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Situated between the edge of the Great Plains and the foot of the Ozarks, Tulsa is the gateway to the land of vegetation, hills and lakes i.e. the Green Country or Northeast Oklahoma. The second largest city in the state, and one of the 50 most populated in the U.S., it was once known as the Oil City of the world. Albeit, today the Tulsa job market is diverse and extends beyond the energy industry to sectors such as health care, manufacturing and aerospace.

In Tulsa, you get to enjoy both the cosmopolitan delights and small town charms. This is where southern hospitality meets you with an urban twist. The city has a dense suburban feel to it. And, for many residents the best part is you can make it to anywhere within 15 minutes. The low cost of living and its diverse and thriving culture and arts scene make Tulsa quite a favorite for people who choose to move here.

Moving to a new city comes with its own set of challenges however. And finding the most suitable internet service provider for your home tops the charts. So, if you’ve just made your new home in Tulsa, read on. Our article today talks about one of the most widely available ISPs in Tulsa.

Cox Communications in Tulsa, Oklahoma

With 95% of the city able to access wired broadband, Tulsa stands among the top 25 most connected cities in Oklahoma. In all, 16 residential providers serve the city neighborhoods, with high-speed DSL, cable, fiber, fixed wireless and satellite internet. Fiber access is limited to 40% of the city’s population. But the most popular type of broadband service i.e. Cable is available to over 98%. And Cox Communications wins the local market with its reliable high-speed internet service.

Given how the network coverage of various ISPs in the Tulsa market goes, it is likely you’ll have to choose between high-speed DSL and Cable or Cable and Fiber in your neighborhood. But what gives Cox an edge is that it delivers a broadband service via a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network which gets subscribers a solid and fast connection. While not pure Fiber, the Cox Internet connection delivers ideal performance for streaming as noted by Nielson Data. Plus Cox also offers Cable TV, home phone and Homelife services, so you can include more services in your Cox Internet package, and build a bundle for your home as you want it.  For homes that are looking for a complete service suite, or an internet and TV bundle, Cox with its cable offers stands prominent.

Let’s take a look at the features and perks you can take advantage of with Cox Communications in Tulsa.  

Cox Internet Plans in Tulsa, OK

Cox Internet plans get you a variety of speed tiers. Cox covers everyone from a shy internet user to a pro gamer.  

The top Cox speed in Tulsa is 940 Mbps with the Gig service. A large ultra connected home can do great with this connection. It allows a number of devices and users to connect for 4K streaming, multi-player gaming, and more. You can run all your smart home security devices as well. The starting Cox download speed is however 25 Mbps. And the Cox Internet Starter is perfect for homes where only 1-2 users connect a couple of devices.

You get more speed variations in-between i.e. 50, 150 and 500 Mbps. While for homes on budget, the Internet Starter can do the job, and for basic usage the Internet Essential plan is good, Preferred and Ultimate plans are among the most popular. For mid-sized to larger households, these plans are ideal with 150 and 500 Mbps fast downloads and over 1 TB data. Multiple users and devices, adults who work from home, kids who learn online, as well as streamers and gamers, everyone in the family can connect to do what they love online.   

Here take a look at Cox Internet plans available in Tulsa. Pick the one that fits your home size and usage pattern. You can confirm availability of offers and check on the exact Cox Internet prices in your area with a Cox Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9316.

Cox Package


Max. Download/Upload Speeds

Data Allowance


Internet Starter 25


25/3 Mbps

1.2 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year term agrmt.

Internet Essential 50

50/3 Mbps

1.2 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year term agrmt.

Internet Preferred 150

150/10 Mbps

1.2 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year term agrmt.

Internet Ultimate 500

500/10 Mbps

1.2 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year term agrmt.

Cox Gigablast

940/35 Mbps

1.2 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year term agrmt.


Cox Internet Plans: Appealing Perks and Add-ons

Cox 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Cox packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t feel satisfied you can always disconnect within 30 days of service installation and Cox will refund you the standard installation charge, first month’s service fee and any equipment charges if applicable. Meaning, there is a no-risk really.

Free Cox WiFi Hotspots

When you are subscribed to a Cox Internet plan you can connect to any of the 3+ million Cox WiFi hotspots across the country. With high-speed WiFi available on the go, you get to save on your mobile data, plus you don’t need to worry about finding a secure connection.

Cox Internet Security Suite  

Cox Internet plans, 50 Mbps and above, include an internet security suite powered by McAfee®. It helps you prevent identity theft, stay virus-free, and keep your shopping and banking transactions totally secure.

The McAfee account portal helps you manage the Cox Security Suite Plus subscription with ease. You can check each device for protection status, add or remove devices, reinstall software, and do  more.  

Cox Panoramic WiFi

With every Cox Internet package you get the choice to include the Panoramic WiFi Gateway for $12 month. Unless you intend to use your own equipment, this offer from Cox is a brilliant add-on and gets you two devices in one i.e. the modem and the router.

The Gateway is dual band and automatically chooses the best WiFi frequencies for different online activities. For extended coverage you can pair Panoramic WiFi Pods with the Gateway, and enjoy reliable speed and coverage across the entire house. Included Advanced Security protects all devices connected to your in-home network.

The best thing about Cox Panoramic WiFi is you can manage your in-home WiFi network via a mobile app, anytime from anywhere. And, if you want, you can also access your personal network via the WiFi Web portal. Hunt WiFi hogs, organize connected devices, control WiFi settings, manage device protection from cyber threats etc. Cox Panoramic WiFi makes it easy to do all of that and more.

The Endnote

As we said earlier, chances are you’ll have to compare high-speed DSL or Fiber offers to what Cox gets you. Unless your internet consumption demands a pure Fiber connection with high upload speeds, broadband delivered by Cox via its hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network makes for a reliable high-speed internet choice. Especially when you look at the range of Cox services in Tulsa, and how the provider allows you to build the right bundle with one or more services included alongside the internet.

While Cox offers are pretty ubiquitous across its service locations, a good way to start is to reach out to Cox Customer Service at  1-855-349-9316, and speak to a professional who can confirm availability in your area, and also help you pick the plan right for your needs. 
For Spanish Customers: Cox En Español or llamar al +1-844-520-8979

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which Cox Internet plan is good for casual browsing?

Cox Internet Starter gives you 25 Mbps download speed. This is the Cox starting speed in its service locations, and the plan is good for 1-2 people whose usage of the internet is standard, such as casual browsing, emails, social networking etc. With that said the plan can also support work from home and virtual learning needs.  

Which Cox internet plan should I choose for 4K video streaming?

If you wish to stream in 4K, Cox Gigablast gets you up to 940 Mbps downloads. With this plan you can connect a number of devices and stream video in 4K seamlessly.