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WOW! may not be as big a provider as Xfinity or Spectrum, but it does offer quality internet services in about 6 states. Even though the coverage is quite limited, WOW! does offer a couple of fun incentives and quality services justifying choosing this brand, wherever available. You get decent internet bandwidth plans at a price point that is both affordable and market competitive, so there is absolutely nothing holding you back. Plus with the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get a feel of the service before you decide to keep it, which is a big plus point.

In this article, we do a complete review of the WOW Internet services and all the in-depth details that you ought to know before you get into it. We hope it will help you make wise decisions.

WOW! Internet Coverage

WOW has limited coverage as of now, although it is working on measures to increase its footprint. WOW internet services are available in 17 regions across 6 states. The places where WOW can be found include Huntsville (AL), Dothan (AL), Montgomery (AL), Auburn (AL), Pinellas (FL), Panama City (FL), Fort Gordon (GA), Columbus (GA), Augusta (GA), Detroit (MI), Mid-Michigan (MI), Knoxville (TN), and Charleston (SC).

WOW did offer services in some other states but it has recently been rolled back from many of these, including Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Although WOW offers good services, the limited availability across the U.S. does mean that the provider does not get much attention, despite it being well-deserved.

WOW! Internet Type

WOW delivers internet over a coaxial cable powered by a Fiber backbone. This hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network is able to support higher internet speeds than pure cable. Also known as the Fiber to The Loop arrangement, this service allows the internet signals to only travel the ‘last mile’ on cable. Hence, you can rely on high-speed internet through and through. On the other hand, because the network resources are shared, there may be slow-downs at peak usage hours.

WOW also offers pure Fiber internet but it is limited to businesses only.

WOW! Internet Plans and Pricing

WOW Internet Plans come in quite a number of packages, so you can choose whatever fits your household best. You can choose from minimalistic plans starting at 100 Mbps to higher-tier plans with internet speeds up to 1200 Mbps. Plus, WOW! offers a few mid-tier plans too. There is variety and flexibility, which is ultimately a wonderful thing to have when making a choice for your internet plan.

The plans that you can find with WOW! Internet packages include the following. The data allowance usually varies from plan to plan and is discussed in the next section.

Area Starting Download Speed Starting Price

Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley, AL

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Headland, AL

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023.With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Central Florida, FL

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Panama City, Pinellas, FL

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, Newnan, GA

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Detroit, Mid-Michigan, MI

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Charleston, SC

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Knoxville, TN

100 Mbps


Offer expires April 4, 2023. With Autopay and paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, and other fees are not included.

Once your promo period ends you can expect a price hike to match whatever the market rate is at the time. However, the price increase is not too much to worry about, and if you do not like it, you can always decide to call it quits on the service.

WOW! Internet: Data Allowance

After the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, WOW! offered unlimited data plans for the entirety of its service. However, it appears, that only a year later in June 2021, WOW! did start rolling out data caps, starting in Ohio. This, unfortunately, was also enforced in Panama City (FL), Augusta (GA), Detroit (MI), Knoxville (TN), Mid-Michigan (MI), Fort Gordon (GA), and Newnan (GA) markets.

WOW Internet Package Download Speed Data allowance

Internet 100

100 Mbps

1,536 GB

Internet 200

200 Mbps

1,536 GB

Internet 500

500 Mbps

2,560 GB

Internet 1000

1000 Mbps

3,072 GB

Since the plans, pricing, and everything else changes depending on your area, so does the data limit. Depending on the plan you have chosen, you could have a data limit of 1.5 TB, 2.5 TB, 3 TB, or unlimited data! Whatever the plan, you can see that WOW is very generous with its data limits hence, there is a low probability that you will ever cross the limit.

Additionally, WOW is kind enough to waive off the overage charges for the first month you go over your data limit. Whenever you go over the limit the next time, however, you would be liable to pay the overage charges, which are about $10 for each 50 GB of extra data used.

As for the rest of the regions, WOW still does have unlimited data plans in most of them, including Alabama, areas of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. However, to be entirely certain of whether or not WOW is offering a data cap in your area, reach out to our WOW internet customer service or call our experts at 844-343-1373.

WOW! Internet: Contracts

One of the best things that you get with WOW internet is that all of its plans are completely contract-free. This makes the whole thing a lot simpler – since there are no contracts to worry about, you can opt-out at any time. It makes WOW one of the more popular internet service providers in the industry since too few of them offer contract-free arrangements to begin with.

There is a catch, however. While WOW does not have contracts, it does come with a Minimum Term Plan if you want to be offered the lowest rates. This could be a year or two, and if the service is canceled before this period is over, you would be liable to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF). This ETF ranges from $165 to $345, depending on your minimum term plan. Or in simpler terms, the ETF is generally $15 for every month left in your minimum-term plan, when you cancel the service.

Even so, if you cancel the term plan within the 30-day trial period in the beginning, you are not charged anything and can get all your money back without any hassles.

WOW Internet: Additional Charges

WOW does have a bunch of additional charges to consider before you choose the service. It offers both professional installations - which come at a charge - or a free self-install kit with all the plans. You can use your own modem with WOW internet plans, although the WOW modem comes highly recommended by its professionals. The monthly rental for the modem is a charge of $14.00 and gets you all the advanced in-built security measures too.

You can choose to go for the Whole Home Wi-Fi, which comes with two Eero Wi-Fi devices for an additional $9.99 per month. You can also choose to get Eero Secure which keeps your devices safe at only $2.99 a month.

Do remember that all of these additional charges are add-ons, so you can always choose to skip them if you are looking to save money. However, if you can splurge a little, it would certainly make your internet experience with WOW something to remember.

WOW Internet: Customer Service & Satisfaction

WOW! does hold a high customer satisfaction ratio, according to the J.D Power U.S Residential ISP Satisfaction Study. It comes up to a score of 712 on a 1000-point survey, which lands it just under CenturyLink, which has a slightly higher score of 717. WOW! does often tend to suffer from service interruptions in different regions, but the customer service is quite adept at dealing with clients during such problems.

Final Take: Is WOW! Right For You?

WOW! may be a medium-sized internet service provider, with just under 10 million subscribers under its wing, but it does boast tremendous potential. Not only do you get contract-free plans, but there are also a bunch of other perks that you get alongside; for instance, you may qualify for a VISA reward card with gig plans and free modem rentals for one year.

WOW! does have a few downsides such as limited coverage, data caps, and overage charges to think about. However, going through the WOW internet reviews, it does have a really high customer satisfaction index with experts to help you every step of the way. It is a company that is forthcoming with information, so that is something to look forward to.

Learn how you can make the most of your service with WOW TV bundles.

To check the availability of WOW! in your area or for more information, reach out to us at 844-343-1373, at any time of the day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does WOW Internet have data caps?

WOW cable and internet plans have data limits depending on the internet speed you select. You could have a data cap of 1.5 TB, 2.5 TB, 3 TB, or even unlimited data for some of its high-speed internet plans. To learn more about the internet plans and data caps, simply call 844-343-1373.

Does WOW internet come with contracts?

WOW Internet does not enforce contracts on any of its internet plans. All the internet plans and bundles for WOW are contract-free. You just need to pay at the end of every month. To learn more about WOW and its internet plans, simply call 844-343-1373.

What features does WOW Internet offer?

Some of the things that you can enjoy with WOW Internet include:

  • High data allowance
  • No contracts
  • Variety of internet speeds between 100 Mbps – 1200Mbps