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Looking for a smooth connectivity experience in Lexington, North Carolina?

Lexington has around 16 ISPs that offer residential services—with a variety of broadband types: DSL, Satellite, Cable, and Fiber-Optic. If you’ve been looking for a reliable ISP for your new home in Lexington, Windstream Communications may be worth a shot.

Windstream is one of the finest internet service providers in Lexington, North Carolina, with over 85% neighborhoods under its network coverage. Kinetic Internet by Windstream comes at competitive price points without any data caps, providing a seamless connectivity experience to the residents of Lexington, NC.

Read on if you’ve been trying to find a perfect plan from Windstream for your home in Lexington, North Carolina. This article will take you through all the details you need to know before finalizing a monthly Windstream internet plan that fits your specific requirements. So, let’s dive deep into our in-depth review of Windstream in Lexington, North Carolina.

Windstream Internet in Lexington, North Carolina

Whether your internet usage includes browsing, streaming, gaming, or working from home, Windstream internet offers a range of speeds to keep your entire family connected at all times.

Each internet speed tier is carefully designed to deliver connectivity solutions to a range of consumers. However, the availability of a particular speed tier may vary depending on the network capacity in your area.

What further sweetens the deal is the irresistible promo offers. Each Windstream internet plan is not only competitively priced but also puts at your disposal fast speeds at a discounted price for the length of the promo period. Of course, the price increases to the regular rate after that, but it is still an excellent offer when compared to other players in the market.

Kinetic Internet by Windstream: Plans & Pricing

Take a look at some of the best Windstream internet plans available in Lexington, North Carolina:

Internet Plan Internet Plan Promo Price Data Cap Data Cap
Fiber 300 Mbps 300 Mbps $39.99/mo.*
For 12 months with AutoPay
Unlimited No
Fiber 1 Gig 1000 Mbps New Customer Promo $69.99 $39.99/mo.*
For the first 3 months with AutoPay (month 4-24 $69.99)
Unlimited No
Fiber 2 Gig 2000 Mbps From $99.99/mo.*
For 24 months with AutoPay
Unlimited No

*Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after 12-month promo. Taxes & fees extra.

Keep in mind that abovementioned speeds may vary depending on your exact address. Before signing up, we recommend you speak to a Windstream customer service representative at (855) 349-9312 to confirm the availability of your chosen plan at your specific location.

Which Windstream Plan Should I Go for?

If you are looking for a stable internet connection for your home in Lexington, North Carolina, Windstream definitely has something in store for you.

To sum up, your perfect Windstream plan is the one that aligns with your preferred speeds, data allowance, and connectivity requirements—yet remains flexible enough to accommodate all the users connected to your home network.

Get More Benefits Out of Your Windstream Internet Plan

Apart from a fast and reliable internet connection, Windstream offers amazing perks and add-ons with its internet plans to enhance your online experience. We’ve listed a few below:

Free Upgrade to Gig Speeds

One of the biggest benefits Windstream subscribers get in Lexington is the free gigabit internet upgrade for 3 months. No matter which internet plan you sign up for, you can upgrade to gig service for FREE and experiment with gig speeds—if available in your area. After that, if you feel that’s the speed you need to meet your daily online needs, you can proceed with Kinetic Gig by paying the standard rates.

Kinetic Secure Packages

Windstream allows you to bundle your monthly internet plan with any of the add-on Kinetic Secure packs—Connect Secure, Self Secure, and Total Secure—priced at $9.99, $11.99, and $14.99 a month. These plans offer incredible features, including 24/7 technical support, on-the-go internet protection, identity theft protection, and more—depending on your specific plan.

So, even if you are facing connectivity issues in the late hours of the night, you can still get in touch with Windstream customer service to troubleshoot your internet connection. All you need to do is, dial 1-855-349-9312 and say goodbye to your worries!

Great Customer Service

If you are looking for an expert, who can recommend you a suitable Windstream internet plan for your needs, schedule an installation appointment, or check the order of your status, then just a call to Windstream Customer Service will answer all your questions and concerns.

When you notice an issue, call Windstream phone number i.e. 1-855-349-9312. Windstream customer service team will put in reasonable efforts to make sure your issue gets resolved in no time.

Windstream Kinetic Phone and Internet Bundles in Lexington, North Carolina

Windstream offers incredible internet and phone bundle deals in Lexington, North Carolina, to help you stay connected to your loved ones. You can bundle your high-speed internet plan with Windstream phone service by paying an additional $25 per month to enjoy a seamless in-home connectivity experience.  

Take a look at some of the best Windstream bundle deals in Hazard, KY:

Windstream Packages

Home Phone

Download Speed Range

Promo Price

Kinetic Fiber 1 Gig + Phone

Unlimited local and long-distance calling in the U.S.

1000 Mbps

New Customer Promo

$94.99 $64.99/mo.*

For the first 3 months with AutoPay (month 4-24 $94.99)

There You Are!

If you have read over to this point, you will surely know the pros of getting your hands on Kinetic Internet by Windstream in Lexington, North Carolina, along with the things you must take into careful consideration.

Moreover, take ample time to make an informed decision. We would suggest you take guidance from professionals. You can contact Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312 for all your questions and concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windstream Kinetic?

Kinetic is the brand name for Windstream internet service, which offers high internet speeds ranging from 100 Mbps up to Fiber Gig speeds of 8000 Mbps in select areas.

What type of internet connection does Windstream offer?

Windstream offers internet connection via fiber-optic and DSL internet.

Can I move my Windstream service from one place to another?

Yes, you can easily move your Windstream service to another location within Lexington, North Carolina. However, your new home must qualify for Kinetic services.

How much should I pay for Windstream fiber internet per month in Lexington, North Carolina?

Windstream fiber internet plans start from $39.99/mo. for download speeds of 300 Mbps at max.