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With magnificent cliff side views, eye-catchy natural surroundings, pristine beaches, historic architecture, a rich cultural heritage, and Mediterranean climate, Santa Barbara is the American Riviera. The breathtakingly beautiful landscape adorning the region between the Ynez Mountains and the Pacific ocean, makes Santa Barbara a top attraction for vacationers and movers alike. Ranked among the top 5 most expensive in California, Santa Barbara is one of the top 10 best places to live in the state overall, especially for its quality of life.

Whether you are looking to retire comfortably and enjoy the urban-suburban vibe of the city. Or you’re willing to pay for the high quality of life in Santa Barbara. When you move, the one thing likely to top the chart of your priorities is the right internet provider for your new home. And, chances are even if you settle down in a suburban vicinity, you maybe within the reach of the Cox wireline network.

So, read on to discover what the top ISP choice in Santa Barbara, brings to the table for the residents.

Cox Communications in Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is a pretty well connected city with about 7 residential internet service providers. City residents get access to high-speed DSL, Cable, Satellite and Fixed Wireless, but availability of Fiber is almost negligible.

Approximately 78% of Santa Barbara residents have access to multiple wired providers, and in most neighborhoods you are likely to get high-speed DSL along with pitched against fiber-powered cable broadband from Cox Communications. But, Cox in Santa Barbara becomes a pretty no-brainer choice because its network is able to deliver the highest download speed, and extends coverage to nearly 98% neighborhoods.

Plus the provider’s offers in the city include the option to bundle services for your home. A contemporary Cable TV service and streaming options, home phone, and smart home security. You can pick any of the services your home needs, and bundle with Cox Internet. When you make Cox your sole provider of digital services, you can cut the hassle of having to deal with multiple vendors in a new city, and you also get to pay for all services with a single bill. 

How to Better Bundle Cox Services in Santa Barbara, CA

Cox encourages you to pick services, and plans that are a good fit for your needs, and bundle them up as you want, rather than pre-defining packages for you. This way you can choose the Cox Internet speed tier that is neither too high nor too low for your needs. The exact Contour TV lineup with just the channels you watch, instead of also paying for the ones you don’t. And, if you don’t want a cable TV setup, you can pair the Contour Stream Player with high-speed internet. Or signup for the Contour Flex service and stream select network favorites via the Contour app, or network apps.   

To help you make a Cox bundle that is a near perfect fit for your home, let’s run you through the key features of each Cox service. This way you’ll be better able to match your requirements with what Cox gets you.

Cox Internet 

Cox Internet is delivered over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, and gets you up to 940 Mbps download speeds. You get a good variety with 25, 50, 150, and 500 Mbps tiers below that. This way Cox is able to fulfill the needs of different sized homes, with varying usage patterns.

Cox Internet prices may not be the lowest in the market, but are sure competitive, especially when you look at the perks you get alongside.

  • FREE access to over 3 million Cox WiFi hotspots nationwide, which help you save mobile data on the go.
  • The Cox Security Suite Plus, which protects your devices from cyber threats, comes included in the price when you opt for a plan 50 Mbps or above.
  • The Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway is an add on for $12/mo., but it gets you great WiFi coverage around the house especially when paired with the Panoramic Pods. An intelligent dual band modem cum wireless router, the Cox Panoramic Gateway is able to pick the best available WiFi frequency for each connected device. Plus it includes advanced security so all devices connected to your Cox in-home WiFi stay protected. You can manage your in-home network via the Panoramic WiFi app even remotely.
  • For gaming fans, when you get the Panoramic WiFi the Cox Elite Gamer service is included at no added cost. Help yourself reduce the lag and ping spikes, find the fastest path to the game server, and score victories!

 Here take a look at the variety of Cox speed tiers offered in Santa Barbara, CA.

