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Starting from your morning news to your evening-time entertainment, you’re awfully dependent upon the internet. Even routine tasks from locking the doors and managing home security are now integrated by internet-enabled smart devices. And, if for one minute the internet stops working, it’s as if your life has come to a halt.

Unfortunately, internet outages are an inevitable occurrence. They happen no matter how good, fast and reliable an internet service is. Even services offered by major U.S. providers like COX, Frontier, Mediacom, and Spectrum encounter internet outages at times.

Besides network issues, that are outside your domain, there are reasons at your end too that could cause an internet outage. Such an outage will be of course limited to you, unlike a network issue at the provider’s end which affects a wider area. And, to be honest, loss of internet connection is often not caused by the service provider’s network. Rather, it is something that you can tweak a little in your own internet equipment, and have the connection back up again.

We understand well that an outage is an unfortunate occurrence, and the frustration caused by the resulting downtime is real. So, if you are a subscriber to one of the Frontier internet plans and packages, and facing a Frontier internet outage, this guide can be of great help. Always available Frontier internet customer service is another effective way to get assistance regarding an internet outage.

What Caused the Frontier Internet Outage?

Before you learn how to troubleshoot Frontier internet outage, let’s take a look at the possible causes of the outage.

Natural Causes

The modern WAN network is sturdy. And, it can take inclement weather well. Unless of course it is a true natural disaster like the Hurricane Katrina or Harvey. Exceptionally strong winds, flooding, a heavy snowfall—all these instances are beyond your control, but they hold the potential of damaging the internet network infrastructure. The good part is such occurrences are not too common.  

Other than natural disasters, sometimes even an animal can cause a Frontier internet outage. From rodents and squirrels to insects, birds and sharks all have been reported to cause damage to the fiber optic landline, sub-marine and aerial deployments. A similar instance may just be the reason why you come to suffer from a Frontier FiberOptic outage.

Power Outage

Power outages affect the internet connectivity, but are more likely to cause a disruption at your end rather than the ISP’s. Because internet service providers have back up systems to support the operation at their end during a power outage—generators, batteries etc. Unless the situation involves disastrous weather, these backup systems will be able to sustain the network. Only on a rare occasion when it is recommended to keep all electrical units off grid, a power outage is likely to affect the functionality of your ISP’s network.

If it is a power outage impacting your locality only, it could cause the internet equipment at your end to shut off. Unless you are able to run your modem, router or gateway on battery backup, and avoid a break-down in signal transmission.   

Network Congestion

Network congestion is a common issue for an internet outage or slow internet. When too many users are connected to the network in any given area, the circuit quality is bound to deteriorate. Because the Node or Link has to carry more data than it can handle. So, what you experience is greater latency and slower speeds simply because the network capacity is getting stretched beyond the max.

At such times, while you cannot control the internet traffic outside your domain, you can ensure your own Frontier Wi-Fi plan is not being over-exerted in terms of internet usage—and not contributing to the overload on the area Node.  

Hardware Troubles

The culprit behind you losing your internet connection can be none other than your own modem, router or gateway devices. From equipment failure due to power surge or overload to a change in configuration from the backend, anything can cause a Frontier internet outage at your end. If your device(s) were configured properly according to your Frontier internet plan, and worked fine before you suddenly lost connectivity, chances are you need to re-configure the device(s) to get your Frontier Wi-Fi plan operational again.

“How Do I Confirm If There Is a Frontier Outage In My Area?”

Now, if you find yourself wondering “Is there a Frontier internet outage in my area”?

Check with Frontier via Frontier Help Center

Frontier provides subscribers with a variety of troubleshooting tools via its online help center. Go to the Internet tab, and then click on Service Outages. Here you can use your billing phone number or the first 10 digits of your Frontier account number, to see what the Frontier outage map looks like, and if your area is affected. The MyFrontier App can also be used to access the online Frontier Help Center. 

