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Have you ever found yourself wondering how to break away from the cable monopolies and do what you love online in other ways? Let’s face it. In today’s digital world, no one uses home phone and cable as much as they did in the past. Why? Because they think the internet can give you everything you need. In fact, they prefer using different video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more to satisfy their entertainment needs.

This is something that has led to cord-cutting; more and more people are canceling their cable TV subscription as they sign up for different video streaming platforms. Cutting the cord out of your life is not just about dropping the traditional cable TV and switching to a video streaming package. At times, money is a key factor. Many households are choosing to cut the cord as it is one effective way to save money.

We Have Done the Research for You!

With the growing interest of consumers in cord-cutting, you would think it may be quite difficult to get high-speed internet without cable TV or home phone service, at pocket-friendly rates that is. Telecom service providers do offer internet-only plans, just that accessing the internet becomes more affordable if you opt for TV and/or phone service too. After all, to survive in what is fast-becoming cut-throat competition with the consistently rising popularity of cord-cutting, and more and more people discarding landline home phone service in favor of wireless communication and smartphones, it has become the need of the day that providers tag along these services in exchange of an appealing discount. But, as the telecom industry continues to evolve, and social trends follow suit, one can also find more ways to subscribe to a high-speed internet service without having to pay for cable TV or a phone line.

If you are wondering how you would be able to do that, you need to know it might be easier than you think. All you have to do is find out exactly how to spot an economical standalone internet service as it will play a vital role in cutting down on your monthly bill. Your bill will never show cable or phone line taxes tacked on ever again, while you still get to enjoy your favored televisual entertainment online.

So, are you considering cutting the cord? If yes, it’s time to look for providers offering internet plans that suit your online needs. All providers offer standalone internet services, as we said earlier, it is just that these internet-only plans are priced high, unless and until you bundle the internet with cable TV and/or phone. With due effort put into the search, even if your data usage is minimal, you can find a cheap internet service without having to bundle it with other services, and fulfill your connectivity needs.

Now that you have decided to ditch your cable TV subscription, we will help you find an internet provider that gives you affordable internet access without having to add on a cable TV package and/or a home phone service. One thing you need to remember is some of the internet plans listed below may not be available in your area. Your internet options will largely depend on the available internet providers in the area you are living in.

How to Get Internet without Cable TV

Here is a list of ways to access internet without having to opt for cable TV:

  • Naked DSL
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Satellite
  • Fiber Optic

Finding an internet service without a home phone service or TV for that matter, will depend on where you live, which companies operate in your area, what promotions are on offer at the time, and connection types available near you.

Well, there are a few options out there. Read on to find out about how to get an internet connection without tagging on cable and/or a phone line.

Explore Traditional Internet Service Options without Cable TV or Phone Line

If you are on a budget and you just cannot afford to pay extra for TV and phone, standalone internet is a great option for you. When it comes to acquiring home internet you would be amazed to see how you manage to save tremendously just by skipping the phone or cable service completely – how slim your monthly telecom bill becomes, without all those surcharges, broadcast fees, regional sports fees etc. With renowned providers like AT&TCenturyLink, and Xfinity, it is relatively easy to gain access to rapid internet services without an unsightly monthly bill.

The aforementioned providers offer at least one standalone internet option, and if you dig well without falling for the more prominently marketed bundled services, you are likely to locate one that fits your needs and pocket. Chances are, you prefer to watch TV via video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu. If that is so, you simply won’t miss  a home phone or cable television. You may even prefer to use your hand-held devices as a primary source for watching TV while using the same internet service for different social media apps, browsing etc.

With everything you can do on your hand-held devices just by using an internet service, it is clear there is no need to bear the burden of a cable TV or a phone bill any longer. With an in-home Wi-Fi network, the arrangement would work perfectly. So, if you are seriously considering cutting the cord, to start with get in touch with your provider and check the availability of standalone internet options in your area, or identify another provider with better deals on offer.

