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Who doesn’t love a good TV show at the end of the day? After hours of intense work, it’s the perfect way to relieve stress and get that fresh look back on your face. It not only helps you stay updated with the latest in TV and other social trends but makes for quality family time.

Undeniably, wholesome TV entertainment forms an integral part of the social fabric. Good TV programming helps you understand references that are sure to pop up in conversations, and even drive them. And, this in turn helps you connect with more people, and develop diverse and amicable relationships. The only question that remains is what to watch.

For obvious reasons, not everyone can watch all the good shows out there. So you’ve got to be selective about the content you watch. For the most part, making a beeline for the most popular ones is the way to go. And if that’s your plan, you must have Get TV on your channel lineup.

About getTV

getTV was launched in 2014—owned by Sony Pictures Television Networks, it is a digital multicast TV network which was originally focused on making it known as a pre-1980s movie-oriented service. But, over time it has morphed into a general entertainment channel. And, in 2016 the focus shifted from movies with the inclusion of TV series. Programming got divided into 3 daily blocks—and covered sitcoms, Westerns, crime drama, comedy and so much more during the day, while the focus on movies also moved to those released after 1960. Albeit on Saturdays, you can still enjoy earlier Western classics.  

With access to the vast content library of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and also to programming from Disney, CBS, and NBC, getTV features many hits that millions across the country tune into every day. The network is known to have included TV series in its programming that had not been syndicated before or not seen on broadcast television for a long time. And, from 2018 the network has also been airing the most notable sitcoms from the Sony Pictures Television library as part of its primetime programming.

getTV on Spectrum Cable

If you’re wondering how to get access to this sought-after channel, you can take a sigh of relief with Spectrum cable TV. Committed to giving you the best, they offer well-balanced lineups that give you a bit of everything—news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. And, once you’re subscribed you’ll have no trouble catching up with wholesome programming on getTV.

Because given how popular getTV is there’s no way Spectrum TV would not have had it in its channel lineup. What’s more, they’ve made it a point to include it in each one of Spectrum cable packages. Meaning, whether you’re subscribed to Spectrum TV Select, the Spectrum Silver package, or Spectrum Gold you’ll have access to getTV. And, with their 30,000 strong on-demand libraries, you can even binge on getTV shows FREE of cost.


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What Channel is getTV on Spectrum TV?

Soon after you’re subscribed to Spectrum cable TV, and had the service installed the next exciting step would be figuring out the channel numbers for your favorite networks. So, here is a listing of getTV channel numbers in Spectrum cable service locations where the network is available for carriage. For this reason, we’d recommend if you are after getTV, do remember to ask Spectrum Customer Service if the network is available with the Spectrum deals offered at your address.

Here, find your home town in the table below, and the channel number for getTV on Spectrum. If you do not place your city among these markets where Spectrum is the most popular, click here. And, let your ZIP code tell you what channel is getTV on Spectrum.


getTV Channel#

Austin, TX


Athens, GA


Avon, IN


Allendale, MI


Bakersfield, CA


Baker City, OR


Charlotte, NC


Cleveland, OH


Dallas, TX


Greenville, SC


Hilo, HI


Jacksonville, NC


Knoxville, TN


Los Angeles, CA

1283, 200

New York City, NY


Orlando, FL


Ridgefield-Park, NJ


San Antonio, TX


Staten-Island, NY


Tampa, FL


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Popular Shows to Watch with getTV on Spectrum

As we said earlier, getTV has a collection of shows that people of all ages can enjoy. Here is a mix of the past and current to get you started. Approach with caution or you might end up with a binge session you didn’t plan for. Especially since you will have access to getTV content on-demand too!

The Steve Harvey Show

This show aired on TV for the first time more than two decades ago and still manages to get people laughing. Steve Harvey plays the role of a 1970s funk legend who must now work as a music teacher. Moving from the glitzy glamorous celebrity life to a nine-to-five job is a big change to get accustomed to. Add to that a group of well-intentioned but troublemaking kids he must get teaching, you’re sure to have a good time watching this series.

Hot in Cleveland

Spanning six seasons and a whopping 128 episodes, this sitcom has the perfect balance of comedy and seriousness. Here, you get to meet three veterans from the Los Angeles entertainment industry: a writer, a beautician, and an award-winning actress—as Melanie Hope Moretti, Rejoyla Scroggs, and Victoria Chase decide to settle in Cleveland which manages to enamor them with its inviting feel. So, what will this trio of best friends brew up? You’ll have to watch to see.

Catch 21

This card-based game show was all the rage when it first aired. Thanks to the great game concept, and of course the host Alfonso Ribeiro—who can reel you in and keep you engaged. After four seasons though it went on a break. But guess what! Since 2019, it has been airing new episodes with new game rules. A must-catch for all game show lovers, you’re sure to get hooked once you start.

Walker, Texas Ranger

How can anyone say no to Chuck Norris? Playing Texas Ranger Sergeant Cordell Walker, he manages to yet again steal our hearts. Broadcast in more than 100 countries, his fan base is without borders. It may have premiered in 1993, but remains one of the best when it comes to crime investigation. If you haven’t watched it already, you might want to start now.

Guns of Paradise

An American Western classic, this show gives you action-packed scenes with Cord, a pro gunfighter. Left to care for his sister’s four children after she passes away, Cord changes his lifestyle. He rents a farm and is intends to settle down, but often gets called out to defend the town from the bad guys.


Another Western, but with a twist. This show revolves around the legendary Nathaniel Bumppo, born a Christian and raised by an Indian. Accompanied by Chingachgook—a native Indian, they must navigate the tensions between the French and British colonists amidst the French and Indian War.

Married with Children

The title says it all. This sitcom became popular in the 1980s and for good reason. With a great storyline and jokes that really leave you laughing out loud, it’s a must-watch. The series revolves around Al Bundy, a former famous high school footballer, who now works as a women’s shoe salesman. The cast includes top actors like Ed O Neill, Christina Applegate, and David Faustino, so you know you’ll have a good time.

All in the Family

Another great family show, this series aptly tackles taboo topics of the time. In the 1970s sexuality, rape, racism, abortion were little discussed, less so on TV. However, this sitcom managed to bring these issues to the fore and address them effectively, in turn becoming one of the most influential series.

The Johnny Cash Show

This show offers musical performances from some of the biggest stars of the time, as well as nice chats and conversations, which you’ll have a fun time with.

Final Words

With the extensive channel lineup that Spectrum cable TV offers and getTV included in each Spectrum TV package, you can rest assure your Spectrum subscription will be every bit worth it. As we said, getTV network carriage depends on your location. So when you call Spectrum Customer Service for a subscription, do confirm that getTV is available at your address. Spectrum professionals are available 24/7 at 1-855-423-0918 to guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getTV show old shows?

Yes, that is one of the reasons why people love the network. Think of an iconic show and you’re sure to find it here.

Is getTV available on Spectrum TV Select?

Yes, GetTV is available on all the Spectrum deals: Spectrum TV Select, the Spectrum Silver package, and Spectrum Gold.

What is the channel number for getTV on Spectrum NY?

The channel number for GetTV on Spectrum NY is 1284.