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The average undergraduate college student is very discerning when it comes to what they spend money on. There’s a good reason for that; what with the student debt that has to repay in the coming years and other immediate associated costs of attending college.

Many students choose to live off-campus to be closer to their part-time jobs and get cheaper accommodation within town. This adds to commute time and fuel or public transport costs, but overall it is a money-saving decision. However, living off-campus means that you’re deprived of the facilities available in dorms, libraries, cafes, and other university buildings when you’re not there.

Two of those facilities are a cable TV and the internet. There’s no way around having an internet connection for students. You have to submit assignments online, write research papers, and dig out information and unique angles for class discussions. You have to find inspiration online. Then there are your personal entertainment needs which need an internet connection as well. That means students residing off-campus have to pay for an internet connection.

You might be thinking that you don’t need cable TV because you don’t have time to watch it nor the need. But that’s a silly notion. We’ll discuss why you, a college student, should have cable TV at your residence on top of an internet connection.

This post describes the best cable TV and internet packages for college students across the United States.

Benefits of Cable TV for College Students

No matter whether you’re a student enrolled in politics, government, civics, law, sociology, history, philosophy, linguistics, media, finance, physics, engineering or pretty much any discipline’s courses, there’s a dedicated cable TV channel with a trove of information on the subject. There are myriad benefits of cable TV for students

  1. Increase Knowledgebase: By watching cable TV you learn what the experts have to say on the subject, what’s going on in your field of study currently, and what the future trends are. Imagine the intelligent talking points you can pick up for class discussions and papers to impress your professors. A good impression in your instructor’s mind goes a long way to keeping up the GPA!
  2. Diverse Points of View: When you’re attending college, it’s easy to be influenced by local opinions and view any other angle on a topic as wrong. Cable TV gives you access to not just local but international opinions on a topic. A few examples: Global Climate Change or Income Inequality or Universal Healthcare.
  3. Practical Considerations: It’s important to read the theory from the textbooks. But what about the real-world applications? What about the commercial opportunities of what you’re studying? Cable TV channels help you see the bigger picture, preparing you for job interviews at the end of your degree.
  4. Sports Parties: This is one big thing. Why go to a sports bar every time you want to watch a game? Grab some 24 packs and chill at home in front of your own TV. Call your friends over and do a BBQ. Don’t forget you can watch both pro and NCAA Div 1 games on cable TV.
  5. Entertainment: A good student knows that a balance between work and play is important. So why not subscribe to HBO, Starz, Showtime, and other premium networks to enjoy access to the trendiest and most popular shows? Everyone’s going to want to hang out at your place if you have cable TV.
  6. Promotional period: As we said before, you’re going to be paying for the internet anyway. All the cable TV and internet providers have promotional periods of 1 year during which you get reduced pricing if you get a bundle. Why not take advantage of that?

If you’re living with housemates or a roommate, you can split the cable TV and internet bill in your rent. If you’re a part of a fraternity or sorority, you can have the cable TV service subscribed to your house.

Remember, the internet cannot give you even a fraction of the knowledge and depth that you can get on cable TV. YouTube has outdated information or mere snippets from cable TV content. Streaming services are now dime a dozen yet the content on their services is limited in genres and scope. Cable TV also allows you to view all TV channels on the go on your mobile device.

Now, let’s check out the best bundles for US college students.

Double Play Packages for College Students

Here are the best internet and cable TV packages for college students.

Cox Double Play for Students

Another awesome option for college students is Cox Communications Double Play. The price is $89.99/mo. for 12 months.

Contour TV is the brand of cable TV which gives you an advanced TV guide so you can decide what to DVR. Besides that, it has AI which learns what you like to watch and makes suggestions for future broadcasts to watch.

Besides this, the Contour TV app lets you watch TV from anywhere! You get 140 crisp HD quality channels. Cox Double Play lets you choose “Channel Paks” which are channels of particular genres grouped together for a subscription. That means you pay only for what you really want to watch.

The internet speed of up to 150 Mbps enables you to work and play to the highest standards you expect of a service provider. The unique thing about Cox is the amazing 24/7/365 customer service which makes sure everything is running smoothly for you.

Xfinity Double Play for Students

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget cable TV and internet plan for students, here’s the best package for you. Xfinity Double Play starts at $79.99/mo. for 12 months.

The channel lineup is 140 HD networks providing you amazing content for you and your friends. With this service, you get the X1 DVR free for 12 months. It enables you to schedule up to 6 simultaneous recordings so you never miss anything you’d like to watch.

For your movie nights, Xfinity Double Play has Streampix which carries a good collection of titles. Sports coverage on Xfinity Double Play is also extensive.

Xfinity internet gives you the speed of up to 150 Mbps even when you have friends over and connected to the Wi-Fi at the same time. You also get access to so many Wi-Fi hotspots outside your home and campus. 

Students Deserve a Break

These are the best years of your life. The last thing you need is to be wasting time on a call with customer service trying to get your TV service or internet fixed. Call BuyTVInternetPhone at 1-855-349-9328 to get the most premium channels, and the most reliable high-speed internet at the best price in your state.