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Jacksonville is a city located on the Atlantic coast of Florida and is one of the largest and most populous cities in the U.S.  As with much of Florida, Jacksonville too is known for its glorious skyline speckled with tall skyscrapers in the urban areas, historical buildings, and great sandy beaches. The natural deep-water port at Jacksonville has long served the city with civilian and military use, forming a big part of the local economy. Even so, Jacksonville is home to four Fortune 500 companies that make up much of the urban economy, coupled with some great universities that offer opportunities for learning and growth. Jacksonville is one of the more affordable cities to live in, with the cost of living just about 10% less than the national average. This makes it a great choice for new movers since it is both affordable and harbors a flourishing economy, which means that there are good opportunities within reach.

With an urban city as rich in technology and learning, there are bound to be some good home internet providers in Jacksonville, FL. Residential internet makes up an important aspect of life in Jacksonville. As a new resident in the area, however, it may take a while to find the right services for your home. Our blog discusses the top internet service providers in Jacksonville, FL, so you can have an in-depth analysis of each before you subscribe to a service.



Residential Internet Access in Jacksonville, FL


When it comes to internet providers in Jacksonville, FL, the residents of this city are quite fortunate. The city receives internet services from over 9 providers with about 96% of the population having access to multiple wired providers. Internet provision in Jacksonville not only includes industry giants such as Xfinity and AT&T, but also several small, local providers. The city of Jacksonville also stands out for its fiber internet service – with over 51% of the city having access to residential fiber internet. A stat that continues to grow each year.

Wired internet services include quite a few options when it comes to service in Jacksonville, including Cable, Fiber, and high-speed DSL. Among wired providers, Xfinity boasts great coverage with over 97% of the city accessing its network. AT&T is the second largest provider, covering well over 92% of the city, introducing people to its great plans and multi-gig speeds.

Wireless internet services such as satellite internet and fixed wireless are perfect for regions that sit outside basic wired internet coverage. Wireless internet services ensure that areas that are beyond wired infrastructure do get high-speed internet services too. HughesNet is one of the largest contenders for wireless internet in Jacksonville. Bringing high-speed internet to rural and suburban residents through a network of powerful satellites orbiting the earth.


Top Wired Internet Providers in Jacksonville, FL


Xfinity in Jacksonville, FL


Xfinity from Comcast is one of the largest cable internet providers in the U.S. and has a lot going on. With Xfinity, you can count on high-speed internet, courtesy of its Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) network that makes up most of Xfinity's coverage. In select areas, you can also enjoy pure fiber-optic connection, although it is still a tad limited. Xfinity connects you to your loved ones on one of the largest Gig-speed networks in the country; with fast and reliable speeds for both work and fun. Moreover, Xfinity Internet plans get you great value for your money with striking promotional pricing and fun add-ons that only allow you to save money, but also let you enjoy exciting perks.


Xfinity Internet: Features and Benefits


Let’s take a look at some of the salient features of the Xfinity Internet service and all that you get to enjoy with it.


  • A large diversity of speed-based internet plans with download speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1200 Mbps
  • Substantial data allowance of 1.2 TB, which is virtually unlimited for an average American home
  • Choose a service plan with or without term agreements and contracts
  • Get Xfinity Flex 4K box
  • Access free internet in Jacksonville, FL, on the go with Xfinity’s 20+ million secure out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots. Your Xfinity ID and password are required to connect.
  • A Wi-Fi experience like none other with the innovative xFi Gateway device at only $14/mo.
  • Easy and advanced security for your Xfinity home network via the xFi Gateway
  • Control your Wi-Fi network remotely through the convenient Xfinity App
  • The xFi Complete gets you better value for money with the xFi Gateway, advanced security, and unlimited data all rolled in for $25/mo. Currently, xFi Complete is included at no extra cost for 12 months
  • Plenty of bundling options available with Xfinity TV, Xfinity Phone, and Home security Get all your home services from one provider on one bill, and save a little along the way!


Xfinity Internet: Plans & Pricing in Jacksonville, FL

Xfinity internet service happens to be some of the cheapest internet in Jacksonville, FL, with its low-priced plans and great value for money. Xfinity prices tend to vary over different service areas. Here is a comprehensive pricing list of all the internet plans you can find in Jacksonville, FL. Assess your digital needs as well as the size of your household and take your pick. All internet plans with Xfinity qualify for the perks mentioned before.

