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Today, the world is more connected than ever before, but unfortunately, you will still have to deal with weak or no cell phone signal issues from time to time. A substandard service usually is not due to your negligence, but severe weather, interference, or no cell tower nearby can all be the possible reasons. Luckily, AT&T has got the right solution for you in the form of the AT&T Cell Phone Booster!

If you are an AT&T Wireless subscriber struggling with your internet connection, not to worry. In this article, we have put together all the basic information you need about the AT&T Cell Booster. So, let’s get started!

AT&T Cell Phone Booster: What You Need to Know!

AT&T Cell Booster is a mini residential cell tower that can rescue you if you're experiencing poor reception. It greatly improves cell signal by utilizing your broadband internet and creating a 4G LTE cell signal that gives you better indoor coverage, more consistent data speeds, and even more reliable indoor texting and voice calling.

The provider offers two types of boosters:

What Does an AT&T Cell Booster Do?

AT&T Cell Booster can automatically connect to any AT&T device. Once connected, these devices give a bigger bump to signal strength. If you're on the edge of a network, Cell Booster’s 3,000 square feet and Cell Booster Pro’s 15,000 square feet coverage make it an ideal fit for apartments, big homes, and small offices. The actual coverage, however, may be limited due to factors, like building materials, connected device capability, and other obstructions.  

How Does AT&T Cell Booster Work?

AT&T Cell Booster collects and enhances the signal from outside cell towers and transmits the boosted cell phone signal for use by your mobile phone. This technology includes the following components:

  1. The outside antenna: It is usually mounted on the roof of your home to catch the signal from nearby cell towers and pull it inside the cell booster.
  2. The booster: It receives and amplifies the signal, and then broadcasts the enhanced signal to an inside antenna.
  3. The inside antenna: It sends the amplified signal for use by your cellular-enabled devices, such as mobile phones.

Key Features

Following are some invaluable features AT&T Cell Booster puts at your disposal:

Steps to Activate AT&T Cell Booster

The best thing about this entire process is you won’t need any tools or technicians, just an app to help you activate your Cell Booster. Now, let’s walk you through the steps:

  1. On your smart device, download the AT&T Cell Booster app — available on Google Play Store, App Store, and Or simply scan the QR Code on the Cell Booster.
  2. Once downloaded, choose the "Personal or Small Business" account option, then enter your myAT&T credentials, and select Sign In.
  3. Select Set up a Cell Booster
  4. Enter, review, and confirm your AT&T Cell Booster location details
  5. Once finished, select Next.
  6. Once the Cell Booster is activated, the LED indicators for Power, Internet, GPS, LTE, and Status will flash solid white (GPS LED will only light up if GPS is acquired in Cell Booster)

You have now successfully registered your AT&T Cell Booster, and are ready to set up your device.

What Else Can You Do With AT&T Cell Booster App?

Okay, so now that you’ve installed the AT&T Cell Booster app on your device, it’s time to explore its features. All you need is a fully charged phone and access to high-speed internet (5 Mbps of download speed for Cell Booster and 25 Mbps for Cell Booster Pro) to make the most out of this app.

Here are some of the most useful features of this app:

1.    Change Basic Settings

You can manage these AT&T Cell Booster settings with this app:

2.    Disconnect Cell Booster

Follow these steps to disconnect your AT&T Cell Booster:

  • Open your AT&T Cell Booster app
  • Scroll down and select Disconnect
  • Confirm you want to disconnect

3.    Check Your Device Status

Here is how you can check the status of your AT&T Cell Booster:

Troubleshooting AT&T Cell Booster

Here are some simple tips to troubleshoot your AT&T Cell Booster:

There You Are!

If you are looking for more information about AT&T cell phone boosters or ever need help regarding AT&T services, you can always reach out to AT&T at 855-925-2541 and get the answers you are seeking!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Does ATT give a signal booster?

Yes, AT&T offers cell phone signal boosters to help you stay connected even in areas where the signal is otherwise weak or obstructed.

2.     How do I set up my AT&T cell phone booster?

Follow these steps to set up your AT&T Cell Booster:

You have now successfully registered your AT&T Cell Booster, and are ready to set up your device.

3.     What is an AT&T Cell Booster?

An AT&T cell phone booster is a mini cell tower that improves cellular connectivity, reduces dropped calls, increases data speeds, and enhances voice quality. With this device, you can stay connected even if there’s no cell tower near you or when other obstacles such as construction materials block signals.

4.     How long does it take for ATT Cell Booster to work?

Your AT&T Cell Booster may take up to 30 minutes for its status light to turn solid white.