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Among its many other unique attractions, Chandler, Arizona, is famous for its annual Ostrich Festival. A spring special and a Chandler favorite for over a quarter century! Ranked among one of the best places to live in Arizona, Chandler is essentially a suburb of Phoenix. The city’s somewhat higher cost of living may be off-putting for movers, but the quality of life you can enjoy, enriched with a dense suburban feel, is definitely every bit worth it. From its many majestic parks, popular hiking and walking trails, to museums, and public art that is at display all over, you will find a lot to feel good about. Not to forget the craft beer scene which is very much alive and kicking in Chandler.

To top that, Chandler is also currently the 3rd most connected city in Arizona. Meaning one thing that you’d not have to worry about when you move here, is broadband access.

Why choose Cox Communications in Chandler, AZ?

Chandler residents are served by 11 residential internet providers, some nationwide and others local or regional. You can access all wired forms of the internet, like high-speed DSL, Cable, Fiber. As well as wireless types such as Satellite and Fixed Wireless. But unless you are beyond the reach of a wireline service, the wireless form of the internet does not really come into the equation.

As for wired providers, you have Cox Communications with widespread network coverage in the city, and also CenturyLink. The 2 major nationwide ISPs provide a different kind of internet service. CenturyLink delivers high-speed DSL and Fiber, while the Cox network provides Fiber backed cable broadband. Chances are you will encounter an overlapping of these types in your Chandler neighborhood. And that is when you need to assess which available type is a better fit for your needs.

If Cable is what you prefer, then with 87% Chandler population covered, Cox is a worthy option. Especially because Cox is the one provider which delivers a full range of residential services, and also gives you the liberty to build your bundle as you want it. This helps cut down the hassle of dealing with more than one vendor in a new city. And having to pay for services on separate bills every month.

All in all, with the perks of its internet service, and what more comes when you bundle with other services such as the Cox Contour TV, you can get good value for your money from a Cox package.

Cox Internet plans & prices in Chandler, AZ

Cox Internet is delivered over an advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network which is able to offer download speeds up to 940 Mbps. Overall, you get 5 speed based tiers, which can meet a range of consumer needs. The staring plan gives you 25 Mbps downloads, and then you have 50, 150 and 500 Mbps speed tiers topped by the Cox Gigablast. This way Cox is able to take care of small to large homes, and standard to extensive internet usage. Here is a listing of these speed-based Cox Internet plans:

Internet Plan


Best As

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Data Allowance

What can you do with it?

Go Fast


Budget Choice

100/5 Mbps

1280 GB

Ideal for small households with light internet usage like checking/sending email and light browsing on a couple of devices

Go Faster


Basic Plan

250/10 Mbps

1280 GB

Perfect for light to moderate usage on 3-5 devices

Go Even Faster


Fast and Popular

500/10 Mbps

1280 GB

Ideal for streaming and browsing on up to 7 devices

Go Super Fast


Faster & Best Seller

1000/35 Mbps

1280 GB

Perfect for moderate 4K streaming, virtual learning and multi-player gaming on up to 9 devices

Go Beyond Fast


Ultra-Fast Speeds & Best for Connectedness

2 Gbps/100 Mbps

1280 GB

Great for browsing, gaming and video streaming in 8K on 9+ devices

* Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Now let’s take a look at some value features you can enjoy with your Cox Internet subscription:

  • Enjoy FREE access to the countrywide network of over 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots—so you no longer have to worry about a secure high-speed connection when you are out and about. If you have always been skeptical about connecting to public WiFi, Cox saves the day for you!
  • Get whole-home WiFi with the Panoramic WiFi Gateway from Cox. For $12/mo. rental cost, you can take advantage of intelligent WiFi with advanced security, and enjoy the ease of managing your network via the Panoramic WiFi app.
  • Cox Internet in Chandler is no-risk really, because it comes with 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel the service within 30 days of installation and Cox shall refund you the monthly service charge, any equipment rental fee as well as the standard installation fee.

Make your Cox bundle with speedy internet in Chandler, AZ

As we said earlier, Cox Communications allows subscribers to build a bundle just like they need it to be. You pick a speed tier suitable to your household internet consumption, and then add on what more your home requires.

The Cox Contour TV service gives you a variety of plans to pick from. Starter, Preferred, and Ultimate include 75+, 140+ and 250+ channels respectively. Which means there is a plan for all types of in-home entertainment regimes.

The Cox channel lineup includes America’s favorite broadcast and cable networks, and features premium networks with select plans. While a Cable service, the Cox Contour TV experience is contemporary. The Contour TV set-top box with voice remote, and the Contour app set the tone for much mobility, flexibility and convenience.

So if you are not a cord-cutter home, a Cox package with any of the 3 Contour TV plans with your chosen speed tier can get you good value for your money in terms of service quality and features.

Cox Communications’ portfolio also includes a digital home phone service delivered over a Fiber network. You can subscribe to Voice Preferred for only $20/mo. to enjoy unlimited talk time nationwide, along with a complete set of essential and popular digital calling features. If you are into ensuring a greater level of convenience and security to your new Chandler home, you can check out Cox Homelife. Homelife plans offer both smart home automation and security services with 24/7 pro monitoring.

Bundling Cox services up may not add up to savings in dollars, but you do acquire a lot of perks that make it worth it to bundle essential home services under the Cox roof. 

Concluding words

We hope our discussion, of Cox Internet and other Cox services to bundle it with, proves useful to your decision-making process. As we said, it is important to know which internet service type do you prefer for your kind of household usage. If you are clear about that, you are likely to have an easier time comparing Cox offers in your Chandler neighborhood with other available options.

In case you wish to get some pro advice, speak to Cox Customer Service (cox servicio al cliente) representatives at 1-855-349-9316. They can run an availability check on Cox offers in your area, and also advise you as to what kind of a Cox package maybe a better fit for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the cheapest standalone Cox Internet plan in Chandler, AZ?

The Cox Go Fast is the cheapest internet-only plan from Cox Communications. You get up to 100 Mbps downloads. The plan costs $50/mo. for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement in Chandler, Arizona.

Is Cox available in my area?

Cox provides network coverage in 18 states, and delivers a Fiber-backed internet service. Contact Cox Customer Service at 1-855-349-9316 to determine if Cox offers are available at your address.