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2022 is just round the corner. Start the new year right with top blockbusters on Spectrum TV. From new releases to classics, Spectrum has got it all for you. Spectrum offers up to 60,000 On Demand titles with its TV plans and that too at no extra charge.

It’s okay if the past year didn’t let you enjoy movie theatres. Spectrum On Demand carries an endless variety of movies you can watch whenever you want. To stream on your favorite device, all you need is a reliable internet connection like Spectrum Internet and a library laden with unlimited entertainment as with Spectrum On Demand.   

Video On Demand with Spectrum TV: A Dream For Every Movie Buff

On Demand video content has revolutionized the way it is consumed. Instead of sticking with a broadcasting schedule, On Demand grants you the freedom to set your own schedule and stream your favorite movie at your convenience.

What makes Spectrum On Demand truly synonymous with its name is its never-ending range of movies: newly released and classics – everything just a click away! To access your favorite movies in Spectrum’s On Demand library, there are a handful of ways. You can go to from your PC or stream on mobile via Spectrum TV App. Or, just go to the On Demand library right from your TV. The choice is yours.

Spectrum On Demand movies are available in 2 categories: Video On Demand and pay-per-view. For newly released movies, you may have to pay a small rental fee, like you do for special PPV events. Other than that, Spectrum On Demand is as promised free of charge! You can watch on demand content from networks that you are subscribed to anytime anywhere, on any device. Once you subscribe to the Spectrum TV Select plan, you may add HBO Max to your subscription and enjoy access to its 8 popular channels of movies and TV shows along with On Demand and the HBO Max app.

As we said, collectively, Spectrum On Demand boasts a library of more than 60,000 titles including movies, TV shows, documentaries, you name it! The next time you’re bored, just click the On Demand tab on your interactive on-screen Spectrum TV Guide and thank us later!

Stream-Ready Blockbusters with Spectrum On Demand


Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

If you live for Chinese action movies mixed with a little bit of mythology then Shang-Chi won’t disappoint. This movie stars the uber-talented Tony Leung, Michelle Yeoh, Ben Kingsley, along with Awkwafina and Simu Liu.

The movies starts with a quick glimpse into 1000 years, when Xu Wenwu (Shang-Chi’s father) discovers the godly powers of the ten rings. In search of the village of Ta Lo, Wenwu falls in love with the guardian of its entrance Ying Li. The two get married and have two children: Shang-Chi and Xialing. Thus, Wenwu abandons his clan and locks away the rings. When Shang-Chi is seven, his mum is murdered by the Iron Gang – Wenwu’s enemies…

We’re just giving you a little teaser to the actual story because we’re not looking forward to spoiling it for you. Watch the entire movie on Spectrum On Demand for yourself. Just a heads up, this movie is available on rent.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

After Shang-Chi, this one is another most anticipated Marvel movie released in the final quarter of 2021. Venom is actually an Anti-Hero that you may have seen in previous Spider-Man movies as a villain. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is based on the comic book story Maximum Carnage.

The story revolves around Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his symbiote Venom. There’s a new villain in town: Cletus Kasady AKA Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. Kasady while being on death row wants to have a meeting with Brock but there seems to be something fishy in the play. During the meeting, Kasady insults Brock, in hopes of summoning an attack from Venom. Kasady bites Brock’s hand and ends up ingesting symbiote. Moving forward, as Kasady is about to receive the lethal injection, his symbiote unleashes and introduces himself as Carnage. Kasady’s execution fails. Now he has something else on his agenda and it involves eliminating Eddie Brock and Venom.

Once again, we won’t further spoil this movie for you. Visit the Spectrum On Demand library to stream Venom 2 right now! If FXM is included in your subscribed Spectrum channel lineup, you can watch free.



Find us a thriller movie better than Se7en and we’ll wait. Pronounced as ‘seven’, Se7en stars Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow. The story revolves around Detective Lt. Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and young Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) who are faced with a series of gruesome killings in the city.