Contact Service Provider

If you require updates, you can call at 1-800-921-8101, and access recorded up-to-date messages about Frontier internet outage in your area. And, you can also start a Live chat session here if need be. Alternatively, you can check with Frontier on Twitter or Facebook.

Troubleshooting Frontier Internet Outage  

If it turns out the outage is not a wider area issue, and it is only a problem at your end, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue yourself.

Check Your Billing Status

There is always a possibility that your service has been temporarily suspended due to non-payment of dues. So, if you think you may have forgotten to pay your last Frontier bill, view your bill online or via MyFrontier App.

Load Different Websites and Apps

If you are constantly trying to load one app or website and it’s not working, try loading another app or website. It is possible the server for that particular app or website is busy or not operational at the time. This simple exercise will tell you if the issue is with your connection or a problem with the server you are trying to access.

Use an Ethernet Cable

To see if the issue is with your in-home Wi-Fi network, you can connect your laptop or PC to the modem via an Ethernet cable. If you can access internet via a wired connection to the modem, it means the issue is wireless connectivity and not a Frontier internet outage.

Restart the Modem/Router

Restarting your device(s) can often do the trick. And it is a simple process. Just unplug your modem and router or the gateway device. Let them cool off for a minute and then power them up again one by one. First the modem and then the router. Remember rebooting may take a couple of minutes. Wait until you see all status indicator lights on the device become stable. And then, check if your internet enabled devices have connectivity.

In case a simple reboot does not do the trick you can go for a factory reset. Locate the Restart button at the rear of the router. And use a sharp pin or paper clip to press it down for 10 seconds. The reset process will begin about 10 seconds after you release the button. As the device resets you will see the status indicator lights blinking, and once the power button lights up, you’ll know the process is complete. Check to see if your internet enable devices are back online. Remember a factory or hard reset restores the device to factory settings and the SSID (network name) as well as your password will be restored to factory status.

Change the Wi-Fi Network Name and Password

As we said earlier, network congestion can cause a breakdown in internet connectivity. It may be just that there is more traffic on the WAN in your neighborhood. But, there is no harm in resetting your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password to keep your in-home network safe from unauthorized users. You can do this by following simple instructions here. Also, if you have had to do a factory reset, you must reset your SSID and password for security.

Get Help from the Frontier Help Center

If none of the above tips and tricks work, we’d recommend you seek help via Frontier online resources. The Frontier Help Center has troubleshooting tips to help with most likely problems. You can use the Automated Troubleshooting tool here. Or the Frontier Support Wizard here.

Final Note

Don’t get frustrated when there is a Frontier internet outage in your area. Simple and quick tips can often help you troubleshoot internet outage. If however you are not able to resolve the issue yourself, Frontier offers 24/7 tech support with all Frontier internet plans and packages. Contact a Frontier internet customer service representative at the Frontier phone number i.e. 1-855-267-6778, and let them direct you to as necessary.



1- Is there a Frontier internet outage in my area?

If webpages and apps are not loading when connected to a Frontier Wi-Fi plan, there is a chance that an outage has occurred. However, you should try to load other apps and pages, restart your device(s) etc. to check whether it is a Frontier internet outage or a minor hardware issue.

2- Why is my Frontier Internet not working?

This can be due to a variety of reasons. There is a chance you have not paid your bill for the Frontier internet plan, there is a hardware or software issue at your end, or there is in fact a Frontier outage in the area.

3- Why is the internet light red on my frontier modem?

The solid red light on your Frontier internet modem means it cannot detect a connection with the provider’s network. Restarting the device may help solve this issue.

4- How do I reset my Frontier Wi-Fi?

All Wi-Fi routers come with a reset button. You can try restarting your device by plugging out its power source and waiting for a minute before restarting it. Or try a factory reset by finding the “reset” button at the rear of the device. Hold down the button for 10-15 seconds with a sharp pin or paper clip, and then release. The lights on the device will start to blink, and when the power light glows it means the device has reset.