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In this modern day and age, the best kind of entertainment is versatile. This is why so many providers work hard to get you your TV on your smartphone via apps to watch on the go. Cox TV service service not only boasts technology that is worth every penny but also has a selection of great TV plans that go perfectly with a household of any kind. One thing that definitely stands out with this provider is the Cox Mini box, which is kind of a smaller version of the Cox Contour TV box. If you like keeping things simple with easy access to entertainment around your house, the Cox Mini box is definitely the thing for you.

In this article, we discuss some of the features and functions of the Cox Mini Box, hoping to educate you on the manner.

What is the Cox Mini Box?

The Cox Mini Box is a streaming box, that you can attach to any TV in your house to get a basic entertainment experience. This mini box however is equipment with limited scope for entertainment. Initially introduced as a digital signal converter to customers with older TV boxes, the Cox mini-box has been refined to include a greater variety. It does have a smaller lineup when it comes to live channels, with most of its entertainment driving from on-demand and pay-per-view titles. Some of the features that you get to enjoy with the Cox Mini Box include:

  • Add a TV box to every TV in your house for a complete entertainment experience
  • Cox Mini Box is small enough to fit most spaces
  • A small monthly rental of under $5 for the Cox Mini box which fits most budgets
  • Easy to setup within minutes
  • A strong set of parental controls that you can put up for the young ones in your home
  • Closed captions available for accessibility needs
  • All basic channels depending on the Cox TV package you have

What Can I Watch on The Cox Mini Box?

The Cox Mini Box is the perfect partner to keep you company during the long hours of the day. Find a variety of live, local broadcasting channels, on-demand titles, and more to watch, all from the comfort of your bedroom. The Cox Mini box, however, has been designed to keep the features and programming to a minimum. Hence, there is a limit to the things you can access on this box. Some of the things that you can enjoy watching with your Cox Mini Box include the following:

  • TV channels in the Starter TV or Essential TV service tier. This includes local broadcasting channels like ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, FOX, etc.
  • Pay-per-view movies and titles
  • A large library of on-demand selections
  • Latino package comes with CNN Español, Discovery Español, FOX & ESPN Desportes, Galavision and more Hispanic original content

The Cox Mini box is not compatible with DVR, therefore you cannot watch DVR recordings on it. You also cannot purchase separate channel packs for your mini box such as Premium networks, Sports channel packs, and other such things. Even so, the Cox Mini box is perfect if you want the essentials on your TV along with streaming the on-demand options available on the box itself.

Cox Contour TV: The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

If you are looking for a contemporary entertainment experience with a touch of modern flavor, meet the Cox Contour TV box. This set-top box not only brings you a large variety of entertainment options but also does so with advanced technology that is sure to leave you enthralled. Watch your favorite channels on the Cox Contour TV, connect with your much-loved streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and enjoy trendy integrated streaming.

The Cox Contour TV is a departure from the basic television experience you get with the Cox Mini box. Sure the latter does manage to cover most of the essential components of TV programming but in the 21st century, there is always a way to do better. You can use your DVR with Cox TV, up to 250 hours worth of HD programming, and watch TV on the go with the easy Cox TV App. If all that isn’t enough you can also use the Cox voice remote to get the ultimate experience, by simply voicing out commands and letting the remote search things for you.

The Cox Contour set-top box works seamlessly with your TV and depending on your Cox TV plan gets you quite a few perks on the side. Pay on a month-to-month basis without having to worry about contracts or agreements.

Cox TV Plans

Cox offers three tiers of its TV service. With the Cox Contour Starter, you get access to over 75+ channels, with local broadcasting channels making up the bulk of the lineup. However, you can customize your plan with more premium content and access TV on the go with the Cox TV app. All for $53.00 per month without any contracts.

The next service tier is the Cox Contour Preferred, getting you around 140+ channels with plenty of local and popular options. You also get premium apps that you can access as long as you have their subscription. You can also customize this plan with premium networks and channel packs. This plan comes up to a price of $98.00 per month without any term agreements.

The final tier of the Cox TV service is the Cox Contour Ultimate with over 250+ channels to enjoy.  You get some premium networks included in the price, along with options to add more for a small charge.  You also get some channel packs such as sports added to the price and the choicest apps for on-demand entertainment. The Contour Ultimate is priced at $138.00 per month, which is quite a bargain for all the value you get with it.

Cox Contour TV Plan

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Everyday low price. No term agmt.



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Everyday low price. No term agmt.


If you are looking for a complete entertainment experience with Cox TV, going for the Cox Contour TV is the best course of action. Not only do you get advanced technology to enjoy your TV, but also an entirely customizable TV experience. However, if you are looking for basic TV to adorn other televisions in your home, the Cox Mini box is the perfect addition to your service. It functions not just as an add-on to your TV but also as an entirely separate entity, which is great if that is what you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I receive an HD picture with my Cox Mini box?

If you have a high-definition TV set and a connection to the Cox mini box through an HDMI cable, you will automatically get HD channels, if any are available.

Can I watch recorded shows with my Cox Mini box?

The Cox Mini box is not compatible with DVR, hence you cannot access DVR recordings on your TV.

How can I get Cox Contour TV service?

To get Cox TV service at your residence, call us at 855-349-9316