Cox Internet Plan

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Data Allowance

Promo Price

Cox Internet Starter 25

Budget Choice


25/3 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement


Cox Internet Essential 50


50/3 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Cox Internet Preferred 150

Fast & Most Popular

150/10 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Cox Internet Ultimate 500

Faster & Best Seller

500/10 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Cox Gigablast


940/35 Mbps

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement


Cox Cable TV

Cox Contour TV service is not the least your old school Cable. Its a service with a modern outlook, totally able to compete with the flexibility, mobility and convenience which so many cord-cutters go after.

The Contour set-top box, which comes included in the price with current Cox Cable packages, is your one-stop-shop for all in-home entertainment. Access live TV, On Demand, DVR, and popular streaming apps all from one platform. The intelligent on-screen TV guide makes it easy to search for content, and gets you recommendations on what to watch based on your viewing history. While the Contour Voice Remote takes the convenience level up a notch, and does your bid at the command of your voice.

To top all of that, there is the Contour app, which allows you to take your cable TV anywhere. Stream live TV, On Demand, or your downloads anytime.  

As for the channel lineup based service tiers the Cox Contour TV gets you good choice. The Starter plan is perfect for a home where streaming services are the primary source of entertainment. The Preferred plan gets you a number of cable essentials watched in American homes. And Contour Ultimate is the top tier plan with 250+ networks, inclusive of premiums.

Cox also offers a mid-way plan between Preferred and Ultimate, which it calls Preferred Plus. This channel lineup carries some premiums on top of the Preferred channels. All in all Cox is able to cover a wide range of entertainment needs for small to big families, from modest TV watchers to avid fans.

Here take a look at the variety of Cox Contour TV plans in Santa Barbara. You may just be able to grab a

Cox Contour TV Plan

Max. Channel Count

Sample Networks

Promo Price

Contour Starter  



Broadcast Networks like CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, PBS, CW & more



Contour Preferred  



Starter channels plus
ESPN, HGTV, USA, TBS, Food Network & more


Contour Preferred Plus


Preferred channels plus


Cox Contour Ultimate  



Preferred Plus channels and
EPIX, MLB Network, NFL Network & more


Last but not least. The Cox home phone service in Santa Barbara can come in real handy if you want to save money on a reliable backup to your cellular service. Because it comes cheap, and also helps you save with unlimited calling in the U.S., and to Canada and Mexico.

The Cox digital voice service gets you crystal clear calling, and comes complete with popular and essential calling features that make your everyday communication easy to manage. Plus, with the Voice Everywhere app, you can use your home phone via your cell phone, when you are on the go.  

All in all with Cox Voice Preferred your home gets equipped with a digital backup at bargain price of $20/mo. So when you build the Cox bundle for you home, do not under estimate the importance of a home phone.

Cox Homelife

Want to ensure your new home in Santa Barbara is smart and secure? Just explore what Cox Homelife has to offer. Cox gets you affordable solutions to make your home more safe and efficient, and your everyday life simpler and more filled with peace of mind.

Cox Homelife plans are customizable, and you can either pick Homelife Automation or Homelife Security depending on your needs. Both plans feature connected smart home technology and include a starter kit smart equipment. The Homelife Security plan also includes a touchscreen control panel and 24/7 professional monitoring.

The Endnote

Now that you must have learned quite a bit about what each Cox residential service has to offer in Santa Barbara, its time to do your homework (if not already done). Decide which services your new home  requires, and get as accurate an idea of what service level will be the best suited. Once you have reached a fair estimate of what you are looking for, make things easier for yourself, and speak to a Cox Customer Service (cox servicio al cliente para español o llame al +1-844-520-8979) representative at 1-855-349-9316 to build your Cox bundle deal!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Cox bundles cost in Santa Barbara, California?

Cox encourages you to make your own bundle. You can pick any service tier for internet or TV and bundle up for maximum value. Which speed tier or channel lineup you choose decides the price of your Cox bundle. Cox Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9316 can help you figure things out the bundle pricing at your address.

What is the maximum speed of Cox Internet in Santa Barbara, California?

The maximum download speed offered by Cox Internet in Santa Barbara, California is 940 Mbps.