communications in San Antonio is to bundle the 2 home essentials i.e. internet and cable TV. And, by all means if you are convinced of the savings you can ensure with Grande home phone service, which gets you unlimited calling in the U.S., and to Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico, make a Grande Triple Play. You get the digital service cheap!

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  • Download speeds from 300-940 Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • Channel count ranges from 40 to 290
  • Popular local and cable TV networks covering sports, news, kids, entertainment and more

Starting from
for 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ ebill & AutoPay

Is Grande Communications in San Antonio Worth it?

With affordable internet service, and bundling options which bring real savings, Grande Communication in San Antonio offers bargain deals for you to take your pick. Grande is focused on providing 24/7 customer care to back its services and products, which is one of the biggest perks. Especially when you know tech support is available right here in Texas!

With that said if there is at all a drawback to Grande services in San Antonio it is the rather limited availability, at just about 14%. But, you never know when you may see more of Grande around San Antonio neighborhoods. In any case the fast and cheap internet by Grande Communications is worth checking out. Call at 1-844-381-0817 to determine availability at your address. Grande Customer Service representatives will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Grande Communications internet cable or fiber?

Grande Communications Internet is delivered over a mix of technologies. The Grande service is predominantly delivered via a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, while in select areas Grande provides Fiber-to-the-home connections. The FTTH connection delivers the Gig service over a fiber optic line straight from provider’s hub in the vicinity to your doorstep. No part of the journey involves a coaxial cable line.

How do I log into my MyGrande mobile app?

You need your Grande credentials to sign into the MyGrande app. The first part of your Grande email address is your username, and the password to log into your account via the app is the same as your email password. If however you do have not yet created an email ID, following your Grande Internet subscription, contact Grande for assistance.  

Does Grande Communication in San Antonio come with Wi-Fi equipment?

When you subscribe to Grande Internet, you pay $13.99/month for the modem which comes with built-in standard Wi-Fi. It is a single device which combines your modem and router. The gateway device allows for a stable connection to work from home or stream HD video. At times however, Grande does offer standard Wi-Fi included with its promo deals.