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Kinetic by Windstream is an internet service provider and quite popular in the U.S. With a service footprint that spans 18 states, the provider is known for its unlimited data plans with no annual contracts, extremely fast speeds powered by fiber internet, and market-competitive pricing.

Home network control is an essential part of managing a connection and Kinetic internet makes it easier than ever. In this article, we talk all about the Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager and how you can use it to take care of your home network – regardless of your location.

Why Choose Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager?

Being able to control your Wi-Fi network is a great thing, especially because it brings all the elements of your connection into one place. Whether it is the management of a certain aspect of your network, controlling, or even resetting, you get it all consolidated in one place.

As long as you have the Kinetic by Windstream Gateway device, you can make the most of the Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager application. The Go Kinetic app can be downloaded on your phone; alternatively, you can visit and log in with your Kinetic internet credentials to use the manager app. It is the perfect way to personalize your home network, tailored exactly to your needs. Some of the things that you can achieve with the Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager include:


  • - View and modify your Kinetic Network, including Wi-Fi name and password.
  • - Create a guest network and allow guests to connect to it securely.
  • - View all the devices connected to your network and disconnect any unfamiliar ones.
  • - Check the signal strength of your network around the house and figure out dead zones to eliminate.
  • - Perform speed tests from time to time. Ensure you are getting the right internet speeds.
  • - Reboot or restart your Gateway device without ever having to get up from your bed.
  • - Pay bills via the Wi-Fi manager app safely online so you don’t have to leave the house.
  • - If you ever get stuck, the 24/7 technical assistance from the Wi-Fi manager will get you through.


The Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager is a service that comes free with all Kinetic Internet plans. Kinetic Internet comes in several different speed tiers with prices starting as low as $39.99 per month.

For more information on fiber-powered Kinetic internet plans by Windstream and to subscribe, call now at 855-349-9312.


Kinetic Secure & Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager: The Perfect Pairing

The Kinetic Wi-Fi manager is a great way to alter your home network to your needs and the Kinetic Secure only makes it better. Kinetic Secure by Windstream gets you a selection of Wi-Fi security controls, on-the-go security, parental controls, and other features to make your home network even more secure. All Kinetic Secure plans come with premium technical support round the clock and pair perfectly with your Kinetic Wi-Fi manager. Always keep in control and keep your family safe, all from the comfort of the phone in your hand.

Total Protection with Kinetic Secure comes at $14.99 per month and provides a variety of Wi-Fi security features. For more information on the service, call now at 855-349-9312.


The Wi-Fi manager by Windstream Kinetic is a way to take care of your home network no matter where you are. The easy access with all internet plans along with a simple user interface, network control, and more features make Kinetic Wi-Fi manager a popular tool for many. It is completely free and you can add a Kinetic Secure pack to the service to make your home network truly invincible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager?

The Kinetic Wi-Fi manager is a tool that you can use to customize, personalize, and manage your home Wi-Fi network. Its app is simple to use, available with all plans and allows you to control all elements of your Wi-Fi network.

How good is Kinetic Internet?

Kinetic Internet employs the use of advanced technologies to enhance the performance of your connection, bringing you internet on a fiber-powered connection. In areas where pure fiber is available, you can enjoy symmetrical speeds up to 2 Gbps. Enjoy fast internet speeds, contract-free plans, and unlimited data, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee in 18 states across the US.

Learn more about Kinetic by Windstream. Call now at 855-349-9312.


How much is Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager?

The Kinetic Wi-Fi manager is available for free with all internet plans. All you have to do is download the Go Kinetic app or access the service on, and then you can control your entire Wi-Fi network.

Learn more about Kinetic Wi-Fi internet plans. Call now at 855-349-9312.