Invest in a Worthwhile Cable Internet-Only Service

You did not expect to hear that. Did you? But fact is, most cable companies tend to deliver high-speed internet by employing coaxial cable TV lines that they already have in place, in conjunction with DOCSIS technology, which facilitates data transfer over CATV system. So chances are you will be able to locate a more lucrative internet-only deal with a cable provider in your area, if you persist in your quest. More often than not, cable broadband tends to deliver near advertised speeds, which is a huge plus even if it costs you a little more than other available connection types.

Keep in mind, to enjoy casual surfing and other online activities, you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to a cable TV plan no matter how appealing the apparent discount may be, and how forcefully bundled services are advocated. Go for what fits your preferences and your pocket too.

More Options to Get Internet without a Cable TV Service

Let us now look at the ways, we earlier touched upon – ones that get you broadband internet without having to sign up for cable or phone service – in some detail.

Naked DSL

With the improvement in modern technology, providers are now able to deliver high-speed internet and phone connections at different frequencies. Consequently, many internet providers are now able to offer Naked DSL service to customers. If you are wondering what is Naked DSL, you need to know it is a DSL internet connection without a phone line.

If you are signed up for a phone service and DSL internet with your current provider, chances are, Naked DSL is also available in your neighborhood. The best thing about Naked DSL is that it is cost-effective. If your household is small and each family member prefers using their own mobile device more often, this may just be the best option for your home.

Fixed Wireless  

There are certain internet providers like AT&T that offer fixed wireless residential internet so you get internet without having to subscribe to a TV service or a home phone. If you don’t want to invest in a satellite service, fixed wireless internet would come in handy for you, especially if you are residing in a suburban region. Just like satellite internet, by using relevant internet equipment you pick up the signal and connect.

Fixed wireless gets to you via radio signals from local cell towers, that stay well below the storm clouds. Weather is therefore less likely to affect internet performance compared to a satellite connection.

Satellite Internet

Although DSL is available in rural regions, inhabitants of more remote areas usually rely on satellite internet. Satellite internet, as the name suggests, involves relaying of connectivity via communication satellites. It is, without a doubt, an increasingly popular solution for getting uninterrupted internet in remote areas. At times, the speed of satellite broadband can however be affected by bad weather.  

Fiber-Optic Internet

If you are a freelancer or you run a home-based start up, you would have to rely on a reliable internet connection to get the job done. Chances are, you have been facing issues with poor connectivity lately. Now it’s time to bid farewell to an unreliable internet connection and sign up for the fastest, most secure connection type around i.e. fiber-optic.

Keep in mind fiber optic technology provides incredibly fast internet. It manages to transport data in the form of light signals via a new kind of wire that is made of tiny, transparent glass fibers. With its blazing-fast internet speeds, you would be able to research, and download files in a matter of seconds, but, the downside is that fiber internet is not yet easily accessible, and is more often than not expensive. If however, it cuts even to drop unneeded services and opt for a sound internet connection that runs your tasks efficiently, it may just be a very worthwhile choice. AT&T is one of the leading fiber internet providers in the US. Compared to its high-speed IPBB service, AT&T Fiber is available in limited areas. You may call the AT&T customer service to discover available plans and services in your area. 

Use Your Smartphone as a Wireless Modem

You require specialized equipment (a modem and a Wi-Fi router, for example) to access modern internet services. But, if budget is your primary concern, you can use your smartphone as a personal hotspot quite like a Wi-Fi gateway, to relay the signal from your mobile broadband connection.  

Yes, you read it right. Smartphones function more like small computers, and you can easily turn one into a hotspot. There are various apps for both Android and Apple users that transform your smartphone into a portable or mini modem. Like this you are able to access internet on your laptop without having to subscribe to any other mode of connectivity.

What you however need to keep in mind is this arrangement may prove costly in the long-haul. Using a mobile broadband connection as the primary source of connecting to the internet can eat on your pocket. Else you will have to get used to going dry once you run out of data, which cannot be an option. Also, when you use your cellphone as a wireless modem, it will quickly drain the phone’s battery.  


Inevitably, more and more people are relying on their hand-held devices to access the internet and do not want to spend money on cable TV or a phone line. Cutting your cable subscription or phone line in favor of just your internet can in fact turn out to be pretty cost-effective, so consider available options in your area, narrow down to the most lucrative one, and go for it, if you are one of the cord-cutters.