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If you are considering switching to a cable internet provider that offers fast and reliable internet, and has earned a good repute for its services nationwide, Cox Communications can be a sure bet. The 3rd largest U.S. cable service provider boasts a footprint in 19 states with services available to nearly 21 million―Arizona, California and Virginia are the 3 Cox states where services are the most widely available.

Why You Should Choose Cox?

Cox Communications does not only offer a cable broadband service, but cable TV, home phone, and smart home security. This enables consumers to pick more than one service under the same roof―you can go with a double, triple or quad play based on whatever your home requires, and pay for multiple services via one convenient bill every month. 

Cox Internet Plans & Prices

Whether you are looking for internet that takes care of basic online needs or supports heavy online activities, Cox cable internet is a good option―Cox offers a good variety of internet plans to cover a range of consumer needs and wants, making it perfect for everyone. As for data, it is capped―but no bummer. Because Cox gives 1280 GB data across the board. And to be honest, that is very adequate for a household with a standard usage pattern―and then some.

Get an idea of what each speed-based plan can support―

And now consider the pricing details so you are able to shape a more complete picture of things―

Internet Plan

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Data Allowance

Promo Price
for 12 mos. w/1-yr. term agrmt.

 Cox Internet Starter  

25/3 Mbps

1280 GB


Cox Internet Essential  

50/3 Mbps

1280 GB


Cox Internet Preferred  

150/10 Mbps

1280 GB


Cox Internet Ultimate  

500/10 Mbps

1280 GB


Cox Gigablast

940/35 Mbps

1280 GB



What Can You Get with Cox Internet Packages?

There is more to Cox Internet than just speed. Let’s now take a quick look at what else do Cox internet packages put on the table―this way you’ll be able to better assess the overall value of a potential subscription.   

Cox Panoramic WiFi

Cox offers a high-end wireless gateway, which combines a modem and WiFi router, and delivers reliable speeds with wall-to-wall coverage. You can enhance the coverage if you live in a big house―add on the Panoramic WiFi Pods, extend coverage to the farther corners, and kill dead zones.

Cox Panoramic WiFi delivers internet with Advanced Security, you get real-time alerts when a threat is detected, and all connected devices stay protected. 

Declutter your space with a 2-in-1 device―it is a dual-band gateway which automatically steers your devices to the best WiFi frequency. A big plus is Cox ensures your device stays updated with the latest software/firmware, and gets replaced if it becomes obsolete.

You can manage your Wi-Fi via the Panoramic WiFi Gateway app, and also the web portal―which makes it very convenient to monitor connected devices and do more.

An important thing you need to know is Cox offers the Panoramic WiFi Gateway only for rental. You pay $12/mo. for a secure in-home WiFi network, that allows you to work and play anywhere in the house. 

Cox WiFi hotspots 

Cox offers free internet access to over 3 million WiFi hotspots across its service states. Subscribers can save on mobile data by connecting to an available hotspot―with the added peace of mind the connection is secure even outside home.

The only caveat is Cox Internet Starter does not make you eligible for free access to the nationwide Cox WiFi hotspot network―you must be subscribe to Cox Internet Essential or above if you are to connect via a Cox WiFi hotspot outside when on-the-go.

Internet Security

Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee® comes FREE with all plans above Cox Internet Starter. Help yourself experience safe surfing in a virus-free environment, and keep your devices protected from online threats. Cox allows you to manage protected devices via the web portal―add or remove devices, reinstall software, and do more.

Cox Elite Gamer

If you are a gamer, Cox has good news for you: Cox Elite Gamer comes included with Cox Panoramic WiFi. Elite Gamer utilizes intelligent tech to help gamers win the game by reducing ping spikes, jitter and lag. It delivers an optimized gaming experience by automatically finding a faster path to the PC game server.

The dashboard puts you in control with info regarding game connection improvements, real-time connection quality, and details from prior game sessions.

If you are using your own modem, you can still add on Elite Gamer for $6.99/month.

More Affordable Ways to Get Cox Internet

Cox StraightUp Internet

Cox StraightUp Internet―this is a pay-as-you-go option from Cox which delivers up to 25 Mbps download speed at an all-in price of $50. Speed may not be fast enough for those who like to download heavy games or love to stream 4K, but for standard usage of a small family, it is adequate. The biggest perk is if you pay your bill each month, Cox guarantees the same price for 3 years! There is no term agreement, no credit check, no deposit, and no hidden fees.

The plan includes a wireless modem and self-install kit―its an easy setup, and Cox sends you all that you may need to do that.

Cox Connect2Compete

Cox believes access to technology is critical to a student’s education. But a great number of American students lack high-speed internet access. For this reason Cox has been engaged in providing low-cost internet to households with K-12 student(s) under the Cox Connect2Compete program.

This affordable internet program includes home internet with up to 50 Mbps download speeds, and 1.25 TB data allowance. The WiFi modem comes included in the price, and subscribers also get free access to the Cox WiFi hotspot network. All for $9.95 per month, and with no annual contract.

In order to qualify for this special program―which runs in line with the FCC initiative to connect America―if your household includes at least one K-12 student and is also enrolled in a government assistance program, you maybe eligible for Cox low-cost internet. You can check details and enroll here.  

Make Your Own Bundle with Cox Internet

Cox encourages you to bundle more than one service and reap the benefit of subscribing to all services  under one roof.

Sick of making multiple monthly payments to different providers? This is where flexible and customizable Cox bundles come in―there is one consolidated bill every month, and you get to deal with a single source of customer support. So, if your home needs 2 or more services, go ahead and design your own bundle with Cox, add products and extras that fit your needs, with the peace of mind you can make changes after the fact.  

Check out how to best combine Cox services in a bundled package, and browse the popular ones.

Cox Internet Service: The Pros & Cons

The Pros  

    The Cons  

      The Endnote

      There is no denying Cox offers the fastest speeds cable can deliver―and while Cox internet packages don’t cost you an arm and a leg, there are value perks for you to enjoy. Choose a plan that fits your needs perfectly, and reach out to Cox Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9316 for pro advice and subscription.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Cox available in my area?

      Currently, Cox offers services in 19 states. To confirm offer availability in your vicinity, contact Cox Customer Service at 1-855-349-9316.

      Can I buy my own modem for Cox?

      Yes, you can buy your own modem for Cox. However, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the Cox internet service plan you are subscribed to. You can contact Cox Customer Service for guidance.