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It goes without saying gaming consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii have always been popular, but it is equally true that PC gaming is more popular today than ever before. Because any avid gamer knows nothing can beat the level of responsiveness and graphics rendering made possible by a computer.

Of course, to play online games you need super fast internet that helps maximize your performance— great upload and download speeds are crucial to having an unforgettable gaming experience. But, that is not all, there are other factors too, which play a critical role in the process. In fact, at times it is not necessary to increase your downstream or upstream speed, rather you can optimize your gaming experience by looking into how to improve latency, ping spikes, jitter, lag etc.

Take Your Gaming Experience to a Whole New Level with Cox Elite Gamer

Have you ever imagined how great it would be to have an optimal gaming experience without having to upgrade to an internet plan that offers more speed? Well, we have good news for you: Cox has announced the launch of Elite Gamer. If you are wondering what that is, let us tell you it is a free service provided by Cox Communications to all subscribers who also include Panoramic Wi-Fi in their internet plan. If however, you do not choose to go for the Panoramic Wi-Fi, you can still benefit from Cox Elite Gamer service, only it would cost you extra.

With gaming sales reflecting an increase of about 52% in May 2020 relative to May 2019, it was a prudent move on part of Cox to launch the service across all Cox Markets in the U.S. For about a year until the launch, the service was in trial phase in select regions.

The Cox Elite Gamer service aims to enhance the experience for PC gamers by tackling varied aspects of internet performance. With the Elite Gamer, players will automatically find a faster path to the PC game server, which will be key to optimizing the gaming connection.

How Exactly Does Cox Elite Gamer Work?

In order to enable gamers to have an enhanced experience over an unparalleled PC gaming connection, Elite Gamer focuses on lowering latency by routing PC game traffic more efficiently. For this reason, it has been designed to use an intelligent server network. Instead of taking the easiest path available, data transfer occurs over the most efficient path available.

As data from your PC leaves Cox’s network and heads towards the gaming server through the most efficient internet path, there is 32% reduction in the lag you experience. Meaning, the response time gets lowered i.e. the time it takes for the data to complete the round trip from your device to the game server and back-- which is commonly referred to as the ping rate.

So you see, the Cox Elite Gamer add-on does not focus on speed. Instead, it plays a vital role in improving the quality of the connection between your computer and the game server-- essentially by taking care of the ping rate, reducing ping spikes, minimizing the jitter, and making the connection more stable and efficient.

What Are the Pros of Using the Cox Elite Gamer Add-On?

Besides being able to enjoy seamless online gaming, another great advantage of using the Cox Elite Gamer add-on is that you get real-time analysis of the quality of your gaming connection. The app’s PC dashboard displays instant updates for you to track the performance of your Cox Internet connection by recording the overall boost %age, how much ping time is saved, loss of stability, lag spikes and more. The dashboard even allows you to view details from previous game sessions. Reports generated thus help you find out when a disruption occurred and what caused it.

In addition to that, this amazing service from Cox Communications helps you increase engagement with the gaming community—via public leaderboards and by giving you a way to find out what games your friends may be playing. Meaning, a large population of subscribers can easily maintain an online connection with others, making the experience all the more worthwhile.

On the side note, the list of games supported by the Cox Elite Gamer is quite impressive. You will find yourself well covered from the latest AAA games to multiplayer classics. For a complete list of supported games click here.

What Are the Cons of Using the Cox Elite Gamer Add-On?

One of the downsides to the Cox Elite Gamer add-on is you get access to the service when you opt for higher-speed tiers such as the Cox Internet Preferred 150. But then, if you connect to lower speed tiers like Cox Internet Starter 10 or Cox Internet Essential 50, you would not have the right speed for your gaming sprees to begin with.

Secondly, all Cox internet plans come with a data allowance of 1.25TB, which means if you are a die-hard gamer you may find yourself exceeding that limit on occasions. Albeit, Cox does offer an Unlimited data plan as well as a 500GB additional data plan, which you can sign up for on top of your primary subscription. With that said, let us add that for most users, 1.25TB allowance does fulfill all standard needs, including modest gaming activity.

Lastly, the Cox Elite Gamer service is currently only compatible with PCs that run on Windows 7 or a higher version of the OS. It would not work with gaming consoles like the PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, and it is also not yet compatible with Apple products. This may be a disappointment for all gamers who prefer gaming consoles or are Mac users, however it may not be long before we see Cox Elite Gamer becoming compatible with a greater range of devices and operating systems.

What is the Cost of Subscribing to Cox Elite Gamer?

As we mentioned earlier on, in order to subscribe to the Cox Elite Gamer service, you would naturally have to opt for a Cox internet plan that delivers 150 Mbps or higher speeds. If you also subscribe to the Panoramic Wi-Fi service, currently priced at $10.99/mo., you get access to the Cox Elite Gamer without an additional cost. But if you don’t, you’d pay about $15/mo. for your subscription to the Cox Elite Gamer service. In either case you can add 3 more devices to your service subscription for under $5/mo. per device. All charges will reflect in your monthly Cox bill to pay.

The best part is there is no annual contract to use this add-on. You can cancel your service at any time you want, without incurring an Early Termination Fee.  

Is Cox Elite Gamer Worth Buying?

Even though the Cox Elite Gamer service may be slightly expensive for some users, gamers are likely to find it very appealing. What you must keep in mind is that a good gaming experience is very much dependent on a stable internet connection.

Cox Elite Gamer is not intended to increase the download and upload speeds delivered by your Cox internet plan, however, this service is capable of lowering the latency level by intelligent routing of PC game traffic to gaming servers via the most efficient path available—resulting in 45% less jitter and 55% fewer ping spikes. Needless to say, it plays a vital role in handling gaming traffic in the most effective and efficient way, making your gaming connection more reliable.

You may think what use is paying an extra amount when it does not result in a speed increase, but if you are into PC gaming you would also know smooth and responsive gaming is dependent on much more than just speed. So, you don’t pay an extra fee for speed, rather the intelligent routing capability of the service.

Once you have access to the service, all you need to do is download the app on your PC, sign in with your Cox credentials, and get going with your game! So, it is really a hassle free initiation.

Final Take

In a nutshell, Cox Elite Gamer is perfect for you if you’re a serious PC gamer and share a network with other users. So, if you are one, and you already use Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi, you have nothing to lose by subscribing to the Cox Elite Gamer.

In case you are not subscribed to Cox services, but would like to try out the Cox Elite Gamer, contact Cox Customer Service (Cox Servicio al Cliente), get all your questions answered by Cox professionals and subscribe to a brand new gaming experience!