All the murders have seven deadly sins in common. The first murder starts at Gluttony going all the way to Envy and then finally, Wrath. The killer, who has been identified as John Doe via precinct records, targets people who fit his ideology of sinners. This movie is a classic. If you haven’t watched it, we won’t spoil it for you at all because it’s one of those flicks that make your mind itch.

To watch, head to the On Demand library on your Spectrum TV. The only caveat is that you must also have HBO Max included in your subscription.


This movie is the brainchild of M. Knight Shyamalan so it’s bound to boggle your mind. Split is a psychological thriller, starring James McAvoy, Betty Buckley and Anya Taylor-Joy.

James McAvoy’s character Kevin Crumb suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. With help from his therapist Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), Crumb manages to get by with 23 of his personalities. Out of all, Barry is the dominating one and gets to control which personalities get to control Kevin and which not. Upon noticing several peculiarities in Crumb, Dr. Fletcher expresses concern. She speculates that Crumb’s 23 personalities aren’t exhaustive and there is another one which she doesn’t know of yet. Things take a horrific turn as Crumb’s 24th personality unleashes. You would have to watch this one to find out the rest. With FXM included in your Spectrum TV subscription, you should have no issue accessing the movie free of cost.

The Novice

This movie was released less than a week ago and it stars the ever-brilliant Isabelle Fuhrman who you might know from The Orphan.

The movie revolves around College Sports and the toll they take on athletes’ minds. Alex Dall (Isabelle Fuhrman) is a college freshman. She joins her university’s rowing team. The passion to make her team reach the top varsity boat fills her with an obsessive drive. She doesn’t care what she does or who gets in the way; nothing can stop her or her team from being number 1.

Watch this movie on Spectrum On Demand and engulf yourself in Isabelle Fuhrman’s acting brilliance. Being a new release, it is available on rent.  


Knives Out

This movie has the most delightful casting lineup. From Christopher Plummer to Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and many others, it’ll be a bummer if you would still choose not to watch Knives Out.

The story of this movie revolves around the Thrombey family, that is faced with the death of the patriarch Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). While detectives try to figure out whether it was a murder or a suicide, things begin to get weirder when Thrombey’s dysfunctional family reveals what they are actually after. Allow us to give you a hint: there’s a ‘will’ involved.

With perfectly placed comic lines and the anticipation of what happens next, this movie will keep you hooked till the very end. With USA Network included in all 3 Spectrum TV plans, you should be able to tune in without an added cost.


Free Guy

If you like gaming, it’s plausible that you would like this movie too. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Lil Rel Howery, Taika Waititi and more. Free Guy was supposed to be released in 2020, but the pandemic delayed it until August 2021.

The story of Free Guy revolves around Ryan Reynolds who is a Non-Player Character in an online multiplayer game called Free City. He is unaware that he lives inside the game. Non-gamers might have a hard time trying to understand this movie – points at self. So, you need to really have your gamer hat on while watching this movie.

Given Free Guy is a recent release, you can rent it out via Spectrum On Demand.

All Things Concluded

New Year’s Eve never looked better! Make the most of these holidays and watch the aforementioned movies if you haven’t already, with Video On Demand on Spectrum TV.

Wait a sec. What did you say? You’ve already seen these movies? No worries! There’s a library loaded with thousands of movies ready to be accessed right from your Spectrum TV remote control. In To get access to your favorit channels, subscribe to Spectrum TV and include your favorite add-ons. Contact Spectrum sales support at 1-855-423-0918 to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1- Do you have to pay for On Demand on Spectrum?

The On Demand feature is common to all Spectrum TV plans. Users can enjoy On Demand programming at no extra charges as long as it is aired by networks included in their subscribed lineup. Newly released movies on Spectrum On Demand will require you to pay a small rental fee.

2- Can you rewind on Spectrum On Demand?

Not just rewind, Spectrum On Demand also lets you Pause, and Forward. Simply use the left and right arrow buttons on the remote control to rewind and forward through the program. The only caveat is due to programming restrictions, some On Demand content does not allow you to pause, forward or rewind.