For more information on Xfinity plans and service in Jacksonville, reach out to the 24/7 Xfinity customer service at 1-844-207-8721.


Xfinity Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Price


50 Mbps

for the first 12 mos. with 1-Year Agreement. Taxes and equipment not included

Connect More

100 Mbps

for the first 12 mos. with 1-Year Agreement. Taxes and equipment not included


300 Mbps

No term contract. Taxes and equipment not included.

Super Fast

600 Mbps

No term contract. Taxes and equipment not included.

Ultra Fast

900 Mbps

No term contract. Taxes and equipment not included.

Gigabit Extra

1200 Mbps

For 24 months. No term contract. Taxes and equipment not included.


AT&T in Jacksonville, FL


AT&T is not just another provider in the U.S., rather, it is a household name across the States, courtesy of its large coverage via multiple broadband technologies. In Jacksonville, FL, you can rely on both high-speed xDSL internet and pure fiber internet with multi-gig speeds. AT&T gets you top-notch fiber internet in Jacksonville, FL over a rather gorgeous fiber network supporting multi-gig speeds. This service is present in most locations in the city and sets you up with blazing-fast speeds at market-competitive rates.

With high-speed IPBB, you get to enjoy quality internet service, which is nothing like traditional DSL, rather is a mix of hybrid DSL variants that support higher speeds and better network performance. In areas where fiber coverage is sparse, you can always count on high-speed internet via AT&T to power homes.


AT&T Internet: Features & Benefits


AT&T comes with a variety of features and benefits that make it a highly coveted option for residential internet. These are given as follows.

  • 9% reliability for fast speeds even in peak hours
  • High on the customer satisfaction index
  • No binding annual contracts
  • FREE advanced AT&T Wireless Gateway with an option to add on AT&T Wi-Fi extenders
  • Complete control of your Wi-Fi network all from your phone via the Smart Home Manager app
  • For internet security, choose from McAfee or ActiveArmorSM depending on what plan you get
  • FREE access to around 30,000 secure, out-of-home AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S.
  • No price hike after 12 months for Fiber plans
  • Easy bundling available with other AT&T services such as AT&T Home Phone
  • Pair internet with other services to get the best of all services, including DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet


AT&T Internet: Pricing Plans


With AT&T internet, you can rely on high internet speeds at market-competitive pricing. While AT&T hybrid-DSL internet is perfect for smaller homes with fewer people, AT&T Fiber can cater to larger households with intensive use. AT&T Fiber truly stands unparalleled in the quality of internet and speeds it gets you. Although it is still quite limited in other cities, you can now enjoy symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 5 gig in Jacksonville, FL, which is a great upside to getting the service.

AT&T speeds do vary across regions, sometimes even in the same city. Therefore, while we have compiled a list for you below, we do suggest speaking to a representative at 1-855-925-2541 to check the service type and speed available at your Jacksonville address.


AT&T Internet Plan Download Speed Data Allowance  

AT&T Internet 25

Up to 25 Mbps

1 TB

for 12 months + taxes. Autopay & Paperless billing required

AT&T Internet 75

Up to 75 Mbps

1 TB

for 12 months + taxes. Autopay & Paperless billing required

AT&TAT&T Fiber 300

300 Mbps


$55/ mo.
plus taxes. Autopay & Paperless billing reqAT&Td

AT&T Fiber 500

500 Mbps


plus taxes. Autopay & Paperless billinAT&Tquired

AT&T Fiber 1 Gig

940 Mbps


plus taxes. Autopay & Paperless biAT&Tg required

AT&T Fiber 2 Gig

2000 Mbps


plus taxes. Autopay & PaperlesAT&Tlling required

AT&T Fiber 5 Gig

5000 Mbps


plus taxes. Autopay & Paperless billing required


Kinetic by Windstream in Jacksonville, FL


Kinetic is an internet service by Windstream that may not be as big a name as the other two on this list, but it is one to be remembered nonetheless. This service provider has a coverage of a little over 5% in the city of Jacksonville, FL, but comes with quite a variety of service types including DSL, Cable, and Fiber. The unique mix of technologies that Windstream employs to deliver its Kinetic Internet ensures that everyone gets access to high-speed internet at extremely affordable rates.  

