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The Buffalo Bills are going wild this season, pulling out all the stops. As the NFL 2023 season began is September, everyone is going nuts in the anticipation of all the entertainment in the weeks to come. Let us take a look at how you can enjoy all of these exciting Buffalo games on Spectrum TV!

Watching the Bills Game on Spectrum TV

Now that you know when the Buffalo Bills will be Live in action, the next step is to locate the TV networks that have the rights to broadcast the Bills game on cable TV. If you are a Spectrum™ subscriber, you are lucky. Because your Spectrum cable TV service and lineup include a variety of TV networks where you can catch the Buffalo Bills Live, watch highlights and insights from earlier games, and much more!

These channels include CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBS, all of which are included in the Spectrum TV Select Signature with 150+ other TV channels. If you want a little more than just the usual programming, analysis, and other such stuff, you can catch it on the NFL Network, which comes included in Spectrum TV Select Plus, with 160+ channels. If you dont want to get a higher tier of TV service however, you can always get the Spectrum Sports add-on which is just priced at $7 per month and includes NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

For more details, check out the Spectrum Select Package!

Check The Channel Numbers for the Bills Game on Spectrum TV

Spectrum cable TV covers all spectrums of entertainment with its exhaustive library of 160+ TV networks. But whether you are a new Spectrum TV subscriber or an old one, knowning the channel the game is on, is vital. You can check the on-screen guide or browse using the Spectrum voice remote which would instantly pull up the channel for you. However, do remember that you should know which channel it is on so the search becomes easier.

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As far asNFL fans are concerned, the world never stops and neither does their respect for the game. With a Spectrum cable TV subscription in your entertainment arsenal, Buffalo Bills fans can stay updated with the telecasts, highlights, analyses, and more.

Just in case, you landed on this page but do not yet carry a Spectrum cable TV subscription, you can speak to a Spectrum customer service representative at 855-423-9018 for pro advice on picking a plan and subscribing to it.


  1. How can I get access to NFL RedZone®?

You can watch NFL games every Sunday afternoon with NFL RedZone®. The network is available with the Spectrum Sports Package add-on. Click here to learn more about the package.

  1. Do I get NFL Network with the Spectrum Select Package?

NFL Network comes as a charged add-on with Spectrum Select

  1. Do I get Spectrum TV Packages with Spectrum Bundles?

Yes, you get Spectrum cable TV with Spectrum Bundles. Click here to view all the bundled deals on offer.