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We simply will never run out of entertainment mediums. For basic streaming, we have the online video-sharing platform YouTube. Albeit, on YouTube we cannot get access to On Demand content, Hollywood blockbusters, and TV shows. We had to wait for months for our favorite theatre movie to hit our local cable TV service but now streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have changed that, as well.

While access to new entertainment mediums and digital media has become easier than ever, cable TV is still a fair contender.

Cable provider, Charter Spectrum™ has managed to cloak 40 states with its impressive network. And the provider’s services are not limited to conventional cable TV either. Spectrum now owns a streaming service too, that allows subscribers to stream On Demand content and catch on TV favorites on the go. As for the provider’s TV packages, standalone TV plans are classified into three tiers. The max number of channels one can get is 200 which includes access to popular American premium TV networks.

Court TV is one notable channel on Spectrum TV™ that is available on all three Spectrum TV packages. Keep reading to find why Court TV is a must watch on the Spectrum channel lineup.

Court TV – A Brief Overview

Court TV was launched in 1991 as an American cable television channel with a focus on crime-themed programming. The channel stayed that way until 2008 when the cable channel was rebranded as TruTV. Unlike Court TV, TruTV focused on reality TV shows, comedy, and some Live sports. Last year eventually we witnessed the relaunch of Court TV as a digital broadcast service - you can subscribe to it via a cable or satellite TV provider or a streaming service. And, you can also catch it on-the-air. So, after all, the channel was not tossed into oblivion!

The channel’s original programming centered on crime documentaries, legal TV shows, news shows, and coverage of hyped-up criminal cases. But now, Court TV’s original programming has gone through a few modifications. The channel primarily airs on-demand trials with a host designated for each time slot covered.

Court TV also has a spin-off channel, Court TV Mystery which was previously branded as ESCAPE. The channel is free-to-air and was launched in 2014, and rebranded in 2019. As for Court TV Mystery’s programming, it is not as limited as Court TV’s. You get to watch crime shows, crime movies, and crime re-enactment TV shows. That makes Court TV Mystery a complete package of crime and mystery digital media. 

About Court TV Channel on Spectrum

The spectrum of digital entertainment has broadened by the introduction of streaming services. However, TV networks designated to a particular genre or type of entertainment will always hold a special place for televisual entertainment seekers.

Reality TV shows are a breather, especially if you have reached home from a long, tiring day at work. You would want to tune in to a comedy serial or reality program and just immerse into the scripted world of reality-TV content.

However, Court TV is a tad bit different. The channel literally immerses you into the world of reality with an array of Live courtroom trials. If that sparks your interest then you are in luck as Court TV is available on all three Spectrum TV channel lineups.

As we said earlier, Cable TV service from Spectrum comes in three distinct plans – Spectrum TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, and Mi Plan Latino.

What Channel Number is Court TV on Spectrum TV?

Court TV is progressively making a return to American TV after a long break – over a decade long in fact. The channel will be available 24/7, and as we said earlier, you can tune into it via your cable or satellite TV service, catch it on the air, or watch via subscription to a streaming service. Court TV aims to reach 50% of the U.S. through agreements with local TV station groups while it is set to reach 25% of households in the U.S. via cable service. As of yet, Cox Communications and Spectrum are the two renowned cable providers that are carrying the channel in their lineup. However, it must be added that availability does remain rather limited at this point in time. 

Channel numbers on Spectrum vary from one location another. Its important that you fully utilize the Spectrum on-screen TV guide and verify the Court TV channel number in your area. You can also try out the Spectrum account to get a complete list of all the channels included in your Spectrum subscription. 

To find out the channel number of Court TV on Spectrum, call 855-423-0918 or check Channel Lineup.

What to Watch on Court TV?

As we mentioned earlier, unlike original programming that revolved around crime documentaries as well legal and news shows, now the channel primarily airs Live coverage of on-demand trials - three hosts take up the spotlight in designated time slots to bring sensational courtroom proceedings to eager audiences.

Court TV has aired the coverage of Harvey Weinstein (2020), Casey Anthony (2011), Lindsay Lohan (2010), O.J. Simpson (1995), and many other high-profile trials that have drawn in great public interest in recent and past times. Currently, you can catch coverage of the much talked about Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, the politically hyped up Ghislaine Maxwell case, as well as the more recently filed suit against the Media by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Catch all the intrigue by tuning into Court TV on your Charter Spectrum TV™, and tickle your wits.

Also, here is a flavor of what you can catch on Court TV Mystery – Court TV’s spinoff channel that is all about crime-related entertainment programming – American Greed, The First 48, The FBI Files, Eye for an Eye, Murderous Affairs, and many more titles that glue you to the screen.

To conclude

If watching Live trials becomes too glum for you, you can always skip to channels like TLC to complete your daily dose of reality TV entertainment. And if you want to enjoy premium content, you have SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, EPIX®, and HBO® to resort to. No matter how many channels you skip, you will always find one that sparks your interest. That is what is unique about the Spectrum Channel list.

In case you are not subscribed to a Spectrum TV plan already and have inquiries about getting one, you can always contact Spectrum Customer Service. The service is available 24/7 so get your questions across right away!


  1. Which Spectrum TV plan offers Court TV?

All Spectrum TV plans, SELECTSILVER & GOLD offer Court TV.

  1. How can I contact Spectrum Customer Service?

Contact Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918. Spanish customers can visit Servicio al Cliente or call at 1-844-487-2710.

  1. What channel is Court TV on Spectrum New York?

Channel number for Court TV on Spectrum New York, NY is 1261.

  1. What channel is Court TV on Spectrum Orlando?

Channel number for Court TV on Spectrum Orlando, FL is 465.

  1. What channel is Court TV on Spectrum Tampa?

Channel number for Court TV on Spectrum Tampa, FL is 607.