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What Channel is Bills Game on Spectrum?

The Buffalo Bills are going wild this season, pulling out all the stops. The 2023 NFL season began in September, and the Buffalo Bills have set quite an impressive record with a strong defense and powerful offenses. However, as the season continues, Spectrum subscribers are often left wondering where to watch the Bills game on Spectrum today?

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the channels you can access the Bills Game on Spectrum TV – and where you can watch these games. So, let’s get right into it!

Bills Game on Spectrum TV

The Buffalo Bills games can be enjoyed and watched on Spectrum TV. This is because Spectrum channel lineup gives you very Bills game channel— CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBS, and the NFL Network. If you want to watch highlights and insights from earlier games, game analysis and much more, the NFL Network is a must have.

The Spectrum TV Select Signature ($59.99/mo. for 12 months) is Spectrum’s cheapest TV plan to watch the Bills games. This plan includes all the major sporting networks, such as CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBS. However, if you want a more intense game experience, you can consider subscribing to Spectrum TV Select Plus ($69.99/mo. for 12 months).

This plan has a lineup of 160+ channels, with NFL network in its lineup. Additionally, if you don’t want to get a higher tier of Spectrum TV service, you can always get the Spectrum Sports add-on ($7.00/mo.) and it includes NFL Network and NFL RedZone

If you have yet to subscribe to Spectrum, take a look at Spectrum TV packages or speak to a Spectrum Customer Service representative at 855-423-0918 for more information.

For more details, check out the Spectrum Select Package!

Channel Numbers for Bills Game on Spectrum TV

Spectrum Cable TV covers all spectrums of entertainment with its exhaustive library of 160+ TV networks. Whether you are a new Spectrum TV subscriber or have been one for quite some time, it can be overwhelming to find the channels broadcasting the Bills game on Spectrum today.

You have the option to check Spectrum’s on-screen guide or browse using the Spectrum voice remote which would instantly pull up the channel for you. However, do remember that you should know which channel it is on so the search becomes easier. With the upcoming Bills game happening on 14 Jan 2023, here are the CBS and CBSSN channel numbers you can tune into to watch the game in various cities/states:

City/State CBS Channel# CBSSN Channel#
Tampa, FL 10/1010 139/807/1137
Columbia, SC 9/1209 84/315
Charlotte, NC 2/1209 315
Detroit, MI 14/214 165/365
Buffalo, NY 4/1209 315
Lincoln, NE 11/1209 315
Duluth, MN 3/783 412/807
Dallas, TX 11/1209 315
Los Angeles, CA 2/1209 315
Kansas City, MO 1209 315

If you want to catch Buffalo Bills in 2024/2025 season, you need to have these two channels alongside FOX, ESPN, NBC, and the NFL Network. To learn more about Spectrum TV services, reach out at 1-855-423-0918!

Buffalo Bills Game Streaming

Are you perhaps considering to cut the cord? If yes, and you fear that you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite Bills game, then you have nothing to worry about. Now, with Paramount+ you can stream Buffalo Bills games with Spectrum Internet.

Whether you want to believe it or not, with streaming services, you don’t have to put up with messy cable TV wires, rental fee for cable boxes, contract, etc.

Subscribe to Spectrum Internet and enjoy Paramount+!

All in All

As far as NFL fans are concerned, the world never stops and neither does their anticipation for the game. With a Spectrum cable TV subscription in your entertainment arsenal, Buffalo Bills fans can stay updated with the telecasts, highlights, analyses, and more. We hope you now know how to catch the next Bills game on Spectrum today!

Just in case, you landed on this page but don’t have Spectrum TV subscription, you can speak to a Spectrum Customer Service representative at 855-423-9018 for the best advice on picking a plan that meets all your entertainment needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get access to NFL RedZone®?

You can watch NFL games every Sunday afternoon with NFL RedZone®. The network is available with the Spectrum Sports Package add-on. Click here to learn more about the package.

Do I get NFL Network with the Spectrum Select Package?

NFL Network comes as a charged add-on with Spectrum Select

Do I get Spectrum TV Packages with Spectrum Bundles?

Yes, you get Spectrum TV alongside Spectrum Internet in Spectrum Bundles. Click here to view all the bundle deals on offer.

What Channel is the Bills Game on Spectrum Today?

Bills regular season games are scheduled to air on CBS, NBC, FOX, and NFL networks. You can tune into CBS and CBSSN to watch the 14 Jan game.