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Technology keeps changing at a rapid pace, and it keeps evolving our viewership habits. Early on, the primary way to watch movies was in cinemas halls until TV arrived, and personalized viewing became the norm. Now with the advent of mobile screens, people no longer prefer to gather in their living room every evening and watch TV together. Today, we prefer to view content through much smaller screens of our laptop, computer, or smartphones, whether it’s while waiting on a subway, picnicking at a park, or finding a corner in a café.

This progress has been possible due to increased accessibility of affordable high-speed internet and higher bandwidths, improvements in screen display, and buffering technology for Video on Demand (VoD), among a number of other technological advancements.

Cable and satellite TV providers in the U.S. have always aimed at aligning with viewers’ habits and preferences. So now many of the cable and satellite TV providers have created their own fully-functional smartphone apps and desktop sites, which allow users to watch TV on laptops, computers, phones, and other devices anywhere on the go.

If you have a subscription to one of the top TV service providers mentioned below, then you don’t have to stay confined to your couch to watch TV because TV is everywhere on every screen, at all times.

Watch DIRECTV on Laptop, PC, or Phone

DIRECTV is the number one satellite television service in the U.S, offering a huge variety of programming to everyone from movie fanatics to sports buff. The free DIRECTV app enables you to watch TV on your mobile devices and the DIRECTV desktop site lets you watch DIRECTV on PC or laptops. Once you sign in to your DIRECTV account, the app and desktop site provides a complete live TV experience packed into your tiny screen.

Whatever is included in your DIRECTV package subscription you can watch DIRECTV on a computer away from home or any screen, provided you have your DIRECTV credentials. So watch up to 330 live TV channels with free HD, up to 65,000 on-demand movies and TV shows, or premium add-ons like HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX®, DIRECTV Sports Pack, all inside your DIRECTV on the go app or the desktop channel.

With DIRECTV, you can stream on up to 5 devices at the same time and switch screens — from mobile to TV or vice-versa — and continue watching the show anywhere.

Watch AT&T TV on Laptop, PC, or Phone

AT&T TV is the newest IPTV service introduced by AT&T. The complete whole-home entertainment solution is a better replacement for the AT&T U-Verse.

Once you subscribe to the AT&T TV service, you can stream live TV, movies, shows, and news on your PC or laptop by going to now. You can also watch AT&T TV on your phone with the AT&T TV app. AT&T TV app is available via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon for Android.

Moreover, a robust internet connection will ensure that you can smoothly stream content on the app or website. Subscribe to the AT&T TV and Internet bundle, and get a decent discount along with a range of perks.

Apart from watching live TV on the phone, laptop, or desktop, you can access 500 storage hours of Cloud DVR recordings on the go and access premium add-on apps included in your AT&T TV subscription. So wherever you are, never get short of entertainment.

Watch Spectrum TV on Laptop, PC, or Phone

Charter Spectrum is the top cable TV and internet provider in the US, so its TV transference to other devices comes in the form of its robust Spectrum TV app and its desktop site

All you need are your Spectrum TV subscription credentials and solid internet connectivity, preferably from Spectrum, to open up the world of entertainment anywhere on the go.

So watch Spectrum TV on laptop, smartphone, or connected devices such as Roku, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TV. With the Spectrum TV app and desktop site, you can access your complete channel lineup of up to 200 HD channels, on-demand library, premium channel apps included in your Spectrum subscription, and 80 entertainment apps. Plus, you can set parental controls and program your DVR from anywhere through the app.

Watch Cox Contour TV on Laptop, PC, or Phone

Cox TV packages are affordable in value and generous in entertainment. Subscribers of Cox Services get access to two apps.

Cox App lets you manage your Cox account and services, including automatic payments and billing updates, biometric sign-in, service notifications, and access to 24/7 support.

On the other hand, Cox Contour App is dedicated to TV service, which transforms your phone and laptop into a portable television set. Whereas, the Cox desktop site lets you watch Cox TV on a laptop or computer.

You just need your Cox TV subscription, your Cox User ID and password, and a high-speed Cox internet for a smoother viewing experience.

You can start watching Cox TV immediately on the app until your TV is set up. Easily search your favorite program on the app, watch thousands of on-demand titles and your Cox channel lineup, catch exclusive premium content included in your Cox TV subscription, and more with the Cox Contour app and desktop.

Watch Mediacom TV on Laptop, PC, or Phone

If you want an affordable cable TV service, then Mediacom cable TV is your best bet. You can get the amazing value of money with a Mediacom Triple-Play or Double-Play Bundle and you can customize internet and TV service as per your specifications.

Mediacom TV comes with three types of channel lineups to meet your entertainment and budget needs. You can access your chosen Mediacom channel lineup along with on-demand library content, premium network apps, and add-ons included in your channel anywhere with the Mediacom Xtream TV app. On the other hand, you can watch Mediacom TV on your desktop with

Just input your credentials and start killing boredom anytime anywhere.

All in All

In recent years a lot of sites and apps have emerged, offering a range of programming accessible online. However, your TV provider’s app is one of the best methods of watching TV on a phone or any other device. As unlike other apps and sites, a provider’s app doesn’t compromise on functionality, content quality, and has a far richer variety of programming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch DIRECTV on my phone?

Yes you can! The free DIRECTV app enables you to watch TV on your mobile devices and the DIRECTV desktop site lets you watch DIRECTV on PC or laptops.

Can I watch Spectrum TV on my phone?

Watch Spectrum TV on laptop, smartphone, or connected devices such as Roku, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TV. With the Spectrum TV app and desktop site, you can access 200 HD channels, on-demand library, premium channel apps and 80 entertainment apps.