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FOX on DIRECTV may not be currently available to customers due to an ongoing dispute between DIRECTV and TEGNA. Until a resolution is reached, DIRECTV customers can access much of the news, entertainment and sports programming through local station & national websites and apps, free over-the-air etc.

Digging into countless lackluster TV services that just do not seem to suit your entertainment regime can be infuriating. With over 400 cable service providers to choose from, hitting the jackpot while searching for a TV service that fulfills all your digital needs, sounds like a tough job.

However, luckily Americans have DIRECTV-the #1 satellite TV service provider in the country, so you can relish a joyful few moments with DIRECTV via Satellite. In fact, the provider now offers DIRECTV via Internet for customers who like to watch TV on the go.

So, no matter which service you choose, you get to watch a great mix of programming from all genres – lifestyle, sports, music, family programming, news & current affairs – you name it, and it is part of the DIRECTV channel lineup!

  • DIRECTV Packages start from $69.99/mo. for 24 months plus taxes & fees w/24-mo. agmt.
  • 150+ channels and up to 190+ bonus channels for Satellite customers
  • 90,000+ On Demand titles
  • Channels include AMC, CNN, MLB Network, Discovery Channel, GSN, OWN, & Nicktoons
  • Enjoy the first 3 months of premium channels FREE

for 24 months plus taxes and fees w/ 24-mo. agmt.


The Fox Network is one of the most-watched in the U.S., keeping Americans entertained and updated with epic programming for over three decades now. That is why Fox and its multiplex channels are like staples for every channel lineup.

Fox appeared on the scene back in 1986 and went on to become one of the most prevalent American commercial broadcast over-the-air television networks. Over the years, Fox has produced great content back-to-back, that all age groups can savor.

The Fox network has bombarded us with the hottest blockbusters movies and TV shows from a myriad of genres that America loves. But that’s not all. Fox also runs a dedicated news channel so, you get the scoop on the latest happenings. Not to forget, the Fox Sports Network where adrenalin junkies get their daily fix.

Want to know what channel is Fox on DIRECTV and what is in store for you? Let’s dive right in.

What Channel is Fox on DIRECTV?

The DIRECTV channel lineup is complete with all the Fox Networks you and your family will ever need. The channel lineup of DIRECTV via satellite and DIRECTV via Internet may differ, so you must ensure that the channel is included in your subscription.

The best thing about DIRECTV is that its channel numbers are all the same in every location and region. So, no matter where you are, you will find the answer to your question “What channel is Fox on DIRECTV” very easily. Just refer to the table below for all the details!

Channel Name Channel Number Subscription Required
Fox Sports 1 219 ENTERTAINMENT and above
Fox Sports 2 618 ULTIMATE and above
Fox Weather 363
(available with DIRECTV via Internet only)
Fox Business Network 359 ENTERTAINMENT and above
Fox News Channel 360 ENTERTAINMENT and above
Fox Soul 4401
(available with DIRECTV via Internet only)
Fox Deportes 465 MÁS LATINO™ and above

How to Watch Fox on DIRECTV?

No matter which DIRECTV package you subscribe to, whether it’s the ENTERTAINMENT lineup or the popular DIRECTV CHOICE™ package, you can enjoy a combination of popular TV networks including ABC, CNN, AMC, Disney, and many more.

The DIRECTV channel lineup varies from one package to another, and it’s important to make sure that the package you choose has your choice of dedicated Fox networks. Once you subscribe to the package of your choice, you can dive right into watching the most popular TV content in America.

Watch Fox with DIRECTV Packages

Other than Fox Sports 2, you will find all Fox channels on the DIRECTV packages from ENTERTAINMENT and above. However, every Fox channel will have a different channel number, as given in the table above. To enjoy Fox on DIRECTV, subscribe to one of its packages listed below by calling DIRECTV customer service at 855-737-0235.

DIRECTTV packages and pricing

ENTERTAINMENT 75+ channels starting at $69.99/mo.*
CHOICETM 105+ channels starting at $84.99/mo.*
UTIMATE 140+ channels starting at $114.99/mo.*
PREMIERTM 150+ channels starting at $159.99/mo.*

Subscribe to DIRECTV packages now!

