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Windstream Communications strives to deliver fast and reliable Kinetic Internet speeds across its footprint. Not only does the ISP endeavor to empower the digital life of its 1 million plus subscribers, but gives them an option to do all things Windstream in the most user-friendly manner. After all doesn’t it become a real task to do something as simple as paying a bill when your schedule runs at a fast pace day in day out?

Understanding the restraints you may encounter in your everyday life, Windstream puts different bill-pay options on the table. Whether your are a young adult who is fully aware of the advantages of a digital life, or an old school individual who prefers the physical to virtual, either way Windstream makes it possible for you to clear your dues just the way you prefer. So, be it a standalone Windstream Internet plan you are subscribed to or a Windstream bundle, you can make the payment via one of the methods discussed here?just choose one as per your convenience!

Pay Your Windstream Bill Online with Ultimate Ease

If you already have a lot in your plate and you are looking for a hassle-free way to clear your dues, you paperless billing is convenient, efficient, and effortless. And here is how you can go about it.

  1. If you already have a Go Kinetic account, sign in here.
  2. Once redirected to Homepage, navigate to Pay Now.
  3. On the Make A Payment page, you will be asked to confirm the payment method and amount. Verify the information.
  4. Click on Pay Now. And, you are done!

If however, you do not yet have a Go Kinetic account, you can register yourself here and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process for a New User.

  1. Keep your Windstream account number handy. Your account number is mentioned on the Welcome email you receive from Windstream, and you’ll also see it printed on your billing statement. Other than the account number, you will be required to provide your ZIP code, last name and email address.
  2. Click on Register to complete the process.
  3. When you get the account Activation email, you can setup a username and password. In case you do not receive an activation email, not even in the spam or junk mail, you can contact for assistance.
  4. Now you’re ready to sign into your Go Kinetic account with your Windstream credentials, and pay your bill from anywhere, anytime. Among access to other service features on the portal, your Go Kinetic account lets you view your bills as well as make one-time payments or sign up for AutoPay. So make sure you register yourself and enjoy the convenience Windstream offers its subscribers. The Go Kinetic mobile app only adds to this level of ease and flexibility.

With your Go Kinetic account set up, you can now choose to make a one-time online payment or sign up  for AutoPay.    

Are You Forgetful? Consider Paying Your Bill Online with AutoPay!

Like all other utility bills you must also make your Windstream bill payment by the due date listed on the bill. Because a late payment will make you incur additional charges as with all other bills. And, we all know how when it slips the mind, it just slips. Why take the chance then, and pay a penalty too?

Setting up AutoPay for your Windstream Communications bill is a great way of avoiding the totally understandable occurrences of forgetfulness. And its not too time taking to set things up either.  

  1. Log into your Go Kinetic account with your Windstream credentials
  2. On the homepage, select AutoPay
  3. The AutoPay information will show up
  4. Complete the AutoPay selections
  5. Click on Add

With AutoPay you can do away with the hassle of having to remember the due date every month, and the frustration of forgetting it. The due amount will securely transfer to Windstream electronically from your checking or credit card account on the date you set up, quite without you having to lift a finger. Coincidentally this allows you to stop receiving paper bills, and contribute to a greener environment too.   

Want a Traditional Way to Pay the Windstream Bill? Pay via Mail!

So you prefer the old-school way of doing things? Well Windstream lets you pay your monthly bill for all subscribed services via snail mail. Make sure to mail it such that Windstream receives it by the due date. If however you are in doubt it may not reach Windstream on time, in order to avoid a late fee you can always pay the bill over the phone or at the nearest Windstream retail store.  

To mail your payment to Windstream Communications, here is the address:

P.O. Box 9001908 
Louisville, KY 40290-1908

Pay Your Windstream Bill over the Phone

Forgot to mail the payment on time? Well as we said you can always pay your Windstream Communications bill over the phone.  

Call Windstream at 1-800-347-1991 or 1-866-445-5880. And make the payment via an automated phone system at no additional charge. If however you need assistance from a customer care representative, a processing fee may apply. Keep your Windstream account number and other details pertaining to your Windstream service handy when you call in to make the payment.

Walk in and Clear Your Dues at a Windstream Retail Store

Prefer in-person interaction when you make a bill payment? Or looking for a quicker alternative to snail mail so you can avoid a late payment fee? Either way a Windstream retail store in the vicinity is the answer to your situation. Albeit given the pandemic affair, perhaps it is best to avoid making a trip to the store unless absolutely necessary.

You can look up for a Windstream store in your area here. And if you don’t find one close enough you can also check for payment locations with Western Union in your area.  

Windstream Makes Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

Gone are days when the only way to pay any kind of bill was to visit the retail store, the post office or  bank. Thanks to technology, there are now faster options of making payments that are far more suitable for today’s digital lifestyle. As you can see, Windstream provides a combination of the old and the new ways, and like so every subscriber gets to choose what fits their daily regime better.  

Whether it is a standalone Windstream plan you need to pay for, or a Windstream bundle, either way you can do it with the ultimate ease, mobility and flexibility via the Go Kinetic app. So, if you have not yet registered yourself, set up your Go Kinetic account at your earliest. Along with making it easy-peasy to pay your Windstream Communication bill, your online account will allow you to do a lot more. Taking the online route, especially with and AutoPay and paperless billing setup, is the way to go if you do not shy away from technology.

With that said, whichever of these methods is right for you, we hope the information we have shared is of help. For any questions you may have, you can always contact Windstream Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9312, and they will direct you as necessary.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to pay my Windstream bill over the phone?

Yes. You can pay your Windstream bill over the phone. Call Windstream at 1-800-347-1991 or 1-866-445-5880. And make the payment via an automated phone system at no additional charge. If however you need assistance from a customer care representative, a processing fee may apply. 

Can I pay my Windstream bill via the mail?

Yes. Windstream Communications allows you to pay your bill via snail mail. To mail your payment use this address:

P.O. Box 9001908 
Louisville, KY 40290-1908