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Spectrum TV No Longer Offers the FXX Network

Under a new deal between Spectrum and Disney, Spectrum is no longer carrying the FXX channel on its lineup. To check out other exciting entertainment options on the Spectrum channel lineup visit this page.

The world will never run out of entertainment platforms. You have cable TV, streaming services like Hulu & Netflix. And, you even have video sharing platforms like YouTube and Twitch. That alone tells you video entertainment knows no bounds.

But if you are more of an old-school cable TV buff who wants to stick to the traditional roots of TV, as well as experience the current face of televisual entertainment, you are in luck. Because cable TV providers like Charter Spectrum™ are now equipped to give subscribers the flexibility and convenience which is generally associated with contemporary streaming services.

Spectrum services are available in 40 states to over 102 million people. The provider ranks #2 as the largest residential U.S. cable provider and is widely popular for its cable broadband and TV offerings across its countless service locations. The effort Spectrum has put into modernizing its cable TV service, now allows subscribers to take TV on the go. You can watch TV favorites anywhere at any time via the FREE Spectrum TV app and 80 network apps that you get access to. The cable TV service from Spectrum also features a DVR service and FREE On Demand content—so you never end up missing the episodes of your best-loved TV series. In other words, Spectrum cable TV service now brings you the ease that you would otherwise experience with streaming TV only.

As for content, there is no dearth of that with Spectrum cable TV. Because you get all the local and popular cable TV networks that every American household tunes into. And, you get much more to customize your primary Spectrum Channel Lineup with. That is why whether it is FX, FXX, or FX Movies, each of these popular favorites is among the Spectrum TV channels. So, if you have been looking to run a Simpsons marathon, but cannot find the channel for it, FXX is the pick for you!

FXX Channel – A Quick Look at the Network

Owned by the Walt Disney Television unit of The Walt Disney Company, FXX is an American basic cable channel, but with programming blocks that are not-too-basic. The network took shape in 2013 and has not shifted from its original programming roots so far. The demographic that FXX primarily targets comprises young men aged 18-34. And, the programming lineup includes original network series, comedy series, syndicated sitcoms, adult animated series, as well as film telecasts. In a rather short span of time, the FXX channel has become available to 86.6 million pay-tv households.

The FXX channel made history in August 2014, when it broadcast a twelve-day marathon of The Simpsons—and aired all 552 episodes released until then. The programming stunt was a celebration of FXX channel acquiring broadcast rights to 24 seasons of the popular animated sitcom. And, it was a record that FXX channel set for the longest continuous marathon in the history of TV. Albeit it was later broken by the nineteen-day Saturday Night Live marathon run on VH1 Classic.

To this day, FXX has continued to acquire rights to broadcast The Simpsons. A programming block titled Simpsons Sunday is dedicated to the animated show. No arguing that the American animated sitcom has become the crème de la crème of FXX programming over time, but originals like Cake, Archer, Dave, and It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia have earned great popularity as well.

What Number is FXX Channel on Spectrum TV?

The thrill, the adrenaline rush, and the heart-pounding excitement you feel when watching an action TV show or a Hollywood blockbuster, sure has a charm of its own. But, when the realities of adult life have hit you hard all day, what you crave is to relax and spend the remains of the day watching comedy sitcoms or reality TV shows. And that is exactly what FXX channel on Spectrum offers with its programming blocks centered on comedy, sitcoms, and feature films.

As we said earlier, getting access to the FXX channel is simple. The channel is available with the Spectrum SELECT TV Signature plan. The base plan boasts 150+ channels, including FXX, in its channel lineup.

Now on to the real deal – the number for FXX channel on Spectrum TV. Spectrum channel numbers vary with location, so for new subscribers, it can be a tedious task to determine the numbers for their favorite networks. Even if you have been with Spectrum for a while, but moved your services when you relocated, you could be facing the same predicament.

To find out the channel number of FXX, check the Spectrum Channel Lineup



For more details Visit Spectrum TV

What to Watch on FXX Channel on Spectrum TV?

FXX channel has not been around for as long as most cable TV networks in the U.S., yet it is available to over 85 million American TV households. FXX primary programming centers upon comedy series—the highlights of which are original shows like Dave, and It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But as we said, what the FXX channel is perhaps best known for is the Simpsons block that runs every Sunday. In fact, FXX has come to be recognized as the “cable home” of The Simpsons, following the airing of the 552-episode marathon of the animated series back in its early years.

With that said, let us add FXX channel original and acquired programming has many favorites in store for viewers. And, here is a flavor of that:

Original Programming Acquired Programming Former Favorites
 Dave (Comedy)  The Simpsons (Animated sitcom)  How I Met Your Mother (Sitcom, Comedy)
 It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Sitcom, Black Comedy)  Family Guy (Animated sitcom)  The League (Comedy)
 Cake (Animated, Anthology)  Bob’s Burgers (Animated sitcom)  Parks and Recreation (Sitcom, Political Satire)
 Archer (Animated sitcom, Comedy)  Mom (Sitcom)  Wilfred (Black comedy)
   Black-ish (Sitcom)  The Hughleys (Sitcom)



Some Must-Watch Shows on FXX Channel

It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia primarily aired on sister channel FX but in 2013 it was shifted to FXX for the airing of the ninth season. As for the sitcom’s plot Always Sunny features a group of five friends who are part of “The Gang”. They are misfits, rebellious and exhibit extreme narcissistic tendencies. Will they be able to hold onto their friendship despite the toxic traits each of them possesses?

The Simpsons

Released in 1989, American animated sitcom The Simpsons has earned itself 32 seasons and 690 episodes. In the fictional town of Springfield, the Simpson family dwells. The sitcom revolves around the everyday shenanigans of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. The plotline may sound a tad too simple, but it stays true to the American culture which makes it only too relatable for the viewers.

Family Guy

Sett MacFarlane’s brainchild, Family Guy is another FXX favorite from the channel’s acquired programming block. The animated sitcom has been running for a good 19 seasons and boasts 355 unique episodes so far. It centers on the Griffin family: Peter, Lois, Stewie, Chris, Meg, and the show’s main character, Brian, an anthropomorphic dog. Set in Quahog, every Family Guy episode brings forth a comical event in the lives of the Griffins.

To Conclude

While FXX is your one-stop for comedy series, feature films, and sitcoms, Spectrum TV also brings forth a plethora of other popular networks to satiate your entertainment cravings. Reality TV binge-watchers can hook themselves to E! and TLC. And if you want a breather after a long tiring day at work, you can tune in to Comedy Central.

Popular networks like HBO® and SHOWTIME® are also available as add-ons of your Spectrum TV package, giving you swift access to premium entertainment.

If you are not yet subscribed to Spectrum services yet, we would recommend you contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918. They can help you choose the right TV plan for your family, and guide you through the process of placing an order too.


  1.  How can I get access to FXX Channel on Spectrum?

You can get the FXX channel on Spectrum by subscribing to the Spectrum TV SELECT plan.

  1. Can I get Spectrum TV with Spectrum bundles?

You can bundle up the Spectrum TV plan of your choice with Spectrum Internet and home phone services. Click here to find the Spectrum Bundles of your liking.

  1. What is the Spectrum Customer sales number?

Call at 1-855-423-0918 to reach Spectrum Sales Support.