Call 855-737-0235

Watch Fox with the DIRECTV App

A small problem with scheduled TV programming is that people with busy schedules can often miss out on the most hyped-up content. To keep up with your busy schedules and not miss a beat of TV entertainment with Fox on DIRECTV, use the DIRECTV App.

The mobile app simply requires you to log in with your DIRECTV credentials, and dive into the world of on-the-go live TV and 90,000+ on-demand titles. The app is packed with user-friendly features, from detailed watch lists to complete control over your DVR service, the app is the ultimate one-stop solution.

What to Watch on Fox on DIRECTV?

Fox on DIRECTV includes a variety of content you can watch through. Here is what some of the most popular Fox channels on DIRECTV have to offer:

Fox Business Network on DIRECTV

Fox Business Network is a pay TV channel that belongs to the Fox family of networks and is owned by the Fox News Media Division of the Fox Corporation. The network focuses mainly on covering news related to business and finance.

Fox Business is available on all DIRECTV packages and channel lineups. The channel number is 359—no matter which DIRECTV package it is or which location you are in.

Fox News Channel on DIRECTV

Fox News Channel is an American multinational cable news network, operated by Fox News Media, and owned by the Fox Corporation. Fox News has been a popular news source in the U.S. DIRECTV subscribers can watch Fox News with all TV plans, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. Tune into channel number 360, and catch up on the latest from around America with the Fox News Channel on DIRECTV.

Fox Sports 1 on DIRECTV

Fox Sports 1 or FS1 on DIRECTV is another pay TV channel owned by the Fox Corporation and operated by the Fox Sports Media Group unit. For sports fanatics, FS1 offers a broadcast lineup to fall in love with. From Live Major League Baseball and Soccer events to collegiate sports, U.S. Golf Association championships, combat sports, motorsports, and so much more, FS1 has it all. You can catch sports news, expert analysis, sports-related reality programs, and documentaries on FS1 as well. Talk about an all-round sports channel!

FS1 is also available on all DIRECTV packages. All you need to do is tune into channel number 219 and start enjoying the adrenaline rush.

Fox Sports 2 on DIRECTV

Fox Sports 2 is not too different from FS1. Operated by the same unit i.e. the Fox Sports Media Group of the Fox Corporation, it acts as an overflow channel for Fox Sports 1.

FS2 programming lineup is built around reruns of sports events and news & analysis programs originally aired on FS1. So, if you forget to catch a live sports event that aired earlier on FS1, it is okay. Because with FS2 you can easily catch up on events and shows that you often end up missing due to a hectic work schedule.

To watch Fox Sports 2 on DIRECTV, use your remote control to tune into channel number 618. Fox Sports 2 is included in the ULTIMATE and PREMIER packages.

Final Note

The lucrative DIRECTV packages offer you non-stop juicy entertainment. Filled to the brim with choices, all DIRECTV packages are tailored to fuel your frequent binge-a-thons without costing you an arm and a leg.

If you have been wondering about what channel is Fox on DIRECTV, fret no more! This complete guide has provided all the answers you will need regarding Fox on DIRECTV.

Whether you watch channels like ABC, NFL Network, Animal Planet, PBS, MTV, MNTV, HBO®, or FOX, the massive DIRECTV channel lineup comes with all this, and much more - satisfying your entire family’s appetite for quality TV entertainment! If you need more information about the availability and pricing of DIRECTV packages in your area, feel free to pick up your phone and dial 855-737-0235 anytime, any day for assistance.


What channel is ESPN on DIRECTV?

Tune into channel number 206 to watch ESPN on DIRECTV.

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV?

To watch TNT on DIRECTV, tune into channel number 245.

What channel is CBS on DIRECTV?

Watch CBS on DIRECTV on channel number 221.

What channel is FS1 on DIRECTV?

Tune into channel number 219 to watch FS1 on DIRECTV.