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Let’s face it. Streaming services have become a significant part of our lives. According to the Leichtman Research Group Netflix, Prime Video and/or Hulu have been adopted by 78% of U.S. households. And, over 58% households are subscribed to more than one SVOD service. No surprise when some can't even remember the last time they tuned into pay-tv. Maybe you too have considered cutting the cord, but every time there is that one channel or show standing in your way, keeping you from taking the plunge.

Well, cutting the cord does not mean you have to give up on your favorite cable TV content. You can stream it live. News from MSNBC, Fox News or CNN. Your local broadcast TV with ABC, NBC or CBS. Popular cable entertainment. And, all the action from MLB or NHL games. There are ways to stream all of that and more.

For cord cutters, one way to watch live TV is to use a good branded digital antenna. But this choice limits your channel selection to over-the-air networks locally available, plus the signal strength can pose an issue depending on where you are located. If you want a variety of options to stream live content, the best way is to invest in a live TV streaming service. These services put at your disposal a range of live networks, appealing perks like a free limited time subscription to a premium network, and the ability to stream not only on your TV screen but laptops, smartphones, and tablets, all with no antenna, cable box or pro-install required. 

Without a doubt, there's more brilliant TV to watch than ever, but determining which subscriptions are worth your time and money can be challenging. If you are looking to quit cable, yet crave live broadcast and cable networks, as well as a familiar interface, DIRECTV STREAM is definitely worth a look. The rebranded service from DIRECTV offers a smooth transition, and is definitely your safest bet for a mix of the best of live and on-demand content.

What is DIRECT?

DIRECTV is a live TV streaming service designed to replace a traditional pay-tv subscription as it allows you to stream a good plenty of live channels over the internet.

In the last five years, DIRECTV has at best exemplified the most tumultuous behavior than any competitor. After coming into existence as DIRECTV NOW in 2016, it has lived through multiple rebranding episodes, and a spate of price hikes. The current version, albeit named DIRECTV, is different from DIRECTV Satellite which remains available. The streaming service from DIRECTV rather gets pitched against cord-cutter favorites like Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube TV.

Moreover, the pricing of DIRECTV is similar to competitors like fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. And, the service is compatible with multiple streaming devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs. You can also run it via browsers like Chromecast, Android phones and tabs, and iOS based devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods.   


DIRECTV blends together the finest elements of TV to give a well-rounded and flexible approach to your entertainment. With access to live TV, sports, and thousands of On Demand titles on all your favorite screens, DIRECTV is your one-stop shop for all things entertainment.

With DIRECTV, the entertainment you want is ready whenever you are. Never miss your favorites with cloud DVR that lets you record up to 20 hours of your favorite TV shows, movies, and more. The provider also gives you the choice to make it unlimited hours for just $10/mo. + tax.

And to sweeten the deal, everything comes with flexible month-to-month subscriptions, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of annual contracts or hidden fees. Plus, you can try DIRECTV risk free for 14 days. After that, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days to get a full refund. Recently, the service also increased the in-home concurrent streaming limit to 20, a great news for big-size families. However, the number of concurrent out-of-home streams is 3, which should still be enough.

What’s more? DIRECTV is notably the only live TV streaming service that carries the most regional sports networks. Unless you sign up for pay-tv, the only option for watching your local regional sports networks and your favorite teams in live action is most likely DIRECTV.

As a cherry on top, DIRECTV offers a versatile range of live TV streaming packages. You can choose from four unique tiers: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. But out of these great and some pretty affordable DIRECTV, which one is the best? Well, each makes for a value packed subscription, but we’ve got you covered at this front.


No matter what you are looking for, DIRECTV has got a package for you. Get a top-tier TV package and enjoy the best premium experience, without an annual contract.

If you are already considering to invest in a DIRECTV package, we would suggest you take the time to carefully weigh all available options. This compilation of DIRECTV packages has everything you need to know before you sign up for one. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the packages.


DIRECTV Entertainment package includes all your essentials for non-stop entertainment. Make all your family members happy with 65+ live channels and local broadcast TV along with 40,000+ on-demand titles. Watch Nickelodeon and Disney with your family or enjoy action-filled sports from ESPN, everything at affordable price points.

Talking about monthly subscription rates, the DIRECTV Entertainment package starts at $69.99/mo. As a bonus, the price includes 20 hours of Cloud DVR so you can stream anytime, anywhere, on a device of your choice. All this with no annual contract, cable box, or installers. So spice up your in-home TV-watching experience with DIRECTV Entertainment. Sign up today and start streaming instantly.

Channel Lineup

Before we get to the channel lineup, one thing needs to be made clear: the number of channels offered in the DIRECTV packages may differ depending on your exact location. For this reason, you must reach out to DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 and verify channel availability.

Here are the notable channels included in the DIRECTV Entertainment lineup along with your local networks:



DIRECTV Choice package is a winning combo of lifestyle, hit movies, news, and sports. Subscribing to this package gives you access to 90+ live channels and local TV stations along with 45,000+ on-demand titles.

Enjoy the entertainment you crave with the must-have sports. Perhaps the best reason to sign up for DIRECTV is those sports channels, which carry the regular season NHL games, showcase MLB teams, and air NBA sporting events. No competitor offers this range of regional sports networks, so for sports aficionados who wish to catch their favorite teams live in action, DIRECTV Choice package is definitely worth a shot. Especially for access to your local regional sports networks, you'll need to subscribe to the Choice package at $84.99 or a higher tier.

As a cherry on top, the price includes 3 months of FREE HBO Max™, Cinemax®, EPIX®, STARZ® and SHOWTIME®!

