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Bloomington is one of the most popular cities to move to in Illinois, with a population of just around 80,000 and a cost of living that is well under the national average. The city is known for being home to State Farm Insurance, Country Financial, and the birthplace of Beer Nuts, a popular bar snack. The city is big on sports and fun events, such as the Indoor Football League, United States Hockey League, golf, etc. Plus, a large university in the center completes the outlook of this city, which ensures that education is an important part of the city’s heritage.

When it comes to connectivity, the city of Bloomington, IL, receives internet services from quite a few national and even regional providers. Serving a good chunk of the city’s population, Metronet is one of the key providers in this city. In this article, we discuss the exquisite goodness you get to enjoy with the fiber advantage of Metronet in Bloomington, IL.

Metronet in Bloomington, IL – Among Local Competition

Bloomington is just one of the many highly connected cities in Illinois, where most of the population has access to high-speed internet of 25 Mbps. Most of the city’s population has access to multiple wired internet services at their address. Among national providers in Bloomington, Xfinity and Frontier have some of the greatest coverage in the city, boasting a footprint of 93.3% and 97.6%, respectively. You get to access and enjoy fast internet with both providers. However, Xfinity is primarily a cable internet provider, whereas Frontier only provides high-speed DSL. Metronet, on the other hand, delivers its service over a 100% Fiber network and is available to 81% of Bloomington households.

Among wireless internet providers, HughesNet and Viasat are the most popular options. Their satellite internet can reach almost anywhere in the country and hence serve about 98.5% of the city. Rise Broadband is a fixed wireless provider and serves a part of Bloomington, 58% to be exact.

Metronet in Bloomington, IL – Service Features & Perks

The Metronet Fiber advantage is what makes it such a great pick for your home. Not only do you get to enjoy the blazing fast internet speeds, but also quite a few other benefits and features that are sure to appeal to any household. Let us take a look at some of the best perks that come with Metronet Internet and other services in Bloomington, IL.

Metronet Fiber Internet in Bloomington, IL

With Metronet fiber internet you get to pick a speed tier and plan of your choosing. Metronet has turned Bloomington into a Certified Gigabit City with internet speeds that range from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. With Metronet’s range of speed tiers and plans, you can rest assured you will find something that fits both – your budget and your family’s online needs. Complete with symmetrical speeds and unlimited data with no contracts to haunt you day and night.

Here is a quick table of all the Metronet internet plans in Bloomington, IL. To check availability or plans in your area, call 844-343-1143 now!

Metronet Internet Plan

Promo Price

100 Mbps

For 12 months.

500 Mbps

For 12 months.

1 Gig

For 6 months.

1 Gig
with Whole Home Wi-Fi

For 24 months. 12-month price guarantee on Whole home Wi-Fi

Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and pricing, please call 844-343-1143.

Stream Unlimited TV with Metronet in Bloomington, IL

Metronet may not offer a namesake TV service but in this era of cord-cutting, an internet service may just be what you need for entertainment alongside connectivity. With Metronet Internet, you get to enjoy fiber-powered gig speeds, and symmetrical speeds at that, which are perfect for streaming all your favorite things. Discover a world of seamless entertainment and unlimited streaming with Metronet, on streaming platforms of your choice. All you need is a Metronet internet plan and a subscription to whatever streaming service you love.

Some of the popular streaming options that you can choose from include DIRECTV via Internet, Hulu + Live TV, Paramount+, SHOWTIME or Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for bigger families with people of all age groups. Gig speeds and unlimited data with Metronet in Bloomington, IL, ensure that all your streaming platforms are functioning smoothly with no buffering whatsoever. 

Connect with Your Loved Ones on Metronet Unlimited Phone

Metronet unlimited phone is the best way to connect with all your loved ones. The Metronet home phone is a VoIP service that gets you crystal-clear audio and a ton of other calling features. You can add it to your internet plan for only $20 per month and enjoy an all–rounded internet service that gets you a flavor of everything you crave.

With Metronet phone, you get to enjoy unlimited local and nationwide calling along with a selection of 15+ neat calling features, including Call Forwarding, Three-way calling,  Call-Rejection, etc.

Wrapping Up…

Metronet Fiber has quite an impressive footprint in Bloomington, IL, and is a great choice to make too. Complete with high-speed internet, Metronet Fiber-powered network also gets you symmetrical speeds and unlimited data, which you can enjoy without the fear of contracts. Have fun with unlimited streaming and unlimited long-distance and nationwide calling with the Fiber advantage, and do a whole lot more with Metronet in Bloomington, IL!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I sign up for Metronet Internet in Bloomington, IL?

Metronet is available to around 81% of households in Bloomington, IL, with speed tiers ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. To check availability in your area, or to learn more, call Metronet customer service at 844-343-1143.

What are the benefits of choosing Metronet in Bloomington, IL?

 Metronet comes with the Metronet Fiber advantage that sets you up with fiber-powered gig speeds that are symmetrical. This means that the service is perfect for streaming, gaming, work, and all kinds of digital entertainment. Some other benefits that you can enjoy with Metronet in Bloomington, IL, include:

Get Metronet today! Call 844-343-1143 for more info!