Kinetic by Windstream: Features & Benefits

With Kinetic, you get a bunch of exciting features and perks to make your internet experience more enjoyable. These features include but are not limited to:

  • A range of consistent internet speeds – from 200 Mbps to 1 Gig
  • No data caps – enjoy unlimited data round the clock
  • No binding annual contracts to worry about – cancel anytime
  • Enjoy promotional pricing discounts for the first year of service – pay a discounted price for the first 12 months
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Enjoy three months of free internet as part of recent promotions
  • 24/7 available and well-trained customer service to help you through any technical difficulties
  • Add-on internet security to protect your family online


Kinetic by Windstream is a pretty solid option to go for in areas where it is widely available. However, the pricing for the internet plans by Kinetic does vary across locations, so it is best to call a representative at 1-855-349-9312 to learn of the best deals available in your area.


Wireless Internet Service in Jacksonville, FL




HughesNet is a high-speed satellite internet service, therefore boasts coverage of the entire city of Jacksonville, FL.  It is a practical option to consider especially where wired internet services are limited, making it a great choice for rural or suburban areas. In comparison to wired internet, satellite internet is more vulnerable to a variety of external factors, exhibits a higher latency, and can be a tad bit costly. However, in areas where wired internet services are unavailable, wireless internet services like HughesNet Gen5 swoop in to save the day!

HughesNet: Features & Benefits

Some of the features that you can enjoy with HughesNet Gen5 internet include:


  • High-speed internet with speeds up to 25/3 Mbps across all plans
  • Choose from a range of different data-based plans
  • Unlimited Data, which means No Hard Data Limits to worry about
  • A 50 GB Bonus Zone – extra data to enjoy during off-peak hours (2 AM – 8 AM) every month
  • In-home Wi-Fi service and data-saving features

HughesNet: Pricing Plans

Some of the popular HughesNet plans that you can find in Jacksonville are given as follows.


HughesNet Internet Package

Download Speed

Data Allowance


HughesNet 15

25 Mbps

15 GB

In select markets. For 6 months w/24-month agmt.

HughesNet 30

25 Mbps

30 GB

$54.99/ mo.
In select markets. For 6 months w/24-month agmt.

HughesNet 45

25 Mbps

45 GB

$89.99/ mo.
In select markets. For 6 months w/24-month agmt.

HughesNet 75

25 Mbps

75 GB

$139.99/ mo.
In select markets. For 6 months w/24-month agmt.





Finding an internet service provider that fits perfectly with your home is more a matter of meticulous research than luck. If you know all the options, that you have and what each provider has to offer, the task becomes quite easy. All you have to do is assess the needs of your household and look for a provider that is willing to offer you all that at a price point that works for you. The discussion finally boils down to what speed you are looking for, what data allowance your household needs, and what you are willing to pay for it. All perks and benefits must also be considered.

We hope this discussion of the top internet services in Jacksonville has helped you reach your decision. For more information on any of your favorite providers, call our experts at 1-855-349-9328 and let them help you find the best deals for your home!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What is the best internet provider in Jacksonville, FL?


Jacksonville, FL receives service from multiple wired and wireless internet service providers. Some of the best providers that offer services in this city include Xfinity, AT&T, and HughesNet.


  1. Is there free internet in Jacksonville, FL?


Jacksonville, FL, gets internet service from multiple providers, hence you can enjoy free internet on the various, secure out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots located in the city. While some of these offer free internet, with others you may need to have a prior subscription to the internet service to use their hotspot.


  1. How much does the internet cost in Jacksonville, FL?


Since Jacksonville, FL, gets internet service from quite a few providers, internet plan prices in the city vary considerably. However, internet plans in this city start from around $30/mo., and can vary depending on the internet provider and area.


  1. Does Jacksonville, FL, have Fiber Internet?


Jacksonville, FL, has access to fast-paced fiber internet service. Over 51% of the people in the city have residential fiber internet available for use at all times, and the coverage continues to increase.  


  1. What are the best home internet providers in my area?


Most areas in the U.S. receive internet service from more than one provider. To determine the best residential internet providers in your area, call our experts at 1-855-349-9328 and let them guide you to the best plans.