Channel Lineup

With Choice package, you get all channels included in the DIRECTV Entertainment package, your local networks, and more popular channels like:



As the name suggests, DIRECTV Ultimate package is the ultimate for movie fans, who value reliability, affordability, but want a fair share of blockbusters. You will get the best return for your investment as this package puts at your disposal 130+ popular live channels and local broadcast TV along with 55,000+ on-demand titles.

A dream-come-true for any movie lover, DIRECTV Ultimate includes what you need for your  at-home film festival. One of the biggest highlights of this package is access to every STARZ ENCORE® channel. Plus, you get your favorite regional sports networks.

Priced at $94.99/mo. this DIRECTV includes FREE access to HBO Max™ for 3 months. Enjoy TV series, movies, exclusive MAX originals and more. What’s more, Cinemax®, EPIX®, STARZ® and SHOWTIME® also come along for the same duration.

Channel Lineup

Here is a list of some popular channels you are likely to get with your DIRECTV Ultimate subscription. The best part is these are on top of the many popular networks included in DIRECTV Choice:



With TV shows, movies, news, sports, and premium networks, DIRECTV Premier package is perfect for TV lovers who want it all. Enjoy 140+ Live TV channels including local channels, national networks, and Regional Sports Networks. And binge anytime with 65,000+ on-demand titles. 

If you are after premium channels, DIRECTV Premier brings together the crème de la crème of popular & premium cable networks, including HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and Cinemax®. At $139.99/mo., which also includes EPIX® FREE for the first 3 months.

So, sign up for DIRECTV Premier today and make the most of your streaming TV because it gets you the variety of premium entertainment which is hard to beat for the competition.

Channel Lineup

The DIRECTV Premier package gets you the maximum number of popular channels to run your in-home cinema. With the Premier network assortment, you’d want to put your remote down. Here is what you are likely to get with your DIRECTV Premier subscription. These networks come on top of all the network favorites included with Ultimate.



The DIRECTV service has an inclusive approach in terms of equipment. It gives you a variety of popular options to stream live TV and on demand content. Use a streaming device or an online streaming platform. You can watch it all via a range of gadgets. Be it your Samsung Smart TV or the Roku streaming TV box, an Android smartphone or an iPhone, Windows PC or an iPad.

With that said, the exclusive DIRECTV device, which is an add-on, delivers an enhanced viewing experience. You get all your entertainment options in one place, no need to change inputs as you surf through live TV, On Demand, cloud DVR and apps, topped with access to over 7,000 apps on Google Play. Your experience becomes smarter with the voice remote, which comes powered by Google Assistant. Not only you can control your in-home cinema with the command of your voice, but smart home devices.

The quick and easy self install does away with the hassle of getting professionals over for service installation, and of course the one-time charge that comes with that. Enjoy the best of TV over a wired or WiFi connection. Pair audio speakers, headsets or game controllers via Bluetooth. The device delivers a complete and contemporary streaming experience for the whole family.

You can include the exclusive DIRECTV device at a one-time charge of $120 or on installments spread over a 24-month contractual period while you get to pay only $5/month. The choice is yours, but if you don’t have a streaming TV arrangement already in place, this is a great deal!

DIRECTV: Value-packed Add-ons

Get your ticket to endless entertainment with these most popular DIRECTV service add-ons:

There You Are!

Now that you know what’s on offer on the DIRECTV STREAM menu, we hope you feel more confident about deciding which package you must subscribe to in order to cater to your live TV streaming needs. And enjoy the freedom, flexibility and convenience which DIRECTV affords you.  

And if you are still confused which DIRECTV package should you opt for, speak to a professional at 1-855-925-2541. They will guide you exactly which package may suit you the best and also tell you about available DIRECTV bundle options. If AT&T high-speed internet is available in your area, rest assured you can stream with reliable, fast and consistent speeds.

So, go ahead, take your pick, and start streaming today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DIRECTV worth it?

DIRECTV is a reliable live TV streaming service which is excellent if you are a sports lover or want to watch the latest Blockbusters. Plus, it is notably the only live TV streaming service that carries as many regional sports networks. You can start with the DIRECTV Entertainment package or upgrade to Choice, Ultimate, or Premier for additional channels and content. Call at 1-855-925-2541 and speak to a representative for more details.

What channels come with DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offer a variety of channels for in-home entertainment, but it all depends on the package you choose. Plus, the number of channels offered in the DIRECTV may differ depending on your exact location. For this reason, reach out to DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 to find out which channels are being offered in your area.

Can DIRECTV be streamed?

DIRECTV STREAM offers customers a way to stream live TV and a lot of sports content via their home internet connection, without any cable box, satellite equipment, or installers. All you need is a compatible streaming device or online platform. If you choose the exclusive DIRECTV device, you can  buy it upfront or pay a monthly installment over a period of 24 months.

How many devices can stream DIRECTV?

You can stream DIRECTV on up to 20 compatible devices when at home while 3 concurrent streams are allowed on the go. The live TV streaming service is compatible with many popular devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs. You can also run it via browsers like Chromecast, Android phones and tabs, and iOS based devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods.  

How do I stream DIRECTV?

While DIRECTV offers customers its own add-on streaming device, you can stream your favorite TV content on streaming devices like Fire TV, Roku, and more by downloading the DIRECTV app on your device. Moreover, DIRECTV requires speeds of at least 8 Mbps per stream for optimal viewing.

How many streams do you get with DIRECTV?

With DIRECTV, the number of concurrent in-home streaming limit is 20. And you can use up to 3 of those streams on the go.