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When you choose to subscribe to Grande services, you donot only get to enjoy fast and affordable internet, an extensive channel lineup, or unlimited calling at a low flat monthly rate, but a host of other benefits. For instance, access to the My Grande web portal and the TV Everywhere feature. However, this convenience comes tied in with your Grande Communications login. Without your Grande credentials you will be able to enjoy these benefits.

Today, we will take a look at different aspects related to this aspect of your Grande subscription, and help clear any confusion so you are able to take full advantage of Grande services and benefits.

What Is Your Grande Communications Login?

At the time you signup for Grande Internet, you get a Grande email address. So if you already have a or email address, you have got what you need to access the My Grande web portal and more.

The first part of your or email address is your username. For example if your email address is or, then your username is ABCXYZ. And, the password is the same as your Grande email password. In other words, your Grande Communications login credentials consist of the username and password you have for your Grande email.  

Pro Tip:

Often Grande customers confuse this Grande username and password with the credentials used for account and billing. But, Grande advises you to keep both sets of credentials distinctly different for security purposes.

How to Create or Recover Your Grande Communications Login

For any reason, if you do not already have a Grande email ID, you can speak to a Grande Communications Customer Service representative and allow them to assist as necessary.

  • English-speaking customers can dial in this Grande phone number: 1-844-381-0817
  • Spanish-speaking customers can dial in this Grande phone number: 1-844-527-5631

If you are a Grande Internet subscriber who received a Grande email ID following the subscription, but cannot remember what it is, or never set it up at the time, again you can speak with a Grand Customer Support representative at the numbers listed above.   

How to Recover or Change Your Grande Communications Login Password

In case you are unable to recall your Grande email password, you can recover it with ease. Just visit and login. Grande makes it possible for you to recover your forgotten password via using your Billing Account Password (PIN) instead (which comes printed on your billing statement).

And, if you are looking to change your Grande email password, you can visit and sign in (with your email username & password). Then navigate to “Manage Email” under “Portal Controls” on the portal homepage, and make the change.

If you are unable to recover or change your password via the above mentioned links, speak to a Grande Communications Customer Service representative and allow them to assist as necessary. But, do have your Grande username or Account number (which comes printed on your billing statement) handy. Grande will need this information in order to help you out.

Where to Use Your Grande Communications Login

Once you have your Grande Communications login credentials you are good to enjoy an integrated platform i.e. the My Grande web portal at

  • Find all the news from around the U.S. and elsewhere?politics, health, tech or science
  • Stay in touch with all the sports that matters?NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College, soccer, golf or racing
  • Get updates from the world of business and financial markets
  • Entertain yourself with top stories from the world of movies, TV, celebs, and Lifestyle.
  • Play with cards & words, or indulge in Strategy & Arcade games
  • Most importantly, this is the one platform which allows you to navigate to your Grande email, pay the Grande bill, access the Phone Manager and Grande2Go, conduct a Grande Speed Test, and even access Parental Controls. Just navigate to the link you wish to access, and login as prompted.

With the Grande Communications credentials handy, you can also access network apps for channels included in your lineup. For instance if HBO MAX™ is part of your subscription, you can use your Grande Communications login and start streaming Max Originals anytime?quite like you log into the Grande2Go feature on My Grande portal to start streaming your favorite content on the PC.

Summing Up

As you see, your Grande Communications login is the key to your enjoying Grande TV on-the-go. And for this very reason, it is necessary to set up your Grande email soon after subscription.

Similarly Grande encourages customers to use the online My Grande Account facility, which makes management of account and billing flexible and convenient. But, as we said before, it is advisable to keep separate login credentials for Account & Billing purposes. 

For any assistance regarding your Grande Communications login for My Grande Account or My Grande Portal, you can contact Grande Customer Support representatives at 1-844-381-0817 are available 24/7 and will direct as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pay my bills through Grande Communications Login?

The Grande Communications login, which consists of your email username and password, works to log you into the My Grande web portal, and services such as TV Everywhere. While you can navigate from the portal to pay your Grande Bill, you must use your account & billing credentials to login for bill payment. Grande advises you to keep the two sets of credentials different for security reasons.   

Do I only get 1 Grande email account?

You can create up to 5 Grande email accounts when you subscribe to Grande Internet.

Do I need Grande internet to access my Grande email?

You can access your Grande email account from any device as long as there is a secure internet connection. You donot need a Grande internet connection to access the account.